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Stories. You've gotta practice if you want to write good ones. Don't feel crushed if it isn't that great. Just try again until you've mastered it.


King Sombra has been living with Rushing Wind for quite a while now. He's used to always finding her right behind him, but when one day Sombra wakes up to find Rushing not there... what will happen? Where is she?

This is a little like Sleepy Hollows... And the suicide/self harm tag is just to be on the safe side.

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When a storm strikes, Scootaloo looks for shelter. She finds an abandoned cottage. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Inspired by something I found in my English book.

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Lysander is a human boy, in his early teens. He lives alone, because his parents got annoyed of him, and he is also a fan of songs.

His favorite song is We Will Rise Again, which is written by Dan Romer.

As he sings the line-

Let the chaos come,

Let our houses freeze,

The lights will all go out,

But we'll finally see

Discord, who was being banished by the Elements Of Harmony, instead of being turned to stone, was banished to Earth.

Lysander never was a fan of peace and harmony, which is why his parents gave him his own house at the age of fifteen.

He and Discord become the best of friends as time passes, and Lysander loves his new life.

Together, he and Discord have fun causing chaos.

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I never thought I'd be writing in a diary. But I am.

She's dead now, she gave her life for me. But she shouldn't have.

I- I barely knew her. She was just this filly who had a crush on me. And she still gave her life for me.

She would've died for me a thousand times, and even if she did, I wouldn't have been able to lift a hoof.

Because I'm weak.

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This story is a sequel to When a princess drinks coffee

Princess Celestia is very hungry. Raven Inkwell and Lucifer the Solar Guard helps her get rid of her hunger. But have they done a mistake in helping their Princess?

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X pony has X reaction to chocolate. 10 chapters, 8 reactions, and all are 100 words each!

"Other" tag is for Cadenza, Shining, and my batpony OC, Shadowlance.

And yes, this is an entry in the Thousand words contest.

Warning: Your brain cells will literally go "pop" and "boom"./Though I think that TheMajorTechie's What If story will do a better job of destroying your brain cells.

Also, I've only posted this story on this site. Cuz the contest is only on this site, duh.

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This is a request story from Chazkopa, and is an alternate ending to Canterlot Wedding. It's based on this, but when Twilight's about to kill Chrysalis, the changeling queen creates a portal and escapes, realizing that with Twilight so powerful in dark magic, she'd be unable to conquer Canterlot.

The Mane 5, Shining and Celestia apologize to Twi, but it's too late. She doesn't forgive them. Twilight angrily turns to them, and broadcasts a recording of what happened at the wedding rehearsal. The wedding guests were furious. Also, when she broadcasted it, not only Canterlot, but all of Equestria saw. And then...

Why don't you read the story now? :derpytongue2:

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Ever since that day, she was no longer royalty. Her own sister banished her from Equestria just because of one thing. Love.

He's loved her for a long time, but never said anything, afraid it would end their friendship for good. A few months after she went to him for help, he revealed his feelings.

This was pre-read by- Bronycommander, Iredwolf, Angel Midnight, Dreamstar, brittanypegasister2008, Stolas, GhostRider1996, Darksoul85, and Bad Dragon. I know, it's a long list. To all those ponies: THANK YOU!

Shippings: Lunbra.

If you don't like Lunbra, then go and read some other story.

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Everyday I see him, and hear his voice. If only I had done something. If only I had...

He's moved on, he's left the past behind. Why can't I do the same?

Warnings: Blood, death.

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