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One day when King Sombra went to Canterlot, he saw a beautiful mare. She was Luna, The Princess
Of The Night. As soon as he saw her, he fell in love with her. That night, while he was looking at the stars, that mare landed on his balcony. After spending some time with her, they become close. How will they ever be able to show their true love for each other? And how much longer can it be kept a secret? Celestia hates him, but Luna loves him.

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A interesting idea

They'd be too busy having evil angry sex to destroy the world.

"King Of Monsters"

I see a distinct lack of Godzilla in this story to be using that title. Sombra sure as hell doesn't deserve it. If anyone in MLP does, it's Grogar.

Good story to read during I’m bored

3 things:
1.There is no Godzilla in MLP.
2. I will not add Grogar into my story.
3. Sombra does deserve that title. It's what he called himself in the comics.
"They were right about you all along. You are a monster!"
"I am not just any monster, Hope. I am the King Of The Monsters."

1 is a given. 3 is open for debate since other villains deserve it more than this stallion. This is an Alternate Universe anyway, so using the comics as anything fits.

I assure you, I won't stop mid-story. I love writing King Sombra stories too much.

a interesting OC you got there

Nicely done!

Gives me a thought

Youre welcome. The thought, how luna's Fan, pip would react to this. You know, that pinto colt. It just Popped in

Interesting name for a batpony.

As for that thought i mentioned.m you know that pinto colt pip, who sees luna as his Favorite Princess? Could not help but think how he would react to this

Just popped in. Its your choice anyway if you make something out of it

If you need help/opions, feel free to ask me

Interesting. Eager to see where this goes

I always thought of Celestia as a tea-lover. She always finds solutions in her tea.

how does your story have less likes and views-
its been around longer than any of mine

i have like 36 likes and 700 ish views

now, wasn't the smartest/best idea you had, Sombra, wasn't it?

Yeah. He knew that he was going to be banished even if he didn't ponynap Luna.

okay, gives me a fully thought

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