• Published 5th Oct 2021
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The luck in our stars. - KingSombraTheTyrantRuler

How would Equestria survive if the King Of Monsters, Sombra, fell in love with the Princess Of The Night, Luna?

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The Nightmist

King Sombra's P.O.V:

I was waiting for Luna's letter about how it had gone with Celestia's nightmares, but reminding myself that it was day, I decided to start court.

I teleported into my throne room and saw that Lightning Hooves was there, waiting for me. He bowed when he saw me. I sat on my throne, and he stood next to me. He said, "My King, there is a line of ponies outside. Shall I let them in?"

I told him, "Let the first one in."

He flew and opened the doors, allowing the first pony to step in.

The pony talked about her problem, and I told Lightning Hooves to fix it.

It was now evening, and I was looking at the sky, thinking of Luna.

The colour of the sky matched her mane perfectly. Suddenly, there was a popping noise, and I saw a letter with Luna's seal on it.

I opened it and read, "To Sombra, The King Of Monsters.

I hope you HAVEN'T been having nightmares because I HAVE. After doing the nightmare spell that YOU gave me, Tia DIDN'T get ANY nightmares, I got DAYMARES!

Are you sure that YOU gave me the CORRECT spell? I HATE the daymares that I'm having. It's about Tia saying that she will RULE both day and night.

I hope that the spell ISN'T messed up and that you can REVERSE it.

Hoping for YOUR help,

The Princess Of The Night, Luna."

After reading Luna's letter, I was confused. The spell should've given nightmares to Celestia, not Luna.

I was thinking about what to do when a voice that I hadn't heard for a long time said, "Sombra. I know how I can help your princess."

It was the nightmist, the same thing that had helped me. I asked, "How?"

Nightmist replied, "Let me out of your head first."

So I did. The nightmist came out of me and took on a form of a pony. It said, "I helped you when you needed help, now I can help your princess. I can stop her daymares. Trust me."

"Ok, I'll trust you but promise not to harm Luna?"

"I assure you, your princess will be very safe."

And with that, the nightmist flew off.

I wrote a letter to Luna.

Princess Luna's P.O.V:

I was still trying to sleep when I felt something fly through me. A voice in my head said, "Fear not, I am only here to help you."

I thought, "Was this voice here to stop my nightmares? And who was it?"

The voice answered back, "I am Nightmist. And yes, I am here to stop your nightmares. I can give you anything you want. I can even make you the only ruler of Equestria."

I think the Nightmist had a telepathic link with me. So I thought, "I don't want to rule Equestria alone. But I would like it if you'd stop my nightmares. They are unbearable."

"As you wish, princess. It will take some time to stop the nightmares."

I heard a popping sound and saw a letter that had Sombra's seal on it. I levitated it to myself and unrolled it.

Then I read, "To my dear Princess Of The Night, Luna.

I am sorry to hear that you have been having daymares. Are you sure you followed the steps correctly?

I have used this spell a thousand times, and it never gave me nightmares. (I used to use it on Amore before I shattered her.) Perhaps while you were thinking of Celestia, you thought of yourself and her?

If you think of yourself and another pony while casting the spell, then you will get nightmares/ daymares. I have sent a friend of mine, called the Nightmist, to help you.

Hoping that Nightmist can help you,

King Sombra."

After reading his letter, I thought back to when I had been casting the spell.

Then I remembered that I had thought of myself and Celestia. So that explains why I had got daymares instead of Celestia.

I decided to send a reply to Sombra in the evening. I hid the letter and then shut my eyes.

But I never knew the Nightmist's true intentions.

The time had come for me to write my reply. I levitated a parchment and a quill and an ink bottle towards myself.

Then, I began writing.

I had only written the first line when I heard a knock on my door. I asked, "Who knocks?"

The answer was, "Luna! It's me, Celestia."

I quickly hid the parchment, quill and ink, and then I opened the door to let Celestia in.

She came in and shut the door behind her. Sitting on the edge of my bed with a cup of tea in her hooves, she said, "Luna, why have you been locked up in your room lately?"

I decided to lie. I replied, "It's just that...I've been ill with a severe fever. To not make anypony else ill, I decided to isolate myself."

Celestia had a worried look on her face. "Then you should've told me and gone to the hospital! Here, have some tea."

Celestia moved her teacup towards me, and I said, "No, thank you, sister. I've had enough tea to last a lifetime."

Celestia thought about something and said, "Do you want me to raise the moon for you? You might not be strong enough."

I screamed, "No! I'm not weak! I can raise the moon on my own, sister." Then I stopped screaming and said, "You should go now; you wouldn't want to get my illness, would you?"

Celestia smiled at me and said, "Thanks for the reminder, Luna. Bye."

And like that, she left. I was happy and sad. I was happy because I hated the smell of tea, and Celestia had gone with her teacup.

I was sad because I thought that Celestia might care enough to say that she'd send a card.

But I guess she forgot about me. I remembered the days before we got our cutie marks.

We used to have so much fun together, staying up at night to read comics, falling asleep over our bowls of soup. I missed those days.

When Celestia cared about me more than she did now.

When I was ill, she always used to stay next to me, not caring if she got sick too.

Always giving me cards and being the best sister ever.

I wiped a tear away from my eyes. Those days were far gone. Lost.

Nothing like that would ever happen again.

I couldn't stop the coming storm of tears and buried my face in my pillows.

Then, I let the tears flow. I let the storm of tears out.

My pillow was wet with tears. I wiped the last of them from my eyes and then continued writing my letter to Sombra.

I finished writing and sent it.

Then, I entered the dream world to watch everypony's dreams.

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