• Published 5th Oct 2021
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The luck in our stars. - KingSombraTheTyrantRuler

How would Equestria survive if the King Of Monsters, Sombra, fell in love with the Princess Of The Night, Luna?

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A kiss...

King Sombra's P.O.V:

It had been long since sunset, and I was now calming myself by looking at the stars.

Today in court, the same pony had kept coming back with different problems and that had annoyed me greatly.

It had taken all of my energy to not scream at him. Now, my anger was being replaced by peace from the night sky.

A popping sound later, and a letter had appeared with the night princess's seal on it.

I levitated the letter to myself, and broke the seal before unrolling it.

I read, "To Sombra, The King Of The Monsters.

As a reply to your letter, yes I am sure I had cast the spell correctly. And yes, I was thinking of myself and Celestia.

That probably explains why I'm having daymares. Nightmist had come not long after your letter, and told me that it would take a while to stop my daymares.

I was thinking, since I haven't left the castle in a long time, could we meet at midnight?

If you aren't busy that is.

Awaiting your reply,

The Princess Of The Night, Luna."

I smiled and started writing the reply. Then, I put Luna's letter with the other ones she had sent.


Princess Luna's P.O.V:

I left the dream world for what seemed like the thousandth time to check if Sombra had sent a reply.

I waited a few seconds, and with a popping sound came a letter.

I levitated it to myself and saw it had Sombra's seal. After breaking the seal, I unrolled the letter and read, "To my dear Princess Of The Night, Luna.

You are right, that is the very reason why you are having daymares.

I am not busy, and will never be busy at midnight. It is a time when I leave all problems to deal with in the morning.

Yes, we can meet at midnight. I'm more than happy to say so.

Waiting for you,

King Sombra."

After I had finished reading Sombra's letter, I put it with the other ones from him. Then, I flew out of my balcony to the Crystal Empire. I enjoyed the feel of the wind blowing my mane against my face.

I hadn't flown in ages. Now I felt free. My flight ended when I landed on King Sombra's balcony.

He hadn't noticed me yet, so I quietly walked behind him.

He turned around and jumped. He put a hoof on his chest and said, "Luna! You scared me!"

I laughed, "I thought you weren't scared of anything."

He replied, "I may be a King Of Monsters, but I still have a heart. Pieces of it are still returning, and cannot be broken again."

"It was just for fun.", I said.

"I know that.", Sombra said. "I just said all that for dramatic effect. But it's still true."

"Ok, drama King. Where shall we spend the night?", I asked.

"How does a moonlit stroll through the Empire, and ice cream sound?", asked Sombra.

I replied, “It sounds great. Let’s go!”

So, the both of us teleported down, and then started our walk. I broke the silence by saying, “You know, we could call this our first date.”

Sombra blushed, “You’d really think of it as that?”

“Yes.”, I replied. “We love each other, or do you not love me?”

Sombra blushed again and said, “Of course I love you, my dear Luna. How could I not? It strikes me as strange that nopony has asked to marry you yet.”

I said, “I’ll tell you why.”

Sombra said, “Ok.”

I started, “Celestia fell in love once, and she loved that pony with her whole heart. But, he didn’t love her. He wanted to marry her so that he could become a prince. One day, the truth slipped from his mouth, and he left Celestia with a shattered heart. After that, Celestia never opened her heart to anypony and tried to keep me away from falling in love. She never let me go near any stallions.”

Sombra said, “Oh. What do you think she’d do if she found out we love each other?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t want to lose you.”, I replied.

Sombra said, “I don’t want to lose you either. We’ll never let her find out. Ever.”

“We’ll keep this a secret.”, I agreed.


King Sombra's P.O.V:

Luna and I were now in an ice cream shop that I used to go to when I had been a colt.

We were both sitting at a table, Luna was opposite me. We were eating Vanilla ice cream, something that we both loved.

The last few minutes had been quiet, as none of us had thought of anything to say.

I looked at Luna and saw that there was some ice cream on her cheek. I broke the silence by saying. “Um, Luna? You’ve got some ice cream on your cheek.”

Luna got a tissue and put it near her cheek. “Here?”, she asked.

I replied, “No.” I pointed at her cheek. “There.”

Luna moved the tissue and asked, “Here?”

I said, “No.” Then I stood on my chair and leaned across the table. I got a tissue from underneath my cape, and wiped Luna’s cheek. “There.”

Luna blushed. I sat down, and finished my ice cream. Then, I looked at Luna. She was so beautiful; it was complete torture for me not to kiss her.

Luna finished her ice cream and saw me staring at her. I blushed and looked away. When she was looking at something else. I looked at her again.

Something was telling me to just kiss her, while something else told me not to. I didn't know what to do. Should I kiss her or not?

While I was battling with myself, out of the corner of my eye I saw Luna lick her lips, suddenly finding them dry. Eventually I lost control, and kissed Luna with all my love. She was caught by surprise first, but then she kissed too.

It was our first kiss. So full of love, and sweet. We stayed like that for a long time, until Luna looked at the sky and said, "I have to go now, or Tia will know that I'm out of the castle. Bye Sombra."

Before flying off, Luna surprised me by kissing me on the cheek. I was frozen for a moment, and the I waved after her, "Bye Luna."

Turns out she did love me. I made my way back to my castle, and then i wrote in my journal. After that, I decided to call it a night.

As soon as I had taken my armor, cape, and crown off, then I fell asleep on the bed because I was so tired.


Princess Luna's P.O.V:

As soon as I had looked at the sky, I realized that dawn was going to be soon and that I had to go. I told Sombra, , "I have to go now, or Tia will know that I'm out of the castle. Bye Sombra."

I was about to fly off, when i got an idea and kissed Sombra on the cheek. Then I flew off and watched as Sombra slowly raised a hoof to his cheek where I had kissed him.

Then he unfroze himself, and called after me. "Bye Luna."

I couldn't wave back, because I had only ten minutes to get back to the castle. I remembered something, and teleported to my room.

Then I looked in the mirror to see if any ice cream was left on my face. Finding none, I turned around and walked into my balcony. Then I lowered the moon, as Celestia raised the sun.

I could not help but feel sad seeing how everypony woke up as soon as the sun rose. The night was better than the day.

In the night, it was cold, peaceful, and beautiful. The day had none of that! I shook my head and walked to my bed.

Then I fell into the land of sleep.


Author's Note:

Author's note: Sombra and Luna finally had their first kiss! Luna is starting to feel even sadder about the fact that nopony stays awake at night save her and Sombra. What will happen next? Don't forget to...Vote...Like...Comment...Share!