• Published 5th Oct 2021
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The luck in our stars. - KingSombraTheTyrantRuler

How would Equestria survive if the King Of Monsters, Sombra, fell in love with the Princess Of The Night, Luna?

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King Sombra’s P.O.V:
The night was such a beautiful thing. Nothing gave me more peace than standing on my balcony and looking at the night sky.

This evening Celestia sent me a letter, requesting my royal presence in Canterlot, to talk about how I was ruling my empire.

I only accepted to go, so that I could see what the Princess Of The Night looked like.
I looked in the mirror one last time to make sure that I looked tidy enough, and then teleported to Canterlot.

The guards opened the gates and let me in. One guard took me to Celestia's throne room and bowed. Then, he left.

Celestia and Luna were there. Celestia asked, "King Sombra. May I ask what took you SO long to arrive?"

I replied, "I was busy admiring the beauty of the night sky."

Luna blushed at my words.

Celestia continued, "As I said in my letter, I have asked you to come here to discuss the way you rule your empire."

I asked, "What about it? The way I rule my empire is fine."

Celestia almost screamed, "No it is NOT fine. You overwork your ponies. Last time I sent a guard there, he came back saying that you make your ponies work twenty hours a day, and they only get four hours of rest."

Luna said, "I don't believe that King Sombra would do such a heartless thing to his ponies."

Celestia said, "You heard the report with your own ears, Luna. He DOES do those things to his ponies."

Turning to me she said, "I hope you won't mind Luna. She's still very young and inexperienced."

I was shocked that anypony would say that about their sister.

"And if I do," I started, "make my subjects work twenty hours a day, it's MY empire. You should be concerned about your way of ruling things. Some ponies in the street have no food, while you sit on your throne and eat all the food you want. Have you done anything to help those ponies? No, you haven't."

I breathed and continued, "In my empire, I might overwork my ponies, but I make sure that each of them has food, houses, and things that anypony would need. If you asked them about me, they would tell you that I am the best king that they've had in a thousand years."

Celestia's face took on an angry expression. "You may leave now, Sombra."

Just to make her angrier, I said, "Fine. The only reason why I came here was to see a beautiful pony."

I could’ve sworn that I saw steam coming out of Celestia’s ears. I smirked at her, kissed Luna's hoof, and then teleported to my castle.

I was on my balcony, looking at the stars when I heard the sound of somepony landing.

I turned around ready to fight, when I saw Luna. I bowed and said, “Princess Luna? Shouldn’t you be in Canterlot?”

She replied, “I should, but I snuck out to see you.”

“To see me? What interest would a beautiful mare such as yourself, have in a King Of Monsters, like me?”

She blushed and said, “You flatter me so, but think too little of yourself. While you were talking to Celestia, I saw how polite and sharp-eyed you are.”

“Is she still angry?”

“Yes she is. You should’ve seen her. After you left, she broke her teacup!”

I laughed. “It would’ve been funny to see a fully angered Celestia!”

Luna laughed. Her laugh was like music to my ears. It was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard.

“Is it true you were late because you were looking at the sky?”

I replied, “Yes, it is. The night sky has always managed to capture my interest. With all its stars, and designs it’s hard to look away.”

Luna blushed again and asked, “In Canterlot, when you said you only came to see a beautiful mare, who were you referring to?”

“Dear Princess Of The Night, I was talking about you.”

I wondered how many times I would see her blush tonight. She said, “I find no need for you to call me Princess, when you appreciate my nights. I shall give you the honor of calling me, Luna.”

“Luna. You have such a beautiful name. You may call me Sombra.”

When the clock struck four, my beautiful princess flew away hoping to see me again.

And as hard as it is to believe, I hoped to meet her again. I called after her, “I hope too, that we may cross paths again.”

Author's Note:

Disclaimer: I do NOT own MLP. For any who are confused, when Sombra calls himself 'The King Of Monsters' please know that it is NOT Grogar's title. Grogar is the 'Father Of Monsters'. I hope you liked this chapter, and before you leave, don't forget to... Like...Comment...Share!