• Published 5th Oct 2021
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The luck in our stars. - KingSombraTheTyrantRuler

How would Equestria survive if the King Of Monsters, Sombra, fell in love with the Princess Of The Night, Luna?

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Princess Luna's P.O.V:

After sending my letter to Sombra, I thought about what I had written. Everything that I wrote was true, but should I have written all that?

I shook my head. I should've done what I did; Sombra was the only one who understood me.

It was so peaceful here, in the dream world. So quiet, so full of dreams. The only place that could give me peace was this.

I exited the dream world just in time to lower the moon. The sun rose, and I watched as ponies started their day.

It was unfair. Those ponies spent the entire day awake and having fun but spent my night asleep.

Those ponies praised Celestia and only thought of her as the ruler of Equestria.

Did they even think of me as a princess? The answer was they did not. That angered me, but when I remembered Sombra's words, I calmed down.

He was the only pony who stayed awake during the night for as long as he could.

He was the only pony who thought of me as a princess. He was the only pony who appreciated and loved me and my nights.

My thoughts drifted to how handsome he looked and how his smile/smirk was so charming.

And about how his voice sounded so better than any other stallion's voice.

How, whenever I visited his dreams, they were about me.

I whispered to myself, "Sombra."

Whenever I said his name, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I thought about him all day and night. I believed that I was falling in love and that he felt the same feelings for me that I did for him.

I had finally found my special somepony, and I would never have to spend another hearts and hooves day alone.

Even if I slept through the days, I still could see everyponies happiness in their dreams.

A memory flashed in my head of when Celestia had found her special somepony. She gave him all her love, but he pretended to love her.

He wanted to marry her so that he could become a prince. One day, the truth slipped from his mouth, and he left Celestia with a shattered heart.

After that, Celestia never opened her heart to anypony and tried to keep me away from falling in love.

If one day, she found out that I loved Sombra, what would she do?

I would never let her find out. I quickly jumped up and hid Sombra's letter in my desk draw where nopony would think to look.

Then, I climbed into my bed and closed my eyes.

I woke up and ran to my balcony. I saw the sun setting, so I quickly raised the moon and covered the sky with stars. With that done, I walked to my bedroom, ready to enter the dream world.

I was about to enter it when I heard a popping noise and saw a letter appear out of thin air.

I caught the letter and levitated it to my hooves, and then I looked at it. The letter had Sombra's seal on it, so I quickly broke the seal, unrolled it, and read, "To my dear princess of the night, Luna. I have read your letter, and this is my reply to it. I know how it feels to be left out or unappreciated because I went through all that.

When I was a colt, I lived in an orphanage. My parents were pegasi and hated me for being a unicorn. As soon as I was born, they left me in an orphanage. I grew up there, with all the other ponies. I could do better magic than them, but they ignored my talents. I never got my cutie mark, so they stayed away from me, calling me the weird pony. I was sad that I had no friends.

One day, I read a book about something called the crystal fair. It happened every year in the Crystal Empire, and I was excited to be old enough to go. But sadly, when the time for the Crystal Fair arrived, I was ill. Every part of my body hurt. I didn't know why, but it lasted until the Crystal Fair was over, leaving me shattered.

I hoped to see it next year, but unfortunately, it was not to be. Every year, on the day of the Fair, I felt pain. Like my body was being ripped apart. Like a thousand knives were thrown into my heart. Each year, at the Fair, I suffered. But why? I hadn't hurt anypony. What did I ever do to deserve such a fate?

One night, while I was sleeping, I heard a voice. The voice told me that it could make me powerful; everypony would fear me and appreciate my talents. I didn't know what to do. Should I listen to the voice? It kept telling me the same thing, again and again. One day, it told me why I suffered while everypony else was full of joy. Each night, it offered me a chance to become the most talented pony. And each night, I ignored its offer.

The same thing went on for a year until I gave in. I gave in. I accepted its offer. And it gave me more power than I could imagine.

In the morning, I woke up and looked in the mirror. But I saw that my eyes were red instead of green. I had silver armor and a red cape.

I also had a crown and my horn... My horn was no longer its original shape or color.

It was scarlet and curved back. I had grown taller, and when I spoke, my voice sounded deeper.

It took me some time to get used to these changes. I wondered what I should do next, now that I had all this power.

Then, I remembered what the voice had told me, why I suffered each year. It was because of Amore.

Amore was the cause of my suffering. With her 'love magic', she caused my pain.

I was full of rage when I teleported to the Crystal Palace. Amore was just in front of the Crystal Heart, looking at it.

Seeing her happy made me angrier. She turned around and saw me looking ready to kill.

She gasped as I turned her to crystal and smashed her statue. After I let my anger out, I saw what I had done.

Now that I had destroyed the Crystal Princess, who would rule this Empire?

I thought nopony but myself worthy and declared myself as the new ruler. Someponies stood against me, but by putting fear into their hearts, all bowed to me.

I made sure that everypony had all the things they needed. I was unappreciated and suffered for no reason. But, I took my revenge. Before you hate me for this, ask yourself these questions. What would you have done had you been in my place? If you suffered each year while nopony else did, and the only one who could stop your suffering sat back and watched as you suffered?

And yes, I do know some nightmare spells. I'd be happy to tell you.

If you're still interested to know, then send a reply.

Looking forward to your reply,

King Sombra."

After reading Sombra's letter, I drank some water. I never thought anypony could have such a terrible past. And why did Sombra think that I'd hate him for what he did?

I would've done the same had I been in his place.

I decided to write a reply before he thought that I hated him.

What I wrote was this, "To my dear Sombra, King Of Monsters, I have read your letter and am sad you had such a past. I do not hate you for it. I would've done the same had I been in your place.

Yes, I am still interested to learn the spells.

I hope you are well,

The Princess Of The Night, Luna."

After sending it, I waited patiently for his reply.

Author's Note:

Author's note: Turns out that I can write in the Princess Of The Night's P.O.V! I changed Sombra's past for this story. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and before you go, don't forget to...Vote...Like...Comment...Share!