• Published 5th Oct 2021
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The luck in our stars. - KingSombraTheTyrantRuler

How would Equestria survive if the King Of Monsters, Sombra, fell in love with the Princess Of The Night, Luna?

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Luna's Daymares?

King Sombra's P.O.V:

After I sent the letter to Luna, I found myself pacing. What if she hated me? Did I do the right thing by telling her all of that?

I had never told anypony about my past. As much as I might deny it, I had feelings for the Princess Of The Night.

I was about to think she hated me when I heard a popping sound and saw a letter.

I used my magic to levitate it to myself, and then I quickly broke the seal.

Then, I unrolled the letter and read, "To Sombra, The King Of Monsters.

I have read your letter and feel sad you had such a past. Nopony should suffer as you did. I do not hate you for it; I would have done the same thing had I been in your place. I would be delighted if you would tell me some nightmare spells that you know.

Hoping for your reply,

The Princess Of The Night, Luna."

After reading her letter, I felt happy that Luna didn't hate me.

I got a quill and parchment and started writing, "To my dear Princess Of The Night, Luna."

Princess Luna's P.O.V:

I was in my room, waiting for Sombra's reply. I hoped he would send the letter before sunrise; I had to give Celestia a nightmare, not a daymare!

And I also had to enter the dream world to see if anypony had nightmares. Suddenly, without warning, a letter appeared, and with it, a popping sound.

I levitated the letter towards myself, broke the seal, unrolled it, and read, "To my dear Princess Of The Night, Luna.

I cannot express in words how relieved I am that you do not hate me. Here is the nightmare spell.


1) Make sure that you are alone in a dark place.

2) After making sure then concentrate hard on the pony that you want to give nightmares to. (E.g: Celestia) That will form a connection between your and their minds. (If you think about them with another pony, that pony will have the nightmares instead.)

3) Think about what they fear most and how much you hate them.

4) Make sure that they are asleep, and then using the connection, send their worst fears to them.

5) They would have a nightmare.

Do tell me how it goes.

Looking forward to your reply,

King Sombra."

After reading the letter, I sent one of my batponies to check if Celestia was sleeping. He came back saying that she was indeed asleep.

I told the other batponies to see that I would not be disturbed, and then I closed my door.

I blew the candles out and sat on my bed. Then, I concentrated hard on Celestia.

My memories of her. But they all showed us together. I forgot that I had to think of just Celestia and felt a strange feeling.

Then, I continued to the next step: thinking about what she feared and how much I hated her now.

That was a bit hard, as I only hated her a little bit because she hated Sombra. And what were her fears?

Maybe she feared that one day, I would become more powerful than herself, and I would be the only Equestrian Princess?

That sounded like something Celestia would fear, so I thought of that.

Then going deep into my mind and finding a connection, I sent her worst fears and my hatred into Celestia's dreams.

I lit the candles and entered the dream world to find Celestia's dream. I went into it and saw...WHAT!!!

Instead of a terrible nightmare, Celestia's dream was about her having a cup of tea in a flower garden.

And she had a thousand of them next to her.

I thought that maybe it would take some time for the spell to take effect and left the dream world.

I decided to add more stars to the sky. When Celestia rose the sun, I lowered the moon and then laid on my bed and drifted to sleep.

I was in the throne room, only it looked different. There was only one throne, and the room was decorated with Celestia's cutie mark.

I looked around and heard hoofsteps. I saw Celestia and asked her, "Sister? What has happened in here?"

She replied, "What do you mean, Luna?"

I told her, "Why is there only one throne? And why is this room decorated in only your cutie mark?"

She said coldly, "It's obvious, isn't it, Luna? I have taken my place as the only Princess of Equestria."

My mouth fell open. "But sister, we were supposed to rule together!"

She laughed and shook her head. "But I can raise both the sun and the moon! I don't need your help. I am the true ruler of Equestria! Leave now!"

"B-but Tia..."

"But what? If you don't leave now, I shall turn you into an earth pony."

I said, "Tia come back to your senses. What has happened to you?"

"Nothing has happened to me. Leave! I shall not warn you again."

I didn't move from my spot and instead stared at Celestia. Her horn glowed, and there was a flash of light directed at me. I looked at myself, and my wings were...My wings were gone!

I put my hoof where my horn was and felt no horn there. I was an earth pony!

I screamed, "Noooooooooooooo!"

When I opened my eyes, my wings and horn were still there. A guard came rushing in and bowed. He asked, "Princess? I heard you screaming. Is all fine?"

I told the batpony, "You need not worry, Shadowlance. I just had a daymare. You may go."

Shadowlance bowed and left. After he left, I drank some water, trying to reassure myself that it was just a dream.

But why did I have such a terrible daymare? And why had it felt so real?

And why did I have a daymare? Celestia was supposed to have nightmares, not me!

I sighed and drifted off to the world of sleep once more.

Author's Note:

Author's note: Luna got nightmares instead of Celestia? Very strange, isn't it? But why? Before you go, don't forget to...Like...Vote...Comment...Follow...Share!