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History remembers King Sombra (when it remembers him at all) as a slavering beast so consumed by his lust for power that he plunged an entire empire into ruin. But who was Sombra? Why did he do what he did? What did he even do?
Nopony is born evil and Sombra was no exception. He was once the star pupil of Princess Luna, back in the golden age before her banishment. He had friends. He had love. He had tragedy and loss and betrayal. He had all of this and more long before he had...
A Heart as Black as Night.

Chapters (2)
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My opinion, Good. I will be following this closely.:coolphoto:

Beautiful. Absolutely golden. Only one problem, Celestia's mane was pink until she banished NMN and used the elements of harmony. other than that, well I've already said it: Excellently written.:moustache:

Good catch! My only answer to that is I interpret the prologue of Friendship is Magic Pt.1 to be more allegorical than an actual historical record. It's also likely that the illustrator didn't know the Royal Sisters in the legend were Celestia and Luna (Twilight certainly didn't) and thus didn't think to use Celestia's real hair color in the pictures.

Well I get the "pink maned celestia" from both the murals, the window art in the palace, and just about every pre-NMN fic I have ever read. It just seems more canon to me.:facehoof:

though this is an interesting writing (and I will keep track of it) I can see from 6 miles away that King Sombra is going to be reduced to an emo prick who shouts "My pain is the center of the universe, and everyone must pay for my pain!"


Are you a wizard? :applejackconfused: it's like you can see the future!

But seriously, I wouldn't worry too much, this story is going to be more than 6 miles long, so don't imagine you can see the ending just yet :raritywink:

Twilight Shadow...

Why are my story senses tingling at that...

Probably nothing, I like this though, Sombra seems like a student of Luna's, especially during that period, I think that if she would take one in the Equestria we know, it would be considerably different.

Anyway, you have a nice start, and I will be looking forward to where this goes :twilightsmile:

Damn...I had an idea like this except he was Celestia's student

i'm definitely reading this:pinkiehappy: Sombra is one of my favorite characters:heart:

This seems quite interesting. Young Sombra almost seems a bit like Twilight, what with his obsession with books and his unwillingness to make friends. I'm quite looking forward to see where this is going. This is getting continued, right? Please say it is! :applecry:

Of course it is! Very soon, in fact (Saturday at the latest).


Awesome! I just wanted to make sure, because this seems quite promising. :)

You have my attention, do please go on.

"a gray tower rising from a vast, blood-red sea of roses… and the sound of drums…"

Scootaloo, could you PLEASE stop banging those drums? We're trying to read a story here.


I'm tracking, favouriting, thumbing, and waiting impatiently for the next chapter of this story


The familiarity implied by her use of the informal “me” as opposed to the royal “we” was not lost on Sombra.

Shouldn't "us" be used instead of "we"?

Im going to read this and put it on youtube


Please send me a link when you do! (And give me all due credit blah blah)

Looks awesome looking forward to reading and you finishing it. :pinkiehappy:

Oh geez, that's a hell of an ironic echo when Twilight Sparkle comes along... that's just brilliant putting it all together like you've done.

And am I detecting hints of the Prince and the Workhorse?

Good catch!
In the Prince and the Workhorse, I included several references to Equestrian history that were not actually necessary to the plot of tPatW. While they were some of my favorite parts to write, they were disruptive to the flow of the narrative. In this story, I use and expand upon a lot of the same ideas, but I promise to be a lot more coherent.

This story is not set in the same universe at tPatW, but only because canon has moved on since then and the two cannot be reconciled without a major rewrite of tPatW (which is not out of the question).

Thanks! :twilightsmile: tPatW was one of my favourites, and I have a habit of rereading it from time to time. They were unecessary, yes, but fleshed the story out to a great degree. If you reread it a couple times, it all fell into place.

Well, there is another story in the universe I could go read, so no worries there.

I must say, so far, it's a captivating read. A delicious yet obvious parallel between you know who and you know who makes the whole thing a double meaning; which, I love.

really like the way this is going, keep up the great work! :yay:

A headbutt? odd punishment...:rainbowhuh:

so what? is Crepúsculo Sombra a mexican pony?:trollestia:

BTW remember using accents for spanish words, use MS Word in spanish mode for autocorrections :fluttershyouch:

I figure he's either Spanish or Mexican.
Thanks for the tip on the Spanish mode autocorrect!

2040485 Nah, we do that all the time at my house. I'm surprised nobody has brained their damages yet...

I can't wait for more.

"mi kaka podrida" means my rotten poop :twilightblush: hehehe


How's the youtube reading coming? Were you still doing that?

ouch :fluttershyouch: didn't see that coming :derpyderp2:

When does the next season of Downton Abbey start?


I was into "Upstairs/Downstairs" style stories way before Downton Abbey :twistnerd:

To answer your question, I don't actually know.

And now for some more of the best parts of your stories. The backstory. Seriously, the thought you put into the background (Equestrian history, names of buildings, names of ponies, etc.) is amazing. This has spent too long in my "Read Later" list. Have another favourite.

Mi kaka podrida!
oh yea shits gonna hit the fan bro.
Why aren't you running?
oh crap. layed out!

While this is most definitely rapidly becoming my own headcannon for Sombra, having Spanish as a language of the ponyverse is well... it just feels odd. I know that there is technically french but it almost seems like the Griffon's native language. So I guess I just have it set in my head that languages vary between races but not pony breeds. Then again when the three tribes were separate they could have developed their own languages, but I can't see any of them developing Spanish. Also another thing that feels off about this whole thing is that it doesn't really feel like the past. I know ponies wouldn't have necessarily developed technology at the same rate as we do, and magic can seriously help jumpstart certain areas. However, 1,000 years ago in humanity's timeline paper made from wood was becoming a big deal. So I guess this story just doesn't quite feel 'old' enough if that makes any sense.

Other than that it is a pretty good fic so far.


Trying to establish exactly what level of technology the ponies have to make the story feel like "the past" is something I struggle with as I write this story. As it is, I'm aiming for a late to post renaissance level of development, both socially and technologically.
We know from the show that the ponies in the "present day" possess technology comparable to our own. Although their society seems to have de-emphasized mass communication and the bulk of consumer culture, it seems more cultural than technological. We know they have video games, power tools and hydroelectric dams, but no phones, ipods, radios or televisions. I compare pony society to the Ba'ku society in Star Trek: Insurrection that knew of warp drive and forcefields, but chose to live a pastoral life.
We also know from "Hearthswarming Eve" that at the time of the diaspora, pony society was comparable to that of medieval Europe (with a touch of classical Greek thrown in). I imagine the Royal Sisters came to power about a century after the unification (if not more), which would place their developmental timeline closer to the enlightenment.


Makes sense to me. Its just a little gripe overall for me really. It doesn't completely ruin the fic for me. I do have one more question for you. Does this take place before or after Discord? My own headcannon is that the sisters didn't come into power till after his takeover. I know some people say that the two were already in charge when he showed up because of the flag shown at the Hearth's Warming Eve Episode. Though I can imagine keeping track what a flag looked like might not have been easy even for ponies, what with a mad god screwing with everypony for giggles. Though again this is just a curiosity really, nothing too major. Just like all my other questions so far.


It's after Discord. For a window into my pony timeline, check chapter 12 of The Prince and the Workhorse. I draw heavily on what I wrote there for the initial setting of this story.


2042161 Somra = Badass Spaniard. this is now canon

Hmm. Spanish ponies. It works, don't get wrong, but it's a strange idea. I hope to see this expanded further in future chapters.

Good work so far.


I'm about halfway through the next chapter. Unfortunately, work has been so busy, it will still be some time before my next update :/



I know, I know!!!! :fluttercry: Work has been merciless!

Hahaha! I love Mama Sombra and the Gosford Park-style turn the story has taken. Hope to see more soon!


As soon as I have some solid time to write. Work is super stressful lately :pinkiesad2:

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