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History remembers King Sombra (when it remembers him at all) as a slavering beast so consumed by his lust for power that he plunged an entire empire into ruin. But who was Sombra? Why did he do what he did? What did he even do?
Nopony is born evil and Sombra was no exception. He was once the star pupil of Princess Luna, back in the golden age before her banishment. He had friends. He had love. He had tragedy and loss and betrayal. He had all of this and more long before he had...
A Heart as Black as Night.

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When Twilight Sparkle accidentally transforms Rainbow Dash into a stallion, Rainbow's entire life is flipped on its head. He has to cope with changes in his body and his friends. How will this affect his budding romance with Applejack? Are Rarity and Fluttershy suddenly giving him the eye?
Twilight Sparkle is working 'round the clock to find a way to break the spell, but will she be able to make time for Big Macintosh?
Our heroes scamper to piece together the fragments of their lives after the events of The Prince and the Workhorse. Will the loose ends continue to fray, or will some degree of normalcy return to the citizens of Ponyville? Find out as the story unfolds in RAINBRO DASH!

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My name is Allen Fersch. My story begins on the last day of my life.
There’s a distinct possibility that every living being has a kind of “quantum immortality” that prevents it from experiencing its own death. At the instant when your body in one parallel universe dies, your consciousness jumps ship to the most similar parallel available where you did not die.
The truck swerved at the last second. The power went out. The gun jammed. You were thrown clear and you thank God the Almighty and all the saints and seraphim that you’re okay.
If you’ve ever been in a near-death situation where your life flashed before your eyes, there’s a good chance you’re not in your original body. That experience of “flashing before your eyes” is the download mechanism kicking in. In some lonely universe somewhere, all your friends and loved ones think you’re dead and your parents keep a picture of you on their mantelpiece, which depresses everyone when they come to visit for the holidays.
So what happens if the mechanism goes wrong? Like any natural process, there are quirks in the system. Some people are born with six toes. Some people have a defective downloader. If somebody you know ever had a near death experience and came out a completely different person, you’re seeing what happens when the escaping soul can’t match the parameters of their original universe closely enough. I shudder to think how many perfectly sane people are locked up in mental asylums because their soul skipped a track or two and now they’re living a timeline meant for someone else.
Sometimes you escape death and you never even realize how close you came, sometimes you escape it and the world around you is different in ways you can’t quite place.
And sometimes… you end up like me: completely off the grid.

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Prince Blueblood is banned from frolicking within the city limits of Canterlot. In an act of defiance, he strikes out to make a name for himself in Ponyville. Meanwhile, a lovelorn Big Macintosh pines for Twilight Sparkle, who only sees him as a big, dumb farmpony. Worlds collide when, with the help of some stolen Zebra magic, the poor, unfortunate souls switch bodies.
Now, Blueblood runs amok through the mares of Ponyville while Big Macintosh learns that being Twilight's Prince Charming is harder than it looks.The sleepy town of Ponyville is in for a rude awakening!

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