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What if King Sombra put the mane 5, CMC, and the Wonderbolts under his control, and rules all of Equestria? What will happen when Celestia and Luna are defeated? Will anypony stop Sombra? Or will he rule Equestria forever? And what will happen once he gets a queen as evil as him?

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Sombra should not have died in Season 9. An alternate ending to TBotE is in order!!! Long live King Sombra!!

Oh and I’m adding this to my King Sombra bookshelf now!

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Midnight Terror. I like Twilight's new name. It's perfect.

Sweet, I like that Sombra asked Midnight Terror to marry him.

I can't wait for the wedding. I hope Sombra's people, the umbrum, will be invited.

Nice. Look like the umbrum are freed, and it's cool that Rabia has met Midnight Terror.

Awesome. I love that Midnight Terror is now Sombra's queen.

I like that Scootaloo and Spike are getting married on the same day as Rainbow and Soarin.

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