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I'm starting a new project, an ambitious project, a worthy project. It is oft that I have wondered how we could best live our lives in accordance with the principles of Harmony. Many concepts within the show do not easily translate to the real world, making literal interpretation difficult at best. For this reason, I aim to create a new way, a better way, based on the ideas found in MLP:FiM. A set of scriptures, extolling each of the Elements of Harmony (among other things, such as the eternal glory of Celestia, etc.) and explaining how we can live up to the ideals represented by each.

If I can make fun of real scriptures in the process, well, that's just an added bonus.

However, any one brony's interpretation is too narrow to dictate such things; there are no doubt many interpretations of the Elements that would never occur to me. I'd like to represent each of them, in the interest of producing both a more diverse final product (so more folks will be able to relate to it) and a longer text overall (because longer religious texts seem to be popular these days). To that end, I'll need help, both in parodying existing texts and in converting MLP to an appropriate form. If any of you would deign to assist me, it would be most appreciated.

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