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My Writing Schedule · 4:25am Apr 7th, 2017

Okay so before I list it in detail. I'm not very good at keeping to a schedule. But here is basically what I'm trying to push myself to do.

I'm going to write for 3 hours a day. I don't really think this will ever be a consistent thing.

So I'm going to at the very least try and get my self to write for at least 12 hours every week.

This is about how my schedule will be going forward.

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A Thank You to all the Authors who thank their Readers

The Title says it all


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Thank you kindly for the fave on The Sweetest Thing. :twilightsmile:

All I wanted for Hearth's Warning was for a few people to enjoy Warmth in the Snow :scootangel:
Thank you for the favorite, it was a lovely gift :yay:

Thank you very much. :heart:

1433734 Hey Present. I'm now up to five stories in progress.

Author Interviewer

ohaithar :D

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