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Sour Sweet is having a rough weekend. She ran out of her bipolar & anger management medication. She has survived Friday and Saturday without it. Just one more day and she's free of all her anxiety & mental stress. Can Sour Sweet keep her emotions in check for the last day before she can get more medication?

Trigger Warning for Explosive Anger Disorder

Teen for Some Explicit Language

I don't really think the Gore tag applies. But the fic does depict a moment of violent conflict.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 3 )

It's decent, but could use a little more. For example, being her third day without, she is likely going through withdrawal. It might be touched on a little with the pain, but is not really explored. Especially since some of the possible side-effects include signs of making her very situation worse.

It also seems like she should have given her friends a heads up. Or at least show some conflict to it. Like she wants to give them a heads up, but she also doesn't want to be given special treatment.

8055545 I did try to touch on the withdrawal symptons with the morning segment of the story.

Her lack of communication is actually on purpose and is derived from my own personality I had at the same age. I was twisting to be a little more like myself at her age, 16-17, which I was never a good communicator of my problems at that time. I was very insecure about myself and my problems in High School. Again her out of character feel was intentional. I also made her a little more able to control herself than I probably should have.

Admittedly if I were to go back and do rewrites of this. I would make the middle quite a bit longer, showing more detail to what's going on in Sour's head. I had decided to try going with a zoom out during that part, and in hindsight my have been a bad idea.

On a last note I will take you suggestions of a better conflict into consideration for a future fic involving a similar scenario.

Thanks for the input

I thought this showed a great understanding of what Sour must have been going through. It could probably benefit from just being read through once or twice, now you've had a couple of days of it being up here to gain some distance from it, as there are a couple of missing apostrophes, a their instead of they're, that sort of thing.

The last few paragraphs could have been a bit stronger, I feel, but it was nice hearing about the history of Sour and Sunny together. Also, maybe it's just that we heard her speak so little in her only canon appearance, but I never felt she was out of character here.

Have you read many of the other stories exploring Sour Sweet from the more real world, mental health perspective, like A Talk Between Sisters?

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