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I write silly things! Oh, and occasionally something serious.


There's a new coffeehouse in Ponyville, The Dark Lord Café, and it's become the talk of the town. But when Twilight and her friends come to check it out, they can't help but feel that something's off.

Something... sinister, perhaps? Nahhhh.

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A dark darkness is descending on Ponyville, the greatest evils Equestria has ever known are converging on the small town and only one team of ponies can stand up to the assault.

Enter, Harmonious Bat Hero Sailor Warrior Rangers Z Force, here to save the day and banish evil, just hang on a minute while they transform...

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For nearly one thousand years Celestia's Hearth's Warming Day has been a lonely time, better spent on reflection and sadness than joy and celebration.

But an encounter with a certain griffon chef may just change that fact this year...

Contest entry for the Unloved Couples group's Hearth Warming Romance competition.

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Twist has been working for Pinkie Pie for two years now, and the feelings she has for her have only grown stronger over time.

But now that she's decided to tell Pinkie about her feelings, how will Pinkie react? And how will this change their relationship?

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The place? Exists.

The time? Is midnight.

The action? Yes.

The pony? Trixie.

Written because I realised I hadn't written a Trixie fic yet.

Rated due to very light references and coarseness.

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In Equestria's distant past, long before the rule of Luna and Celestia, before even Discord and the endless winter, the three tribes of ponies lived united, but they were not alone.

Among the tribes lived another race, unskilled in magic, incapable of flight, and without the natural talent to farm, they relied instead on their strength, industriousness, and ingenuity to find their place amongst the ponies.

In their time they were known as great builders and artisans, a gentle hand molding the world of culture and bringing joy and shelter to all.

But history learned them by another name.

Knights, the great warrior race that faced the armies of Tartarus and perished in victory, or so the legend goes.

But as Princess Celestia, the Elements of Harmony, and all of modern Equestria shall soon learn, one should not put trust in the words of fairy-tales...

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This story is a sequel to A Secret Thrice Unconnected.

Rainbow Dash never thought about settling down with anypony, much less this gaudy stallion!

And yet she's strangely attracted to the eccentric pony with a strange name.

(Reading A Secret Thrice Unconnected is highly reccomended.)

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Twilight Sparkle has a secret, one she's never told anypony, in fact, she believes that her secret is more shocking and terrifying than any known to ponykind. But little does she know that Celestia, Discord, and Tank have terrible secrets as well.

As secrets are revealed and bonds of trust shaken, will Twilight have the courage to reveal her darkest of secrets?

(Now has a sequel.)

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Discord is bored out of his skull, so he decides to forget about the fourth wall so he can have someone to talk to.

That means you.

I don't know what to expect from this, hopefully laughter on your part.

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