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    *stumbles in with milk and cigarettes* Hey Kids, Momma's Back From the Corner Store

    Habby Pride, everypony~

    I feel like I should uh... address my year-long silence on here. Because wOw, I really said "check back soon" and peaced out.

    To keep a long story short, a years-long original project I was working on broke my spirit with the impossible workload I put upon myself. Do you think I, a disabled, unemployed tranny with brain problems in a garage have the time afforded to me to get 30,000+ sprites done -- all by myself -- before I lose housing/my partners? I don't.

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Back at it again at Sugarcube Corner

I guess I'm doing this again. It's entirely possible you've seen me here before! Maybe this time my work will be good.

If you want to know what I get up to when I'm not wasting my time looking at words:

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Saw your posts, and it made my day. Thanks, and good luck out there!

Thanks for the favorite.

thanks for the watch, glad you're enjoying my content

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