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Trans rights, baby. She/her


Twilight and Sunset are catching up now that Twilight is the Princess of Equestria, and Sunset lets slip that she knows about Celestia's first student, and more about the ascension process than Twilight initially thought.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event to raise money for

"I'm legally not allowed to compliment you, but that was not bad"
-my youngest sibling

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I'm not crying, y'all are crying! That was BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful story.

Sunset glanced at her floor before meeting Twilight's eyes again. "Wow, Twi, I guess I never thought of it that way. Do you really think I could be a- a princess one day?"

She shouldve damn well been one after friendship games

"Our first date!"


I can't put into words how much I adore this. Normally I can see the twist coming a mile away, and yet you had me fooled right up until the name. It's wonderful~


I'm really glad you enjoyed! And I'm glad I was able to surprise you! :yay:

Honestly I've been struggling to write this comment, I loved Audience of One and Testi d'Amore, and I'm a bit star struck :twilightblush:

fgadsdfgdf I'm just some rando who can't even keep her word tho,,,

Thank you for having the energy and courage to write a trans story when it would be most visible and vulnerable! Especially one centered around my favorite horse~

I have no idea what you mean when you say

can't even keep her word tho,,,

so I wouldn't worry about it :raritywink:

As far as writing a trans story, I mean, I don't have money and there was a way to help charity. Besides, this fandom gave me a way to explore femininity before I realized I was trans, adding more ways to explore that seems like a good thing.

Besides besides, there's just no cis explanation for Sunset knowing what an element of harmony is and Star Swirl's magic transformation spell starting with "one to another". Obviously you can either achieve immortality or magically perfect gender transition, those are the facts. :duck:

Comment posted by AnnTAvant deleted Aug 16th, 2021

I found this an interesting explanation for a possible human "Sunset" plus I adored that Twilight found the story heartening and only cared for her friend more. Could use a little work as far as quotation marks in chapter 2 but enjoyable.

If MLP were a more adult-oriented cartoon and had several seasons with Sunset and Sunbutt in the 2000's, this would've made a great episode to advocate for trans rights. Sunset would've been a trans icon and all.

Unfortunately, it would've been too much too early as opposed to too little too late. Would've been better for a 2010's character tho

I'm glad you enjoyed and found my explanation interesting!

As for the quotation marks, it seemed a little excessive to have two thirds of the story just one long block quote, so I didn't include them, and left out all of the non-dialogue happening in the scene. It was a choice, even if it wasn't necessarily the right one. I swear I heard a quote once that "style is just the mistakes we leave in" but I can't find it anywhere to attribute it, so I guess it's mine now. :trixieshiftright:

I wish Sunset could have been the trans icon I believe her to be, but I'm not terribly surprised it wasn't brought up in the show. One would hope that Forgotten Friendship was late enough to have an actual official coming out of some sort, but at least we got Scootaloo's aunts in the main show before the end.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed, and appreciate the comment! :scootangel:

Unfortunately, MLP is managed by a cowardly corporation rather than the courageous fans. But if I were in charge you bet I'd do this and a lot more.

There are so many plotlines fans made that the show didn't do because Hasbro is a bunch of scaredy-cats.

Considering some of the stuff on this website and the downvotes on most pride posts, I don't know that the fans would have necessarily done much better :unsuresweetie:

I do appreciate the (possibly accidental?) implication that I could be a show writer, though! :twilightsheepish:

Actually yes, you could. There'll probably be much better episodes than anything G5 is ever gonna do if we just take stuff from Fimfiction.

So it's not just you, it's everyone here.

This was really interesting, and a great way to handle Sunset's backstory. It'd be pretty neat to have more stories that explored her fire-flight skills and her dragon links.

The way Sunset presented this information to Twilight was odd, though. When Twilight misinterpreted what Sunset said as meaning there was a third pony before them (when Sunset just said the mirror was the second attempt at ascending a pony), Sunset chose not to correct her and told her to have Celestia explain with her deadname. This felt like an unnatural way for Sunset to handle it. Perhaps having Sunset tell the story would have worked better.

Thanks for the comment! I've thought of visiting this backstory a couple of times, but I don't sit down to write often, so nothing's come of it yet. Someday, maybe!

It's been a year and I can't say for certain why I made that choice, but after rereading the story I think my reasoning was that Sunset had assumed it wasn't a secret in Equestria, but if Twilight didn't know maybe Celestia had had a reason to hide it from Twilight. Considering she told Twi her deadname she was ok with the story being shared, so I don't think it's that Sunset wouldn't share it on her own, but that she shouldn't. I view it as Sunset overcompensating for going against Celestia's plan by making sure to double check with Celestia even before sharing her own story.

Like I said, though, it's been a hot minute and I don't remember, so feel free to interpret how you want!

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