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As you can tell from my username, I'm a very hardcore "Fluttercord" shipper! I'm dedicated to only writing Fluttercord stories!!!


This story is a sequel to Melodies of Thunderstorms

This is a sequel to The Opera Phantom Discord, but a prequel to Melodies of Thunderstorms.

This is the touching story of when Discord meets his daughter for the first time.

I do not own anything! All AU characters and settings in this story belong to

Alexandrite Ward

Chapters (1)

After mysteriously appearing on Mt. Aris where the gods are as a newborn, baby Discord is kidnapped and brought to Equestrian, where he is stripped of his god-like immortality. Because he did not finish the entire potion, he has retained his god-like magical powers. In order to return to Mt. Aris, Discord must prove that he can become a true hero in order to reclaim is god status.

Chapters (11)

Fluttershy wakes up in the night from a nightmare portraying her worst fear, and will need her husband; a certain draconequus, to rid her of those fears. She needs him to say that he will stay...

Sorry Dislestia shippers:trollestia:

Chapters (1)

Did Fluttershy and Discord trespass into the human world? Or did the humans trespass into Equestria?

When human scientists discover Discord and Fluttershy, they take them back to a lab for testing to learn all about this new "species" they've discovered. How will the two lovers escape without endangering the lives of the rest of the citizens of Equestria?

WARNING: The following story contains a Discord OCish character. In other words, the author of this story allows Discord to be captured by humans. So please keep all angry and hatred comments about him getting captured, how he is an undefeatable all powerful being, and the like, to yourselves please.

Chapters (18)

What would happen if Discord got shot with Nighthowler serum?

Chapters (6)

*Takes place a couple of weeks after the Tirek incident in 'Twilight's Kingdom Part 2'

Fluttershy and Discord are now officially a couple. When Discord goes over to his marefriend's house one day, he notices she's not herself. After a visit to the doctor's, she finds out what's wrong with her, but does not want to tell Discord the truth...Will Discord find out? How will he react if he does?

Chapters (14)

Discord comes down with a strange illness that leaves him weaker as each day passes. With a little insight from Zecora, the ponies travel to the source of Discord's magic disappearance, but what they end up fighting against is not what any pony expected...

Chapters (15)
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