• Published 1st Mar 2017
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Is He Really A Savage? - fluttercordlover232

What would happen if Discord got shot with Nighthowler serum?

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Chapter 6

Discord uttered a soft groan as he felt something cold and wet touch his forehead. His eyes slowly fluttered open to see a blurry-faced Fluttershy hovering over him. He blinked his eyes a few more times before her face finally came into focus.

"Discord?" Fluttershy whispered, lifting the cool rag from his face.

Discord took in his surroundings, he was in his and Fluttershy's bedroom, lying on their bed. He looked down to see that half of his arm was wrapped in a bulky white bandage. He saw relief in Fluttershy's eyes at seeing him awake.

"Wha..what happened?" he asked groggily, trying to sit up a little but finding it difficult.

Fluttershy gently pushed him back down.

"Hush, it's okay Discord. Don't try to move too much. I had Applejack summon a doctor as soon as we left the cave. He met us at the front steps and helped me carry you to our bed because you were barely conscious by the time we came through the door that I was having a hard time supporting you. As soon as we got you settled into bed you were completely out and that is when the doctor looked you over."

She paused for a moment, rubbing soothing circles on his lion paw.

"You have a really bad infection in the shot wound the police gave you. It's the worst infection the doctor has seen in that kind of injury yet, you are lucky you didn't lose full mobility of it."

Discord wasn't paying attention anymore, he was too focused on the long scars and stitches that marked all over her body.

Fluttershy saw the distant look in his eyes and mistook it as something being really wrong.

"Discord? Discord what's wrong?" she asked as panic started to rise and settle within her.

Without answering, he reached up with his good arm and with tender and gentle fingers, traced a line of stitches across her right cheek. Fluttershy's breath caught in her throat as she felt Discord's delicate touch continue to trace the scars and stitches on her face and neck. She could see tears starting to form in his eyes. Even though the shape of his eyes were not the same size, the amount of tears in both were the same.

With a sigh, she moved Discord's claw away and looked down at him. Fluttershy could tell that Discord was trying to hold back his tears, refusing to let them fall.

Without out a word, Fluttershy leaned over and planted a small kiss on her husband's forehead. She let her lips linger on the skin for a few seconds before pulling back and getting off the bed.

"I love you honey. Try to get some rest." She said softly before turning her back on him and heading toward the door.

"Why?" came the softest whisper from behind her.

Fluttershy paused where she was, her back still facing him. She knew what he meant, but she played dumb.

"Because you need rest in order to heal faster and gain your strength back. I thought that fact was obvious."

She said that as if she were reprimanding a sick foal confined to a bed and asking why he couldn't go sledding on a snowy day.

Discord completely ignored her. "Why do you still love me?"

Fluttershy didn't move from where she was, she knew this was coming, and she could feel his gaze glued on her.

"After everything I've done..." his voice shook. "With Tirek and now...this. Why would you still love me? If I were you I would fly as far away as I could...Why do you stay...Why do you care..." His voice trailed off and she could hear soft sobs. Fluttershy turned her head around and could see tears dripping down his cheeks.

Fluttershy sighed and turned fully around to walk to his bedside. When she came up beside him, she looked straight into his mismatched eyes and her heart broke from the sadness she saw within the red depths.

"Of course I still care Discord. Even if what happened today was on purpose I would still love you! There is nothing you could do that would change my feelings for you." Fluttershy told him without any hint of doubt.

Discord said nothing, he just bit his lip and turned his gaze away. When he looked back at her, Fluttershy could see so much confusion in his eyes. He didn't know what to believe. A part of him held on to the hope that Fluttershy would love him unconditionally, but another part of him told him that it was too good to be true, that opinions and feelings of somepony could change in an instant.

Fluttershy could see he was struggling to grasp what she had said. There was nothing she could say at the moment that would completely reassure him, but she hoped that the level of sincerity, love, and most of all; trust, in her eyes would speak volumes to him that her words could not.

Fluttershy climbed back onto the bed and sat next to him. Without a word, she slipped her hooves around his neck in a hug.

Discord hesitated for a moment before wrapping his good arm around her to hug her back. He buried his muzzle into her rose scented hair and shut his eyes to fight against the raging emotions inside him.

Fluttershy could feel a few stray tears fall on her back, just like she could feel a few tears of her own fall down his.

After a few minutes of doing nothing but embrace each other, Discord broke the hug and put his claw on his wife's swollen belly.

"Did...Did I..." he gulped. "The baby...I didn't hurt him did I?"

Fluttershy smiled and squeezed his paw affectionately, "I had an ultrasound down at Ponyville Hospital to check on the baby after...you know, and he was just fine." Her hoof rose to stroke his cheek, "Our son is just fine."

Discord let out a shaky sigh of relief. Fluttershy gave him a reassuring smile before leaning down and giving him a kiss on his lips.

"You said you didn't think I...did this on purpose. What makes you think that?" Discord said a bit harshly. He remembered what she said to him as they were leaving the cave last night, and he was curious to know what she thought happened if it wasn't his doing, as she was so strongly convinced.

"Like I said before, I saw you struggling and trying to resist whatever magic somepony had you under. It came on suddenly and ended just as suddenly..."

"So what are you saying Fluttershy?" Discord interrupted.

Fluttershy ignored his rudeness. "If you had let me finish, I was saying that I think that somepony wanted to hurt you, not physically, but emotionally. I think whoever did this tried to turn you into the monster you have always regarded yourself as, and I think they wanted you to believe that after they had you attack me. Their main goal I believe, was that after you had turned back to normal, they wanted you to realize you had attacked me. Therefore, firmly believing you a monster." She finished.

Discord was quiet as he took in everything his wife just said.

"That is a very in-depth theory." He stated blankly.

Fluttershy gave a small frown, it sounded as if he didn't believe her. She couldn't exactly blame though, the idea did seem a little far-fetched. Even though she believed it with her whole heart.

"That's what I believe." She said softly, but confidently.

Before getting down from the bed, she kissed her husband's forehead to check for fever.

"You still feel really warm, I am going to go downstairs to re-wet the rag with cold water. I'll be right back."

As Fluttershy turned and left the room, one question that will possibly never have an answer still plagued her mind...

Who could've done that to Discord? And if Fluttershy's theory was correct, why would they want to expose a side of Discord that never existed and possibly send him to stone once again?

Author's Note:

THE END!!!!!!
I know I told you guys this chapter was going to have less than 1,000 words, but ideas just kept coming to me as I was writing this and I just had to incorporate them into the chapter.
The question I ended the chapter with was one that even I struggled to find an answer for. At first, I was going to have Celestia commit the crime, because even though he's reformed, she thinks that he's still a threat to the citizens of Equestria and by making him act like he did in the "Secret Garden" she would have an excuse to have him banished this time for good.

You know, because she's Trollestia! :trollestia:

But I scratched that because I thought that would've been too low, even for her. Do you guys have an idea on who could've done it and why? Do you think I should've had Celestia do it for that particular reason? Tell me your thoughts on it and the chapter in general in the comments!! I absolutely love reading them!:heart:
I have another idea for a Fluttercord story, but I have to re-work some more details before I publish the first chapter.
I hope you all liked the story. Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol i just watched zootopia on netflix and then this story pops up in my feed

And what did you think? Of the story I mean?

It was great, I really did like how made me start thinking if discord could go savage. He's reformed now so I don't see him as much as a treat. but I liked how this story came out. It was really good, you should make more.

What is Nighthowler serum ?

edit: Oh, Zootopia

7990552 Not even, it is basically the equivalent of rabies without the disease spreading through fluid or bite, via ingestion of toxic plant matter. it affects both herbivores and carnivores, as attested by Judy's parents during the movie when their uncle had to be put away for a time while he recovered from the effects of eating the wrong berries.


I just gave the short answer. But yeah, that's the full description...

Meh, it was ok, but I kinda didn't like it cause everyone went all crazy instead of alerting the princesses to help them.
And, well, who shot discord?
I don't know why but I feel like Applejack, of all ponies, would be responsible. She has a vast understanding of the land, and in the episodes it never seemed like she trusted discord. Ever. So I feel like she would shoot him as a way to make Fluttershy see the 'truth', that she married an animal, essentially, and not a sentinent being.
Again, this is just my story, but overall, not bad.

I can think of an idea that would be expected but completely throw everyone off. If you are interested in the idea and might want to continue on this story send a message and I will get it to you.

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Name of Story: Is He Really A Savage
Grammar score 10
Rather good grammar and flow of the story.
It tugged at my emotions as I looked through the words and saw it in my mind.
I feel as if even with how the story is there is a small amount to it. I'd loved Applejack to have talked during the cave stuff to see her opinion.
Or any of the other mane six would of been interesting.
Notes Section 
I still vastly enjoy the story and will fav it because with ups and downs it is well done.
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A Zootopia reference? Nice, liked and followed.

I need a sequel! This is too good to leave it hanging like it is.

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