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What would happen if Discord got shot with Nighthowler serum?

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Oh please continue this its s good

please continue and what is a nighthowler ?


Nighthowlers are from the movie zootopia. If you haven't seen the movie, Nighthowlers were a toxic flower that if ingested or made contact, it would turn the anthropomorphic animal back into a wild, savage state.

7990552 oh now I remember now thanks good luck with the other chapters.

Enjoying this, and.. really not understanding the number of downvotes at all. Bah, some people are just rude for no good reason I guess.

7990365 Nighthowlers were a plant in a movie called zootopia that made animals go crazy

You need to do the two chapters for the final

You think it's that good? Thank you! That means a lot!:pinkiehappy:

8001816 your welcome just being honest :derpytongue2:

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Can't wait for the next update

THE FEELS! (plus how cute it was imagining Discord crying XD. I'm a horrible pony:rainbowdetermined2:

Can't wait for another chapter
also I feel sorry for discord making himself feel bad

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lol i just watched zootopia on netflix and then this story pops up in my feed

And what did you think? Of the story I mean?

It was great, I really did like how made me start thinking if discord could go savage. He's reformed now so I don't see him as much as a treat. but I liked how this story came out. It was really good, you should make more.

What is Nighthowler serum ?

edit: Oh, Zootopia

7990552 Not even, it is basically the equivalent of rabies without the disease spreading through fluid or bite, via ingestion of toxic plant matter. it affects both herbivores and carnivores, as attested by Judy's parents during the movie when their uncle had to be put away for a time while he recovered from the effects of eating the wrong berries.


I just gave the short answer. But yeah, that's the full description...

You know, this was probably downvoted because FluttershyXDiscord which, I don't particularly like but, has a strange yet strong fan base. Personally, I'm going to ignore the facts that; Fluttershy yelled loud enough to be heard in Ponyville... Again, Fluttershy; The God of Chaos was affected by a plant and; rather short story: so I can read this through.

Now, have a like you deserve for answering a simple question: Discord can make a baby that has a set sex.

Meh, it was ok, but I kinda didn't like it cause everyone went all crazy instead of alerting the princesses to help them.
And, well, who shot discord?
I don't know why but I feel like Applejack, of all ponies, would be responsible. She has a vast understanding of the land, and in the episodes it never seemed like she trusted discord. Ever. So I feel like she would shoot him as a way to make Fluttershy see the 'truth', that she married an animal, essentially, and not a sentinent being.
Again, this is just my story, but overall, not bad.

I can think of an idea that would be expected but completely throw everyone off. If you are interested in the idea and might want to continue on this story send a message and I will get it to you.

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Name of Story: Is He Really A Savage
Grammar score 10
Rather good grammar and flow of the story.
It tugged at my emotions as I looked through the words and saw it in my mind.
I feel as if even with how the story is there is a small amount to it. I'd loved Applejack to have talked during the cave stuff to see her opinion.
Or any of the other mane six would of been interesting.
Notes Section 
I still vastly enjoy the story and will fav it because with ups and downs it is well done.
Enjoy your review! Please help me out by looking at my story: Stars Above Equestria

A Zootopia reference? Nice, liked and followed.

I need a sequel! This is too good to leave it hanging like it is.

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