• Published 1st Mar 2017
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Is He Really A Savage? - fluttercordlover232

What would happen if Discord got shot with Nighthowler serum?

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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful spring day; Celestia's sun was high in the clear blue cloudless sky. The birds were singing their joy and happiness the day brought, and the flowers waved a friendly greeting in the warm breeze.

Discord sighed in bliss. The day could not be anymore perfect for a picnic, and that's exactly what he and his wife Fluttershy were doing at the moment. Discord spread the red and white checkered blanket across the lush green grass, and then sat down to help Fluttershy unpack their picnic basket.

They were at their "Secret Garden" as they liked to call it. Thanks to Discord's magic, everything in the garden never died, especially during the winter. The flowers, the trees, the grass, or any animals that took up residence there.

Of course, being Discord, he had to add some chaoticness to the peaceful garden; so he made the leaves on all the trees shift on their own to a rainbow of colors. Fluttershy loved that particular touch of chaos because she thought it added more touch of beauty to the garden, which Fluttershy didn't think was possible before.

The Secret Garden was located near their home, which was what used to be the ancient Castle of the Two Sisters. Princess Celestia gave it to them as a wedding present, telling them that they could re-design it however they wished, including the amount of chaos Discord wanted so long as it didn't affect anything or anypony beyond the castle.

With a simple snap of his fingers, the castle had been fully restored. They kept the original exterior design, but instead of a sun and moon on top of the center tower of the castle, they replaced where the sun was on top with the symbol of chaos. Where the moon was underneath, was replaced with one of Fluttershy's three pink butterflies that was pictured on her flank.

Discord lay on the blanket across from where Fluttershy sat. He couldn't help but smile as his eyes fell on her stomach, she was seven months pregnant with their first child; a son, and he couldn't be prouder.

"Oh!" Fluttershy exclaimed in surprise, her hooves immediately flying to her stomach.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Discord asked in concern as he came close enough to her to put his arms around her.

"He kicked!" She took his lion paw and placed it on her rounded stomach. After a few seconds, he felt a little ripple under his paw. His eyes widened in amazement as he continued to stare at his paw on her stomach. He looked up at his wife, his eyes were shinning with wonder and love.

No matter how many times Discord had felt it, it never ceased to amaze him that the child he and Fluttershy created was thriving and growing inside Fluttershy.

Discord cupped her chin and kissed her deeply, his paw still resting on her stomach as he did.

Their kiss was suddenly cut short when Discord turned away from her in abrupt surprise and his eagle claw flew to his back as he winced in pain.

"What happened?" Fluttershy tried to look at the spot on his back that he covered with his claw, but he kept blocking her view and wouldn't let her see it. He brought his claw back in front of him and examined it, hoping it would give him some sort of clue as to what had hit him so suddenly.

"What happened?" She asked again.

Discord continued to look his claw over. "I have no idea." He said as he looked at her.

"Ok...well...we might as well eat. Maybe you'll figure it out after you've had some food in you stomach." She turned away from him and flew over to the picnic basket. Her back was to him as she picked some food out of the basket and sat it down beside her. While she continued to do so, she heard what sounded like a combination of grunts, hisses, and growls. The sound sent an icy chill down her spine.

Fluttershy froze for a second before turning her head slowly to look over her shoulder. What she saw made her blood freeze...

Discord was standing hunched over on all four legs, his back to her. His long, scaly red tail was thrashing wildly around him. His claws were sheathing and unsheathing in an uncontrollable manner, piercing holes in the soft blanket.

Fluttershy turned around completely as she nervously inched toward him.

"Discord? Are...are you...okay..." She tentatively asked as she reached for him with a hoof. "W-w-what's wrong..."

His tail stopped thrashing, but he was still on all fours with his back still facing her. He turned his head to look directly at her, and she immediately drew her hoof back...

His once beautiful, mesmerizing red and yellow eyes had changed...His mismatched pupils were now normal sized and shaped into slits. His once ruby colored irises were now black as a starless night. He turned the rest of his body around until he was completely facing her. He slowly advanced on her and as he did so a low, menacing growl came from his throat. His gaze still directed on her.

This wasn't her Discord. This was a wild, savage beast.

For the first time in her life. Fluttershy was truly afraid of the creature before her...

She backed away as it continued to advance on her. It's body crouched low to the ground, it's gaze never leaving hers.

"D-D-D-Discord??" Fluttershy's voice shook so much she began to tremble, her body shaking so much that she stumbled backward in her haste to get away.

The beast took the opportunity to attack. It lunged at her, teeth bared in a snarl. Having every intention to kill her.

All she felt was pain when the beast crashed into her. Fluttershy immediately tried to protect her stomach where her unborn foal was resting from the creature's onslaught. She felt the creature's razor sharp claws tear at her flesh and sharp pointed teeth bury themselves in the back of her neck.

Fluttershy was too petrified to move, the fear of this monster in front of her had overtaken her body and her thinking capacity. All she could do was scream as loud as she could and just prayed to Celestia that somepony would hear her...


Two police stallions were out on patrol, a unicorn and and earth pony, leisurely walking down the street.

"Hey Bizzies, I heard Donut Joe opened up another shop right here in Ponyville. Do you want to stop by and grab something?" Officer Flathoof asked his earth pony partner.

Officer Bizzies looked at his companion. "Sure, why don't we..."

He was cut off by a high-pitched scream that filled air.


The stallions both looked at each other simultaneously. No words were spoken as they immediately galloped off in the direction the scream came from...

Author's Note:

The image itself was too big to paste directly on here, so I posted the link instead. This is what I imagined the "Secret Garden" looked like (just ignore the castle in the background)

I looked up slang words for cops, and I found "Flatfoot" which comes from how much walking they do, and "Bizzies" which meant that police always seemed too "busy" to help

I will forewarn you, this story will be short. Only 2 or 3 chapters.