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I see people two ways who they are and who they can be.


I hope this journal is found by someone with an open mind. For what you read is entirely true. The sketches and photographs held within these pages will substantiate all of it. I only wish for the world to know the truth and understand why all of us have chosen to do what we did.

This story will not follow canon for the most part.

The CMC, Spike, and Barb are aged up.

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How did it happen the greatest wielder of the Arcane Arts finds himself in the land of ponies but not as himself.

Sent there by a powerful curse cast by the evil Dormammu and Baron Mordo.

Will the Sorcerer Supreme find his way back home or choose to remain.

Dr. Strange will be a combination of the comics, the cartoons, and the movie in the way he acts and speaks plus some of my own tweaks here and there.

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I read many stories of guys being transported to Equestria and turn into one of the mares of the show. Yet I have not read on of a guy doing the same but still be male still looking though. So I thought why not write one with a twist.

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Being struck by lightning sucks.
Being struck by lightning and transported to a world of technicolored pastel talking ponies really blows.
Especially when you get turned into one of the most powerful Apex predators to grace the silver screen.
I'm talking about the Indominus Rex.
So here I am a giant prehistoric type monster stuck with a bunch of ponies.
And truth be told I'm one of the biggest softies you could ever meet.

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Okay just stop and think my daughter and I were, at home then there was an explosion.

I can hear my little girl crying, I swear if I find out who did this God won't be able to protect them.

Smoke everywhere before we pass out and succumb to death, there's a bright flash of light then complete darkness.

We wake up just outside of the town of Ponyville I am a little confused but not my daughter she couldn't be happier.

I get it we're in Equestria. (my daughter's favorite show I know this, I've watched it with her) But why is she a Unicorn and most importantly why the hell am I a damn Alicorn?


This guy is not a GARY STU because he needs to learn to fly and use magic.


And besides his daughter will be better at most magic than him.

The sex rating is more due to foul language from the father but there might be some sexual innuendos between characters. There will be some slight gore.

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This story is inspired by Brony Parasites user page avatar.
So here I am a single disabled guy not just taking care of, but raising the mane six foals as my daughters.
I'm living every bronies dream. I just hope I don't screw things up but isn't that what every parent worries about. Sorry got to go Twili want's to show me a new magic spell.Wish me luck I'm going to need all I can get.

Spike will show up when the girls get their Cutie Marks.

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"Hey guys settle down we're here to tell our story so the world can know,"
"Just how awesome we are am I right Chuan?"
"Yes San we are awesome as you say but I think our brother wished for use to tell how we came from the Elemental nations to our new home."
"Thank you Baygo you are always the most polite of us."
"Hey, Hotaru how come you get to tell the story?"
"That is simple San, I'm the oldest."
"Only by an hour Hotaru, we were all born the same day remember."
"True but he also drew the short straw as well Chuan."
"Oh yay, I forgot about that, forgive me please carry on."
You know what forget it lets just start the story I think all this talking kind of confused the readers for a bit.

Chuan is Chinese for great river Waterbending Master/Bloodbending/Water Healing
San is Korean for mountain peak Earthbending Master/Metalbending/Lavabending
Baygo is Filipino for strong storm Airbending Master/?bending
Hotaru is Japanese for firefly Firebending Master/Lightningbending /?bending

The CMC and Gabby are aged up to eighteen.

Sweetie Belle and Chuan
Apple Bloom and San
Gabby and Baygo
Scootaloo and Hotaru
And yes the sex rating is there because the four couples do get it on after all the guys are stuck there forever and the girls are old enough so why not.

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Don't get me wrong being a unicorn is cool. You get to do a bunch of different kinds of magic. But why for the love of all that is holy why am I this guy. It wouldn't be so bad except I have two princess's that keep gushing over me saying things like how they missed their favorite teacher, and worst of all there's a certain lavender-colored alicorn that has a fangasm every time she sees me. Well, that part ain't so bad and she is kind of cute. Never the less I am here in Equestria and I'm a pony even though I look like him I might as well make the best of it.

Oh hell who am I kidding somebody just shoot me!!!!

As you guessed this story takes place after season 4

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There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force.

This is the Oath the Code of the Je'daii. This is what I believe this is what I will teach Equestria.

My name is Grand Master Socrates meaning knowledge and wisdom well it is now.You see I was just some ordinary guy that went to a con dressed as a force Wielder. Something happened now I am in Equestria but this is not the Equestria I know for the inhabitants are not ponies or anthro they are human.
Now that I am here I have all the knowledge and power of a Je'daii Master and I intend to teach the force sensitive of this world the ways of the Je'daii. But first I must find those who could help me, unfortunately, two of them happen to be named Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.
Please tell me why these two have to be force sensitive.

(Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Chrysalis are simi major characters they will appear in the story every now and then one at a time or all together, Zacora will also show up every now and again.)

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What happens when Princess Celestia finds an infant in the Everfree forest.

With the infant is the body of a strange female creature holding a large folder of notes.

Deciding to raise it as her own.Does she (A) Give it love and teach it all life is precious

(B)hide it away from everyone

(C) Give and teach it love but train it to be a defender, not a destroyer.

Let's just hope she chooses the right one.

The gore tag is for light gore and sex tag is for situations, and innuendos.

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