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This story is inspired by Brony Parasites user page avatar.
So here I am a single disabled guy not just taking care of, but raising the mane six foals as my daughters.
I'm living every bronies dream. I just hope I don't screw things up but isn't that what every parent worries about. Sorry got to go Twili want's to show me a new magic spell.Wish me luck I'm going to need all I can get.

Spike will show up when the girls get their Cutie Marks.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 37 )

Might wanna work on the formatting, there. You have a lot of run-on paragraphs.

when can i expect the next chapter?

Comment posted by Bahamuttone deleted May 12th, 2017

luv it! and love the my little dashie reference. (ps. i would totally choose this loophole if i had the chance)

Comment posted by unknowncape7377 deleted May 12th, 2017

8157764 hopefully soon definetly adding to favorites

This looks like it could be promising, but it needs some editing for grammar and such.

That Picture is SAVAGE! U MONSTER XD

Wait so does that mean Discord is going to ask Celestia to bring the brony to Equestria?!

Pls update soon I can't stand the wait it is Killing me!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

It's about time!!! I was worried the story was dead:fluttercry:

Great idea but punctuation. Oh Faust, THE PUNCTUATION. It is the Worst. Possible. THING!:raritycry:

8194626 it ok just I don't want such a long wait next time :raritywink:

Okay, I made my choice and I choose the basket

that is EXACTLY what I chose before i read this XD

I reminded her that logic and the pink one do not mix.

Wow, we loose the 4th wall already?

Damnit! Celestia and Luna are in on this! It's gonna be My Little Dashie all over again!

Actually, it's not I repeat NOT Celestia and Luna I will tell you that.

i think that there is Discord, Screwball, and one other...

omg this is like the cutiest thing i have read in a while i thank you from the bottom of my :heart:

i got a bad feling about them brothers oh i hope they dont do anything to the dillies

When will we see spike in this story.

Should I stand outside Devins house with my shotgun?

I waited MONTHS and this is all I get!?!?!?!? Where is the cuteness? Where is the feels?

Edit: I even changed my profile pic for this story!

Don't. There's woods surrounding the place. If you miss you could start a fire

Hey Gravestone, when is chapter 5 gonna be posted for this story?

i'm growing grumpy and only adorable fillies can stop it

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