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I see people two ways who they are and who they can be.


Don't get me wrong being a unicorn is cool. You get to do a bunch of different kinds of magic.But why for the love of all that is holy why am I this guy.It wouldn't be so bad except I have two princess's that keep gushing over me saying things like how they missed their favorite teacher, and worst of all there's a certain lavender colored alicorn that has a fangasm every time she sees me.Well, that part ain't so bad and she is kind of cute.Never the less I am here in Equestria and I'm a pony even though I look like him I might as well make the best of it.

Oh hell who am I kidding somebody just shoot me!!!!

As you guessed this story take place after season 4

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Comment posted by kudzuhaiku deleted Dec 12th, 2016

This is hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:
Plz make more!

Will the Sirens appear in this story?

Not unless I write something about the Equestria Girls but who knows. Like it would be funny if maybe they were his illegitimate daughters or something StarSwirls not Alex's.

Comment posted by LoyaltoRainbowDash deleted Dec 12th, 2016
Comment posted by Thank you very much deleted Dec 12th, 2016
Comment posted by Forward-Unto-Fiction deleted Dec 12th, 2016
Comment posted by Vindicar deleted Dec 12th, 2016
Comment posted by UnbelievablyDeadCultist deleted Dec 12th, 2016
Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Dec 23rd, 2016

That last part made me chuckle

Spacing and punctuation are all you need to work on. Badly.

7863831 Hey word to the wise before you comment on other peoples stories double check your own work kerfufle is spelled kerfuffle. Just thought I 'd let you know. :applejackunsure:

And thumbs up for

You know this ain't so bad it could be worse I could have came here as Flash Sentry.

7863866 Thank you I had a hard choice it was either Flash Sentry or Blue Blood. Then I thought since my character is going to marry both his aunts I could troll the guy for at least two to three chapters. :moustache: :pinkiecrazy: :twilightsmile:

7863883 Your very welcomely muched Sir. :moustache:

Taking another deep breath. I was still looking down I said.
" No because now I'm Star Swirl the Friggin' Bearded."

why this large ass gap at thebottom?

So how did twilight go from tears of shame of showing him her plot to loving him enough to have a herd and foals with him along with willingly showing her plot at the end

7864096 Friendship is Magic and chapter four will be explaining it and some other stuff.

I think you have a very good story concept, but I find that you end to skip as lot of potential story development that could lead to him trying to find his way back home. What I wander is why was he sent to Equestra in the first place, is it because he would be needed in someway. And why he hasn't tried to go back home yet and why would he want to stay there. I think the story could have gone better if Alex had wandered his way to Cantelot before getting his answers spewed out just like that.

I like the idea that Alex turns out to be a pony pervert, and struggles to fight against being lecherous and loads of funny scenes with his wandering hooves/magic that would like to flip mares tails and get into trouble because of it. I wander his his nieces are his worlds version of Celestia and Luna.

7878704 Well the thing is this story will be jumping from the present to the past and past as when Tai and Lulu were still fillies as well as Alex's flashbacks on Earth before Equestria . As for him being a pervert well just to Twi ,Tai and Luna to be honest he is rude load and has the attitude of not giving a crap what people or ponies think about him. Plus he has the subconscious memories/ mind of a really old stallion who has not partaken in the comforts of a mare in over a thousand years. Mix that with Alex and you get ONE HORNY BUCK WHO DOESN'T GIVE A SHIP. Does that kind of clear things up for you? :moustache:

The concept is interesting, but I'm hesitant to read this. All the deleted comments are a bit unnerving..... That coupled with the authors interaction with the commenters is setting off some serious warning bells.

Against my better judgement, I decided to read this, and all I can say is.... Dude, pacing. Just ignoring the problems with grammar and spelling, because they can easily be fixed with a good editor, your story is just progressing *entirely* too fast. You spent no time developing Alex as a character, or developing any type of relationship between any of the princesses and Alex. Twilight literally went from putting him in the hospital for doing something untoward to her, to literally wanting to have his babies in the space of a few paragraphs. You also should probably think about upping the rating and adding a few tags... Posting images like that is more than a little risque, and (as poorly paced as it is) this story has plenty in the romance and sex areas...

This is quite silly...Let's see if it can get anymore silly...

Oh hell who am I kidding somebody just shoot me!!!!

There. I shot you.

Nice story, but find an editor - you'll see that your like/dislike ratio will improve greatly.

This is the most random funny thing I've read... Love It!

Murphy's combat are my favorite.

8085552 Thank you, I try my best. :pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Neat idea! :pinkiehappy: A fair few spelling errors, I could fix it up for you, if you like? :pinkiesmile:

Good job man can't wait to see the next chapter

a little fast paced but good so far

First of its kind, I Doubt that this is going to be a bad fimfic

Wish we can see what happened during that month in more detail, it sounds like a lot of character building. I must admit the time skip kinda skipped too much at least that's what i feel, but overall it a good story and i shall continue to read and enjoy it.

Uh, why was this put in multiple clop groups? It's Teen.

Ignoring the fact that this has been put in multiple incorrect groups, judging by the description this doesn't look promising.

Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting idea. It's just that the description is missing spaces after periods.

8151986 Sex will be added in future chapters but it will still hold its teen rating if that helps?

Comment posted by Mr Swanky Hat deleted May 10th, 2017

Uh, if there's sex, it won't be teen. Teen sex is for the mention of sex.

A bit of a premature adding to clopfic groups if its not currently a clopfic.

I just wonder why most Humans who go to Equestria are either seriously depressed, or have serious anger management issues.

Apparently no human who can have calm reactions can go to Equestria, apparently they always have to seriously over react

8152342 There are some stories that the human is calm and happy about being there it's just this guy is a complete ass he just enjoys being crude but he will get better as time goes by but still hold to part of his cynical nature.

Comment posted by Mr Swanky Hat deleted May 10th, 2017
Comment posted by Mr Swanky Hat deleted May 10th, 2017
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