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This is just some random fluff I wanted to write for the holidays. Some fluttercord shorts to have fun with while I take a small break from my other projects. I hope you enjoy this nonsense that my brain came up with and I hope to write more of them for all of you.

cover art by Darebel-Red on deviant art check out their work it's amazing.

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This story is a sequel to Mending Souls: What's in My Heart

We all know Kibou's story and what his life is like, but what about the other Chaos child? Flitterbee may be just a pony, but she is determined to prove that she is still Discord's daughter and by no means weak and helpless. However it's this mindset and her stubbornness that lands her in a whole lot of trouble.

Rating may change to T...still deciding

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This story is a sequel to Mending Love:Love is Chaos

Kibou is the son of Discord and Fluttershy, but most ponies only see the son of a monster. Kibou has a good heart, but when he starts to question who he really is things go downhill. Is he really just the son of Discord, destined to be the next Lord of Chaos as so many believe? He'll have to discover what's truly in his heart and who he is meant to be. Especially when a shadow is falling upon his family and threatens their very existence. He must decide who he is at heart, hero or monster?

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This story is a sequel to Mending Hearts:Fluttercord

Discord and Fluttershy are enjoying marital bliss, however Discord quickly learns that love is more chaotic than chocolate filled cotton candy clouds. His patience is tried many times in their marriage, but in the end his love for her shines through. Who ever said love didn't come with a little bit of chaos?

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Discord still feels guilty over his betrayal. He vowed to make it up to Fluttershy no matter what it takes in order to save their friendship. However he quickly discovers his heart has different plans when it comes to his darling Fluttershy. What happens when friendship starts to melt away to be replaced with something deeper? Will he prove himself to this sweet mare or will chaos win?

Cover art by Fluttercord http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Fluttercord

Thank you so much I appreciate you making this for me!:pinkiehappy::heart:

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Princess Twilight has to marry wealth to save her kingdom, but the king's not what she expected. What's worse, while she's to get closer to the king, she finds herself growing fonder of his captain. While at the same time the king finds he's growing closer to another mare, one who he feels a deep connection to like never before. When so many things stand between the pairs what will they decide to do in the end? Which will the two choose at the end of this game Love or Power? And what will their choices mean at the end?

A/N The *sex* tag is just for implied themes, there is nothing explicit in this story.

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