• Published 3rd Nov 2014
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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Five

"Okay honey I'm heading out for my lunch with the girls...will you be alright while I'm gone?"

Fluttershy looked up at Discord who was hanging by his tail, upside down from the chandelier watching her.

He let go, stopping himself before hitting the floor and floating to her.

He gave her a quick kiss and grinned,

"Don't you mean will I worry while you're gone? The answer is always...but I promise I'll behave and let you have your day out without any fuss. Besides, I...I have something I need to do."

His grin got bigger and she knew he was hiding something, but didn't press the matter.

Instead she smiled at him,

"Okay well I'll be back later in the afternoon. Try not to worry too much love."

She gave him another kiss and walked out the door heading down the path. She glanced back and saw him standing in the doorway waving, trying desperately to hide his worry.

What am I to do with him?

*The Hay Burger*

Fluttershy walked in and instantly heard a trio of high-pitched screeches that caused a huge smile to spread across her face.

"Fluttershy!" The former Cutie Mark Crusaders shouted as they ran over to surround her. She smiled down at her favorite fillies,

"Girls! My it still surprises me to see how big you've gotten! Applebloom how are you liking it in Rarity's shop?"

Fluttershy looked at the little yellow filly's cutie mark, it had appeared two months ago, an artisans paintbrush. Perfect representation of Applebloom's endless creativity.

Applebloom beamed as she looked back at the white unicorn sitting with the rest of the older mares,

"Oh it's goin great!"

Rarity cleared her throat and Applebloom blushed,

"Oh! I mean it is going great!"

Fluttershy raised her eyebrow and Applebloom whispered to her,

"Rarity insists that if I'm a successful seamstress I gotta learn proper etiquette too."

The little filly rolled eyes and giggled.

Fluttershy laughed along with her and turned to Sweetie Belle, her special talent had been obvious to Fluttershy the first time she had foal-sat the CMC. A stream of musical notes and a microphone represented Sweetie's beautiful voice.

"So Sweetie, how does it feel being a big star? Last I heard you were with Sapphire Shores, touring all around Equestria."

Sweetie blushed and looked away,

"Oh I'm no star, I'm just a back-up singer...although Sapphire is teaching me so much about the music business!"

She jumped up suddenly and a small burst of magic exploded out her horn, poor thing still had trouble controlling her magic.

"Hey don't forget about me!" Scootaloo jumped up in front of her two friends her chest puffed out. She made a pose showing off her own cutie mark, a scooter with flames behind it.

Fluttershy laughed and ruffled the filly's mane,

"Never! So Scootaloo how..."

"I've been accepted to join the Pony Extreme Games!" Scootaloo interrupted her jumping into the air doing a hoof pump.

Fluttershy gasped,

"Wow sweetie, that's so great...but...promise you'll be careful...the Extreme Games are well… extreme...and dangerous!" Fluttershy put her hoof under Scootaloo's chin as she said this.

The filly just shrugged it off and blew air through her lips.

"Pfft...It's nothing I can't handle!"

Rainbow flew over and ruffled Scootaloo's mane.

"I'll say! Especially with such an awesome mentor! Now...as much fun as this love fest is I'm starving!"

Fluttershy blushed as her stomach growled really loud at that moment.

"Umm...I think baby agrees…" She whispered as she walked over to join her friends, the three fillies said their goodbyes, running out the door.

Off to do who knows what...it's nice that they remained friends even after they discovered their different talents…

Fluttershy thought as she watched them walk off laughing.

"So Fluttershy, where's your shadow?" Rainbow grinned.

Fluttershy's ears lay back as she sat down. She looked at all her friends and gave them a small smile.

"Discord is only worried girls...but after we had a...talk...he's promised to ease up a bit. He's doing better girls really, the poor thing is just out of his element."

Applejack laughed and nudged Fluttershy playfully,

"Ah sugar cube I think yer wrong bout that! I'd say he's overwhelmed with all the chaos this baby is causing!"

All the mares laughed, even Fluttershy.

Pinkie then jumped off her seat,

"Okie dokie lokie! Now I'm gonna go order the food any special requests?"

When all the girls shook their heads she hopped to the counter and began to rapid fire their food request to the frazzled mare behind the register.

Twilight looked at the pink mare concerned,

"Umm Pinkie...are you gonna need help with all that food?"

Pinkie shook her head having finished paying for their orders.

"Nope I got this covered, don't worry your pretty, princess head about anything!"

Twilight snorted and the others laughed again.

Fluttershy decided now was the best time to catch up on her friend's lives. She was so busy with the baby and keeping her husband calm she'd hardly had anytime with her girls.

"So Rainbow I've been dying to ask you...how are things with Soarin?"

At her question Rainbow's face grew red and she groaned,

"Why do you always start with me? Why don't you ask Twilight about Flash coming down with Cadence the last time she visited?"

Fluttershy gasped and smiled at Twilight,

"Oh Twilight is this true!?"

Twilight blushed and glared at Rainbow,

"Gee thanks...I don't know why you insist on pointing that out...he...he just came to protect Cadence it's his job."

When all of her friends continued to grin at her, Twilight's face grew redder and a small smile pulled at her lips.

"Well...then again...he may have asked me out to lunch the next time I have to go to the Crystal Empire…"

They all squealed in delight and Twilight laughed as Rarity hugged her, then Rarity looked at Twilight and said,

"Oh darling! This is wonderful news, I'm so glad you're finally getting your happy ending befitting a princess!"

Twilight blushed deeper, if that was possible, and pushed Rarity off her.

"Now hold on Rarity I said one date..."

Rainbow snorted,

"Welcome to my world…"

Twilight rolled her eyes and continued,

"Anyways...yes I like Flash, I wont even try to deny that...but there's no way of knowing if he feels the same?"

Rarity fluffed her mane and hummed,

"Oh no matter, you'll soon know I'm right…"

Twilight groaned and rolled her eyes, before narrowing them on Rainbow.

"Don't think this gets you off the hook...spill...you've been going out with Soarin for what, almost six months now?"

Rainbow's ears lay back and she looked away,

"Yeah...something like that…"

Seeing her friend's expression Fluttershy frowned and voiced her concern,

"Rainbow, has everything been going okay with Soarin? He's...he's been treating you right hasn't he?"

Rainbow shrugged, but didn't look at her friends,

"He's...he's been okay...just a bit off lately. I don't know what it is. The other day I...I told him...that...ilovehim…"

She mumbled the last part so fast, trying to hide what she said, but Fluttershy was close enough to hear and she hugged her friend in delight.

"Oh Rainbow! You told him how you feel! That's wonderful!"

Rainbow however pulled out of the hug and hid a sniffle.

"Not really…"

All her friends exchanged looks and waited for Rainbow to continue. Finally the pegasus sighed and looked at all her friends telling them about Soarin.

"Well after I told him that I...I...well he's suddenly acting distant at random times. He's always so distracted when we're together now, and when I touch his hoof he jumps and blushes. I think I might have freaked him out and now he's trying to find a way to let me down easy!"

She put her face in her hooves and all her friends huddled around her in comfort. All except one who laughed next to them.

Rarity turned and glared at Pinkie,

"Pinkie! How could you laugh at your friend's heartbreak?"

Pinkie was balancing the six trays of food on her head and tail, she bounced and the trays landed on the table perfectly without dropping a single fry...don't ask how she managed that?

Pinkie patted Rainbows head, still smiling.

"Don't worry Dashie! I'm laughing because there's no chance for a heartbreak, in fact I know it's the opposite for your future." She winked and then sat down in her own seat leaving them all staring at her in confusion.

Finally it was Twilight that broke the silence,

"Uh, Pinkie...care to elaborate on that little comment?"

Pinkie zipped her lips and did the Pinkie Promise. They all groaned knowing that meant she'd sworn to secrecy, and nothing they did or said would change anything.

Rainbow sighed and shook her head, getting a hold of herself.

"Alright...well enough of this mushy stuff let's eat!"

Fluttershy glanced over, still worried…

He better not break her heart...or he'll have a certain draconequus dropping in on him.

She smiled at the thought and began to eat her lunch. The six of them finished their lunch in a better mood, all of them laughing and joking.

Fluttershy looked at all her friends and sighed, this is what she had needed. A time to relax, without any worries.

She suddenly wanted a chocolate milkshake. She started to get up to order one, when it appeared in front of her. She smiled, but started when Rainbow snorted.

"So much for not shadowing you, okay Discord come on out!"

Fluttershy's ears fell back, she forgot she hadn't told her friends…

"Oh...that...that wasn't...Discord didn't follow me…"

Twilight turned her head away from trying to spot Discord and stared at Fluttershy in shock.

"Wait Fluttershy! If Discord didn't then…" Her question went unsaid as they all looked down at Fluttershy's stomach.

Fluttershy gave a small smile and whispered to her friends.


"Fluttershy! Why didn't you tell me my new nephew is a magician!" Pinkie shouted excitedly.

Rainbow just put her hoof to her face, choosing not to comment about either the baby or Pinkie.

Applejack put her hoof against Fluttershy's stomach and spoke to the baby,

"Well, would ya look at that! Looks like this little man here is gonna be daddy's boy alright!"

Rarity was the next to come around the table and she also spoke to her little nephew.

"Well goodness! You are just full of surprises aren't you little one! Oh, Auntie Rarity wants a fire ruby necklace! You love your Aunt Rarity don't you?"

Fluttershy laughed, happy her friends were taking the news so well.

"Wow girls. You're taking this better than his daddy did." Fluttershy said as Rarity and AJ continued to talk softly to the baby.

Twilight frowned at Fluttershy,

"Why wasn't he happy about it?"

Fluttershy sighed as she thought of that night,

Fluttershy it has my magic...chaos magic...it's very unstable…

"Let's just say he worried about the baby's control over its magic...but I think I was able to calm his fears...after all this baby will have a father to teach him."

Fluttershy rubbed her stomach as she said this.

Rarity nodded and hummed,

"Not to mention a princess aunt with exceptional magic capabilities right Twilight?"

Twilight was looking at Fluttershy's stomach in concern, finally she said,

"I...I...I think I should write to Princess Celestia about this…"

Fluttershy and the others jumped, Fluttershy was suddenly getting a bad feeling about this.

"Why would you need to mention the baby's magic to Princess Celestia? Surely it's no real surprise with Discord being his father?"

Twilight looked away guilty,

"Well...that's...that's why…" She didn't finish and Rainbow narrowed her eyes at Twilight.

She leaned over and accused,

"Are you saying you are only suggesting this because Discord is the father? Wow Twilight that's like...something I would do...wait…" She pulled back realizing she had somehow burned herself as well.

However her main point was still caught by the others and they all gaped at Twilight.

Fluttershy fought the tears threatening, holding them at bay as she confronted her friend.

"Twilight...is that really how you feel? I'm surprised...considering you have been nothing but supportive of Discord. Now...however…I'm starting to think..."

Twilight tried to defend herself,

"No, no, no Fluttershy! I didn't mean it like that! Discord has truly shown he's dedicated to his reformation and has done wonderful things for Equestria! It's not his character I'm questioning...well...I'm agreeing with him…"

Fluttershy raised her eyebrow and indicated for Twilight to continue.

So she did,

"Well...like he said, what if the baby can't control its magic...maybe we should consult the princesses to see if there's something we can do…"

Fluttershy got out of her seat and headed for the exit.

"Fluttershy wait! Please I didn't mean it like that!"

Fluttershy turned to her friends and managed to maintain a calm tone as she addressed them, knowing the whole restaurant was staring. She knew deep down Twilight as only doing what she felt was her duty as a princess, but that didn't make it hurt less.

"Thank you for lunch girls...Twilight...do what you think you must…"

She looked Twilight directly in the eyes and the alicorn dipped her head in shame,

"But...know that princess or not...Celestia will do nothing that may harm this baby. He's not only Discord's son you know…"

With that she walked out the door head held high and made her way towards home.

Discord would have been proud of the strength she displayed, standing up to her friend.

Oh Discord...what am I going to tell him?

Discord stood back and looked at his work and smiled. He rubbed his chin and nodded,

"Oh yes Discord...you have outdone yourself this time, she will truly be surprised!"

His ears perked up when he heard the front door. He stuck his head out of the room he was in and watched his wife walk into the living room, her head down.

He was at her side in an instant,

"Darling are you alright? I wasn't expecting you home so soon?"

He lifted her chin forcing her to look at him. His worry doubled when he say the tears fighting to break through.

"Discord…" She whispered before leaning against him.

He instinctively picked her up and carried her over to a couch, he sat down with her in his lap. He held her close, stroking her back, feeling her body shiver as she cried.

He kept telling himself to calm down and not to overreact...when she was ready, she'd tell him what was wrong.

After about five minutes, his comforting seemed to finally relax her. She pulled back and kissed his nose softly.

"I'm...sorry honey...I didn't mean to break down like that…" She looked down and part of her mane fell in front of her face.

He smiled, brushing the strands behind her ear and placed his paw under her chin again.

"My dear, you never have to apologize around me. You know that...now tell me what's wrong...if you hadn't guessed I'm trying my best not to explode here."

He put a lit fuse on his head and it got the desired effect. She giggled, then licked her hoof putting the spark out, then she nuzzled her nose against his.

"This is why I love you so much. You always know how to make me feel better." She whispered before surprising him with a deeper kiss. He hugged her tighter and when they finally pulled apart he sighed.

"I'm so happy I could put a smile back on that pretty face...now darling…" He gave her his big, pleading eyes and she giggled again.

She looked up at him and he noticed some emotion pass through her eyes, but it was gone so fast he couldn't catch what it was.

"I...I...I guess your worries about me walking alone are warranted...I might have overdone it a bit today walking to and from Ponyville...and with my hormones I just lost...I'm sorry to worry you love." She smiled up at him.

He felt a wave of relief rush through him, she was just tired. He nuzzled her ear and whispered.

"Well then I'll take you to bed...after I show you what I did today while you were gone."

He laughed as the sparkle returned to her eyes. She couldn't hide how much she enjoyed his surprises. He decided to carry her and walked back over to the room he'd been in when she came home.

"Surprise!" He shouted as they walked into a bright, blue nursery.

Fluttershy gasped and flew out of his arms. He put his arms behind his back, smiling as she flew all around the room admiring everything he had done.

She ran her hoof over the soft bedding of the crib, picked up a few of the toys he had created, most of which were different stuffed animals. He took great joy and pride when she started admiring the paintings along the blue walls.

It had taken more time to get the pictures to cooperate with his magic, than he'd like to admit. Every picture was an exact drawing of each of their friends, Fluttershy and Discord. He had even put a Luna and Celestia on the walls.

Fluttershy gasped when the Discord winked at her from the wall as the drawing put his arm around his partner. She noticed the other pictures were moving around the walls not staying in one place for long.

Fluttershy turned to look at him and he noticed her earlier tears had returned.

"Oh Discord...this is...this is…"

He walked over and pulled her against him with his claw, and placed his paw over her stomach.

"I wanted our son to know he's loved by so many wonderful ponies and that he's never alone."

He placed his head against hers and wrapped both his arms around her.

He stroked her back and felt her tears fall against his shoulder. Smiling wider, he continued to hold her against him.

"Discord...you...you don't know how much I needed to see this…" She whispered as she held him tighter. He glanced down at her curiously, but didn't comment. Instead he whispered back,

"So I did good?"

Fluttershy wiped her eyes and looked up so she could kiss him again, he sighed happily. When she pulled back, he knew he had a goofy grin on his face as she laughed and nuzzled his nose again,

"You did great my sweet, caring husband!"