• Published 3rd Nov 2014
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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Two

"Well everything is going along fine." The doctor said as he stopped listening to the baby's heart beat. She was now three months along and although she was slightly larger than expected, she was managing fine. Discord however still worried about her.

Fluttershy smiled over at Discord who sat next to her looking a bit nervous.

"Everything okay honey?" She asked as she reached for his claw.

He seemed to snap out of his thoughts and smiled at her, stroking her mane.

"Of course my dear. How are you feeling?"

She giggled,

"Same as I was five minutes ago when you asked me, wonderful."

The doctor was looking over her chart when he frowned.

Discord noticed the frown and flashed behind the doctor hovering over his shoulder.

"What's wrong, is she okay? Is there something wrong with the baby?"

"Mr. Chaos...are we going to go through this every time you and your wife come in?"

Discord flew next to where Fluttershy was laying on the exam table and curled around her.

"Well, how else do you expect me to behave? Especially where my wife and unborn foal are concerned."

He gave the doctor a stern look and felt Fluttershy nuzzle his side,

"Discord...it's okay I'm sure that there's nothing…"

The doctor cleared his throat getting both their attentions.

"Well actually...your hormone count seems abnormally high this soon in the pregnancy."

They stared at him, Discord then put sailor uniforms on the two of them.

"Uh, I'm afraid we're lost at sea doc…care to explain what that means?"

The doctor didn't flinch at the theatrics, he had gotten used to the draconequus' antics after the second visit.

"Well, all it means is that she'll probably experience a few extra side effects from the pregnancy. Increase mood swings, appetite and fatigue, all of which are normal of course. She'll just have them in increasing amounts. Just try to take it as easy as possible and avoid stressful situations...if you can."

He looked at Discord when he said the last part. Discord pointed at himself and made a halo appear above his head.

"What? I'm always on my best behavior."

When Fluttershy snorted to cover a laugh he glared at her before smiling and nuzzling her ear.

"Okay...most of the time…"

Fluttershy was out in the garden watering her flowers, she was home alone.

Discord had gone to Saddle Arabia, he had said something about sandstorms? She started humming to herself as she finished watering the last group of roses. As she set the watering can down she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

"Did you just kick mommy?" She whispered to her tummy.

She felt the kick again and she began to laugh.

"Honey I'm home!" Discord teleported next to her wearing...actually she had no idea.

"Umm...Discord...what...what are you wearing?"

He was covered from head to toe in a tunic and he had large black goggles over his eyes. He snapped his fingers and the outfit disappeared.

"Just something that helped me deal with the sandstorms. You'll be proud to know that Saddle Arabia has nothing to fear now, thanks to your handsome husband."

He pulled her into a hug raising his eyebrows at her, making her laugh before she kissed him. He tried to deepen the kiss when she felt her stomach jump again.

Discord pulled away and looked down worried.

"What was that? Is it supposed to do that?"

Fluttershy laughed and indicated for him to lay her down in the grass. When she rolled to her side exposing her stomach she smiled up at him.

"Come say hello to your child Discord...it has been very active this morning."

Discord smiled and lay down on the grass too, he then gently rested his head on her stomach.

"Hmm, hello little one, this is your daddy... Are you causing trouble for your mother? You're going to take after me and drive her crazy all day, aren't you?"

Fluttershy laughed and then her stomach jumped right under Discord's head and he smiled even wider as he looked over at his wife.

"I'm going to take that as a yes."

He shifted so that his head was level with hers and he kissed her. He pulled her against him and she heard him make that deep sound in the back of his throat. It was almost like a mix between a purr and a growl, and it meant only one thing.

"Discord…" She tried to pull away, but he pulled her to him again, wrapping his tail around her pushing against her back.

"Fluttershy, love...I hate being away from you...and miss holding you when we're apart..."

He deepened the kiss and began to run his claws through her mane. She was lost, he knew just how to get a reaction out of her, and with her increased hormones she was twice as sensitive.

Would have been nice for the doctor to warn me.

She thought slightly annoyed, but was soon pulled back to her husband as he began to place soft kisses along her neck.

She shivered and smiled to herself, oh well…..

"Discord…" Her stomach suddenly growled stopping Discord in his tracks.

He lifted his head and chuckled. He snapped his fingers and they were sitting on a picnic blanket.

"I guess little one has other plans...alright let's get you fed. What would my beautiful wife like to eat?"

He held up his fingers waiting for her answer.

She suddenly had a deep craving for cotton candy and strawberries. She opened her mouth to tell Discord this when the two items appeared in front of her.

"Wow honey, you're getting good at guessing my cravings!"

She smiled up at her husband to see his fingers still poised to snap and his mouth hanging open.

"I..I didn't do that…"

She frowned and looked back at the treats.

"Then how?"

Discord looked at the food then at her stomach and he got a strange look in his eyes.

She also looked at her stomach, which at that moment jumped again as their foal kicked it.

"Discord...could...could it already have magic?"

Discord swallowed and shook his head,

"I don't know love...I guess it's possible...with me anything is possible..."

Fluttershy laughed and picked up a strawberry and nibbled on it.

"Well, looks like the baby is going to take after daddy in every way!"

Discord watched his wife eat her food and thought miserably to himself,

Yeah...that's what I'm afraid of…

Discord curled around Fluttershy, watching her as she slept in their bed. He couldn't sleep though, something was nagging at him. The same thing that had nagged at him since he found out she was pregnant with his child.

He sighed and looked over to the hanging clock on the wall. It was well past midnight. He looked down at his wife and frowned.

What if something happens...I can't lose either of them…

He felt tears form in his eyes and shut them tight to fight against the emotions rolling through him.

"Discord?" A tiny voice next to him made him jump.

He looked down and saw that she had woken up while he was trying to control the panic raging inside him.

"Fluttershy you shouldn't be awake now." He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Neither should you...Discord...what's wrong?" She sat up and wiped away a stray tear he hadn't been able to contain.


He pulled her into a tight hug, trying to hide the fear in his eyes.

"Nothing is wrong my love, I was just enjoying watching you sleep, you're always fascinating to…"

"That's not all Discord...tell me what's wrong."

She pulled away from him and frowned, slightly narrowing her eyes. He chuckled, she was still too adorable when she tried to look angry.

He kissed her nose,

"Alright, because I can't refuse that cute face…I'm just feeling a bit nervous about all this…"

"About being a father?"

He wrapped his tail tighter around her and buried his snout in her mane.

"Yes and no...being nervous about being a father is expected...what I'm worried about is...well...what if the child is exactly like me?"

"Will it matter? I'll love this child no matter what it looks like...besides, I already think its daddy is adorable."

She nuzzled his chest fur, but he wasn't reassured.

"No Fluttershy, I don't mean...I...I mean...Fluttershy it has my magic..."

He pulled away from her, as hard as that was for him and rolled over so his back was facing her.

"What if...what if something happens during the birth? What if I lose..."

His voice broke and he felt fear's talons digging at his heart.

"Chaos magic...it's very unstable, if you can't control it like I can…"

He felt her hug him and he turned his head to see her snuggling her body close to him again.

"Discord...nothing is going to happen. Both me and the baby will be fine."

"How can you know? Even if everything goes okay, it will be just like I was when I was young. I had a hard time controlling my magic for so long, so many got hurt because of me...Our child will be no different and ponies will fear it for that."

Fluttershy took his face in both her hooves and pulled him to her for a soft kiss. When she pulled back she kept her grip on him and gently stroked his cheeks.

"Discord, you're right that this baby will be like you in its magical abilities...but...it will have better control of them."

"How do you…"

"Because our child will have you here to teach it...you were all alone and had to learn everything by yourself. This baby will never be alone, it will have the love and support of both its parents and I know you'll be a great mentor...and a wonderful father, just as you've been a wonderful husband despite your fears."

She pulled him to her again and this time he moved his body so that he was above her. He rested his forehead against hers and she wiped the tears off his cheeks.

"How did I ever get fortunate enough to find and catch you sweetheart?"

He whispered to her before he gave her a tender kiss. She kissed his nose and smiled up at him.

"I guess you're just a better hunter than you thought my love."

He growled at her playfully,

"Maybe I am...and you know what my dear? Right now, I have my chosen prey right where I want her."

He began to nibble on her neck knowing it was very ticklish. She laughed trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

"Dis-cord! Stop, please...I can't...I can't breath!"

She gasped still laughing and he ceased his torture, then he rested his forehead against hers again. He found himself getting lost in her lovely teal eyes as she continued to giggle.

"Hmm, I love you my sweet wife."

"I love you darling husband. Now no more worrying for the night, we need to…"

She let out a tiny yawn and he chuckled softly. He shifted again so he was laying next to her on his side, allowing her to snuggle against him and his warmth.

"Alright love...you're right we do need to get some sleep, especially you my dear."

She curled against his chest, under his arm as he held her close to his heart.

"Goodnight honey...don't worry so much...about everything...we've been through...worse..."

She whispered, each word getting softer as she settled against him.

When her breathing slowed to a steady rhythm and he heard a tiny snore he smiled knowing she had fallen back asleep.

He lifted his head to stare down at her sleeping frame. He thought about what she had said. She was right of course, he had been alone almost his whole life. Living in exile because the ponies were afraid of his appearance and his magic.

His child wouldn't have to live like that, he would make sure of it. He stretched his neck so his head was next to his wife's extended stomach and whispered to his child nestled inside.

"I promise you little one...you'll never have to fear who you are so long as your daddy is here to protect and love you."