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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Eight

Author's Note:

Okay chapter eight! Fluttershy is now seven months pregnant and in this one I'm going to bring in my other pairings. These are just my opinion and if their not your shippings it's okay I like all shippings and the only one set in stone for me is Fluttercord (Sorry Discord/Celestia fans-not that there's anything wrong with it just I like these two better) so please enjoy.

*Along the protected path in the Everfree*

Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie, and Applejack were heading to Discord's and Fluttershy's for dinner. Rainbow couldn't make it since she was having dinner with Soarin's parents to go over more plans for their upcoming wedding. Spike was in the Crystal Empire as a guest of Princess Cadence, she was throwing him a formal banquet for the anniversary of saving the empire, the second time.

"So how do you think things are going with Spike Twilight?" Applejack asked as she walked next to the alicorn.

Twilight glanced over and grinned,

"Oh I'm sure Cadence is spoiling him so much, that when he gets home he'll be impossible to deal with."

Applejack laughed nervously and Twilight looked at her curiously.

"Why do you ask Applejack? Although, now that I think about it, you and Spike have spent a lot of time together lately, what with him helping on the farm...is there something I should know?" Twilight asked and winked at her friend, pleased when she saw a blush creep along AJ's cheeks.

Applejack shook her head and looked away from Twilight's gaze,

"Ah can't say there definitely is...but I guess I should tell ya...that I'm hoping there might be…" Applejack stammered as her blush grew deeper.

Twilight stopped suddenly and threw her arms around AJ shouting,

"Oh Applejack! I'm so happy, I was hoping, but didn't want to assume that you liked him back...Oh! I mean...Oh no! Forget I said that!" Twilight blushed and waved her hooves around getting Pinkie's and Rarity's attention.

Rarity came over to the two and raised her eyebrows saying,

"Oh! Who likes who darling?"

Twilight and AJ blushed and looked at each other before laughing.

Twilight answered,

"Oh never mind...it's...not…"

Pinkie interrupted her,

"Is it you and Flash? We all know that you two are together more! Or is it Rarity liking F…"

"PINKIE! YOU PROMISED!" Rarity screeched and Pinkie instantly threw her hooves over her mouth gasping. She quickly wrapped her body around Rarity in a tight hug.

"Oh Rarity! Did you see I almost broke a Pinkie Promise! I'm SO sorry. As punishment no more chocolate for a month…okay a week...okay no more for the rest of the day...okay I'll only have one piece of chocolate cake for dessert…" She continued trying to come up with a punishment, and the others just continued to laugh.

"Okay girls, come on I'm sure the two of them are probably wondering where we are." Twilight said as she continued walking to the castle. Pinkie hopped ahead shouting,

"Unless they're finding something else to keep them busy, while they're waiting."

Twilight almost tripped and turned a stunned look at AJ, who was laughing, knowing that's not what Pinkie meant.

Twilight rolled her eyes blushing and grinned.

They reached the castle and Twilight rang the bell, thinking of the last time she had. Thank goodness Fluttershy had been so forgiving,

Don't worry about it Twilight, in fact I'm glad you told him. It helped with some of his fears I think, it was good for him being able to work through them.

Twilight smiled as the door opened expecting Fluttershy standing there in all her pregnant glory.

However, hers and the others smiles fell when they walked in and saw the two sitting at a formal dining table. The living room was now an elegant, almost royal, dining room.

"BRRR. Feel that? Did it just getting colder?" Pinkie whispered as she shivered.

The others nodded in agreement not sure how to continue. Luckily Fluttershy saved them, by turning her usual smile to them.

"Girls! Please come in! I'm sorry I can't go over there and hug you but…" She glared at her husband who in turn snorted and made a newspaper appear, hiding his face behind it.

She turned back to them smiling again, but all of them could see it was forced, as she continued.

"Apparently I'm incapable of doing such simple tasks."

Discord looked from behind his newspaper,

"I never said that! I only…" He stopped himself and growled as he went back behind his newspaper.

Fluttershy glared at him and said to them,

"Come and sit girls...then Discord can set up dinner for everyone."

She gave him a semi-sweet smile and he only grunted before making the newspaper disappear. The two continued to stare at one another neither saying anything else.

"Uh...if this is a bad time y'all...we can always…" Applejack said as her and Rarity slowly inched back.

Discord answered without taking his eyes off his wife.

"Nonsense...we've planned this dinner and we'll have it, whatever my darling wife wants."

The four mares looked at one another and Twilight whispered behind her.

"It's gonna be a looong night girls…"

The others nodded in agreement as they went to sit at the table with the obviously feuding couple.

Discord ate his paper salad, the whole time silently watching his wife as she settled down. She was now laughing and joking with their friends, who still looked a bit uncomfortable being there. With good reason, only an idiot wouldn't be able to see the two had just been fighting...for the past twelve hours...

"Oh girls, I only wish Rainbow could be here too! After all we need to discuss your dress designs for the Gala!" Rarity exclaimed and Discord's grip on his fork tightened as Fluttershy turned her eyes to him. He made a face telling her,

Don't even think about it….

He glared at her and he felt his heart jump when she smirked at him...how could she still affect him through his anger?

"Oh Rarity, I've meant to come to your shop. Seeing as how I'll need adjustments made to my dress."

Discord growled softly, but not softly enough that AJ didn't hear. She turned to look at him worried. He tried to smile, but knew he had failed miserably. So he just turned his stare back to his irritating mate. The pegasus knew exactly what she was doing...

Fluttershy, leave it alone...

She was still talking, knowing that with each word she was pushing him further to the brink.

"Rarity, do you think you can make a material that would be comfortable for the baby?" Fluttershy asked sweetly.

Fluttershy, leave it...

Rarity beamed and nodded, blotting her mouth with her napkin.

"Oh of course darling! It isn't a problem. I've made several maternity dresses for ponies in the past."

Rarity smiled over to Discord, too caught up in her planning to notice the fire in his eyes.

The others however did, even Pinkie, who kept looking between Fluttershy and him.

Rarity continued anyways,

"Of course I'd like to make you another suit as well Discord. The last one looked simply marvelous. Why you two will be the best looking couple there…"

Fluttershy nodded and smiled at him again. Only he caught the glint in her eyes...


"I agree. Discord will definitely be the best looking stallion there and I'll have a dress that will work perfectly around my pregnancy."

He'd had enough, throwing down his fork he slammed his fists on the table and glared at his wife.

"We're not going! You can't manipulate me in this Fluttershy!" He stood up and leaned against the table pointing at her, ignoring the shocked faces of their friends.

"I've made my decision and you will obey me!"

Fluttershy put her front hooves on the table and leaned angrily towards her husband too.

Now their friends were quietly leaving the table afraid of where this was going.

"And I told you Discord, you can't make all the decisions in my life! I'm going to the Gala with my friends with or without you!" She shouted back.

Discord slammed his fist down again baring his teeth.

"The hay you are! Fluttershy be reasonable! You'll be ten months along! You shouldn't be in a large crowd, where anything can happen!"

Fluttershy turned to Twilight who jumped a bit, Fluttershy held out her hoof and said.

"What could happen? Twilight, you, all the girls will be there to watch me! Discord you said you would back off! This isn't…"

He cut her off,

"I have backed off! Even though it rips me apart to have you out of my sight for even a second! I still let you go to Ponyville on your own, to go shopping, to…"

Fluttershy yelled louder and a soft rumble shook the ground as she did, startling the other mares.

"That's nothing compared to this! I haven't missed a Gala since the first one! It's a tradition for us now, you know that!"

Discord's hair stood up and a louder rumble shook the ground, really worrying the others.

Twilight tried to get the two to listen,

"Hey, calm down...I'm sure there's a way to…"

Both Discord and Fluttershy shouted at the same time,

"Stay out of this!" and Twilight shrank back, the other three now standing behind her.

The couple turned back to each other and Discord growled,

"You. Are. Not. Going. Period."

Fluttershy glared at him and shouted, lifting her hooves in the air.


She brought her hooves down on the table and the thing began to shake.

"Fluttershy!" Discord shouted as he quickly launched himself at his wife shielding her with his body as the thing exploded in a shower of splinters. Twilight used her magic to put up a force field that protected the others and herself.

When all the debris had settled Twilight released her magic. Fluttershy screamed and all of them ran over to Discord who stood over Fluttershy. He had completely protected her from the shards, but hadn't been quick enough to protect himself with his magic.

Long scratches marked his back and several large pieces were still piercing his back. He grunted in pain as he shook them off.

Twilight asked him if he was okay, but he ignored her as he looked Fluttershy over.

"Fluttershy! Please tell me you're alright darling! You aren't hurt are you?" He whispered as he ran his claws all along her body, using his magic to check for injuries as he did. He sighed when he detected none. A greater relief came when his son kicked against his claw, as he ran it over Fluttershy's stomach.

He sighed again and pulled her to him in a tight embrace,

"Oh thank Celestia. You're both okay."

Fluttershy started crying as she pulled her hoof away from his back and saw his blood.

"Dis...Discord...You're...hurt…" She cried even harder when she realized,

"I did this…I..."

Discord hushed her and held her closer. He looked over at Twilight and the others.

"Are you alright?"

They nodded at his question and he sighed.

"Needless to say...dinner is over...please…"

He didn't have to finish as Applejack nodded and pushed the others towards the door.

She had to turn around and drag Pinkie Pie by the tail, who was staring at everything speechless.

Before she walked out the door Twilight turned back and met his eyes.

He nodded understanding,

"We'll be okay…"

When they were out the door her snapped his fingers and it closed behind them.

"Ow!" He screamed and tried to crawl away, but she grabbed his horns and held him back.

"Discord! You have to let me clean them!" Fluttershy whispered trying to hold her husband down on the couch.

He grumbled, but stopped struggling. Fluttershy was trying to hold back her tears and her fear as she treated his wounds.

I can't believe I did this…or worse...I didn't...

She thought miserably as she put more medicine on one of the cotton swabs.

"Honey...this is...this is gonna sting." She whispered.

When she placed the swab against his cut he flinched and hissed, but didn't try to run.

"Oh Discord...I'm so...so…" She continued to clean the scratches, he tried to sit as still as he could for her. She could tell however that each dab of the medicine hurt him, no matter how gentle she was. Each intake of breath and every flinch cut at her heart. She asked him to sit up so she could bandage him, he did so and she saw him grit his teeth.

She couldn't fight the tears falling as she wrapped the bandage around his back. Her hooves were shaking as she tied the ends together. She finally got them secured, head bent, she left her hooves there as she cried. His claw lay over her hooves and she looked up sadly to see him looking back at her.

"Oh Discord…I'm so sorry...the Gala...isn't worth...isn't worth...Oh Celestia what have I done?"

She cried as she placed her hooves over her face. She started rambling,

"You were right...I can't be around others like this...I'm dangerous…I'm a mon..."

He grabbed her face at that and made her look at him, his eyes were angry and she tried to pull back, but his grip was too tight.

"Never say that again...Fluttershy you are anything, but dangerous. This is what happens with magic darling...you've never had it so you didn't know that emotions can affect it."

He wiped away her tears and placed his forehead against hers,

"I however...I knew this and still I pushed you...and myself to where we could have hurt some pony...it wasn't just you darling...I was adding to the chaos magic in the air with my anger.

"The collision of my son's and my magic was more than I could have guessed. I didn't figure you could channel it so well."

He rubbed his head against hers and she closed her eyes, letting the tears fall again.

"Is this what chaos magic can do, if not controlled?" She whispered and Discord nodded, still not moving his head away from hers.

"Yes darling...which is why I will teach our son how to control it, so something like this doesn't happen. You need to know…" He pulled away then and cupped her face, giving her a soft, but deep kiss which somehow had the power to calm her. Her tears stopped and her heart rate slowed, pushing away the fear that had gripped it.

He pulled away and whispered,

"I'm fine honey...this is not your fault."

She frowned up at him.

"Yes it is...Discord, you wouldn't have been hurt if I hadn't gotten angry...I know better than to give into anger...I know violence doesn't solve problems and yet I exploded and you got hurt...some Element of Kindness..." The tears were threatening again. He lifted her chin, smiling softly at her he asked,

"How exactly was I hurt love? Do you know?"

Confused at the question she answered,

"Because I got angry and caused the table to…"

He shook his head cutting her off.

"Wrong darling...I felt the surge before it happened. That means I could have stopped it but I didn't, I was too angry myself...I was hurt because I acted on instinct after it was too late to stop it my love. My only concern then was to protect you from the magical blast.

"So really...it was myself that caused my injuries…I was too focused on shielding you to even think of using my magic."

He gave her another kiss, running his claws through her mane. She pushed against him breaking the kiss and frowned up at him.

"Discord that doesn't make any sense and you know it."

He chuckled and nuzzled her behind her ear. He gave it a light nip, making her jump, as he whispered.

"What's the fun in making sense my dear?"

He grinned down at her and even though she was shaking her head, she couldn't help but giggle.

"You're impossible, you know that?" She asked as she stroked his face. He leaned into her touch and his eyes softened.

Then he grinned and whispered,

"Yes I know...but you love me anyways right?" He grabbed her hoof and wrapped it around his neck before picking her up and dipping her back, raising his eyebrow at her.

She laughed and shook her head again.

"NO!?" He teased and she laughed harder. He smiled and kissed her, straightening up.

He growled lightly before pulling away and looking around, then he sighed.

"You know darling...I think it's time we both got some sleep. Tonight has worn out both of us." He gave her another quick kiss and started for the bedroom with her in his arms. She stopped him by placing her hoof against his chest.

"Wait Discord...there's...there's some…" She stopped and hid behind her mane, not sure if she should even say what was on her mind.

"What is it love?" He asked moving her mane out of the way so he could look into her eyes.

As she stared into his loving red and yellow eyes, she knew she couldn't…

This is the last time I promise my love...no more lies after this…

"I didn't exactly eat much at dinner…"

Luckily her stomach grumbled at that moment giving credit to her statement. Discord's eyes lit up with amusement and he grinned wider.

"Well why didn't you say so my dear! How about this? I put you to bed and bring you something to eat. Then I'll clean up this mess and join you after?"

She only nodded and he carried her into the room.

After she had eaten she lay awake waiting for Discord to join her in bed. When he came in she pretended to sleep.

He sighed and gently climbed in next to her, she had to fight the urge to turn to him when she heard him hiss in pain.

He chuckled and whispered so as not to 'wake' her.

"My my...who knew my little butterfly had such a nasty stinger hidden underneath all that beauty? Hmm…"

He began to stroke her mane softly as he chuckled again.

"Then again...it's little chaotic moments like that which remind me why I love her so much...why I'm so lucky to have married her."

He leaned over and kissed her cheek,

"Goodnight sweetheart...I only hope I was able to calm your fears as you have mine so many times before."

He curled around her and she took great comfort in having him next to her. He draped his paw over her and gently pulled her to him, pulling her against his warm chest.

She sighed happily and snuggled back more against him. His response was a chuckle and another soft kiss against the back of her head.

"I love you so much Fluttershy...I only hope you realize just how much…"

He whispered as he drifted to sleep. Fluttershy waited until she heard him snoring, then she rolled over to stare at his face.

He looked so peaceful when he was asleep, so natural. She loved to watch him sleep, even before they'd married, she used to peek in on him when he was napping at her cottage...she blushed, not in the creepy way...

She just loved how when he was asleep, he looked so handsome, so calm. Like this was how he was always meant to look, if his cynicism had never gotten in the way.

She sighed and gently kissed his nose, he grumbled in his sleep and wrapped himself tighter against her.

Her eyes watered as she thought of what she had hidden from him...something that could very well ruin everything. If he found out...

Would you still love me then?

Oh Discord...How can I tell you...Tell you that I'm afraid now...Truly afraid of our child's magic...of your magic…

Simple answer…

"I can't...cause it'll only break your heart." She whispered as she settled against him for a long restless night.