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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Eleven

Fluttershy was happy, all his friends were happy with their dates, and nothing could take away the smile on his face.

Discord watched Fluttershy as she laughed at Cheese juggling their drinking glasses, which were still filled with drinks. How he managed not to spill was a mystery to Discord.

Cheese looked over at Pinkie and winked, then one by one he tossed a cup to her, she caught each one and started juggling them. Still not spilling a drop.

Cheese clapped his hooves and shouted,

"Hoo-ey! That's what I'm talking about! Way to go honey…" Then realizing he had said the last part out loud he blushed. Pinkie also blushed and it broke her concentration, she started to drop the glasses, but Discord snapped his fingers and they disappeared.

The two avoided each others gaze, still blushing. Then Cheese cleared his throat and mumbled an excuse leaving the group.

All the ponies watched him leave then their gazes turned to Pinkie. She simply shook her head and stammered,

"Oh...you know...what I suddenly...feel like some...chocolate…" She walked away from the group, not fooling a single one of them. Discord shook his head and felt a hoof on his arm.

He looked down to see his wife staring up at him and he knew that look, he sighed.

"Of course love...I'm starting to think I've taken Princess Cadence's job as matchmaker…" The thought made him smile and he snapped a bow and arrow with a heart at the end.

"Well if you insist! Time to go hunting!"

He flashed away before Fluttershy could say anything.

Fluttershy was still shaking her head, but she giggled knowing Discord would trick the two into talking to each other. Just as he had with Soarin and Rainbow Dash, and now the two were closer than ever. She hoped that he managed the same thing with Pinkie and Cheese...maybe she should have him play matchmaker more often?

After all there was still Twilight and Flash, plus now Rarity and Fancy Pants. However the later seemed to be doing fine on her own. Rarity seemed to have Fancy Pants wrapped around her hoof, he laughed when she said something charming and the two had been together all night.

He was fetching her a drink, even though Discord could make them appear out of nowhere, he had insisted a gentleman always gets his lady a drink himself. Rarity had blushed scarlet when he said that.

She was suddenly thirsty herself since Discord had made all their drinks disappear. He was gone and her son was sleeping since no chocolate milk appeared...she excused herself from the group and went towards the drink table on the other side of the ballroom. She smiled at Fancy Pants as he walked by, but he didn't seem to see her, he looked like he was contemplating something. She shrugged and smiled,

He must be too much in a hurry to get back to Rarity.

Fancy Pants came over to Rarity who blushed again smiling.

"Here is your drink darling." He smiled, levitation the glass to her.

"Oh thank you Fancy...you don't mind if I call you that...do you?" She said as she batted her lashes at him, happy when a slight blush appeared in his cheeks. She smiled and began to sip as Fancy said,

"Not at all my dear...however I feel I should let you know there are some ponies talking about your two friends, Discord and Fluttershy, over by the drinks table...and what they're saying isn't pleasant at all."

Rarity spat out her drink, coughing as she choked on it.

"What! Oh no...Fluttershy just went over there not two minutes ago! Girls we have to go get Fluttershy now!"

The other mares looked at her confused but followed Rarity anyways.

Fluttershy was at the table unable to decide what she wanted.

Mmm this smells like strawberries...seriously son what is it with you and strawberries? All I seem to want now is strawberries.

As she began to pick up the glass, her ears perked when she heard her husband's name.

"Oh I know...can you believe the princesses actually allowed that monster in here?"

Fluttershy gasped and looked to the group of ponies talking. They didn't see her behind them.

"Really...and what of that mare he married? Not the smartest mare in Equestria if you ask me...who would agree to marry a creature like that?"

"We all know she only did it to keep the beast in line…"

"I heard a rumor that she was pregnant!"

"Oh heavens forbid! Thank goodness that obviously is not true, as I saw her when they all arrived."

"Oh please… You really think Princess Celestia would let that thing breed and have little abominations running around Equestria?" The rest of the group laughed and Fluttershy snapped. Not only were they laughing at her husband, but they had called her son an abomination!

Something in the back of her mind told her to stop what she was about to do, but she ignored it and flew over to the group.

When she flew in front of them and glared they all jumped.

"How dare you…How dare you! Who do you think you are to say such things about my husband? He is not a monster and you have no right to judge him! He has done nothing but help since the day he reformed!" She shouted. One of the ponies, a stallion that looked really familiar to her said,

"Help? Please...you know as well as I do that he betrayed all of us and that's why you married…"

Seeing red Fluttershy bared her teeth, not hearing the cracking above her.

Out in the garden Discord watched the two ponies lost in the maze. Messing with the two felt like old times. He laughed as he opened another path for Pinkie sending her in Cheese's direction.

Come on you're almost there...no not that way!

He slapped his face and was about to cut her off when suddenly his body shivered. He turned back to the ballroom.

"Fluttershy…" He whispered and looked down at the two earth ponies.

They'll find their way…

He took off from the cloud he was on and prayed to Celestia he was wrong.

"I married him because I love him! I love him and he loves me! But you wouldn't know what real love is would you?" Fluttershy continued to yell! She had gotten the attention of many ponies and they were crowding around the group.

"You have no right to say anything about my husband and for your information...I am pregnant! My son will be just as good and as loving as his father is! So…"

She landed and put her hoof in the snobby stallion's face, he swallowed. She glared and felt her whole body shake with fury. A loud crack caused the surrounding ponies to look up and many gasped as they stepped away from Fluttershy.

"I never want to hear another ill word about my family! Or you WILL ANSWER TO ME!"

A loud crack shook the room and Fluttershy was suddenly grabbed and pulled out of the way.

Discord had flown through the crowd and used his magic to force everypony back as he grabbed his wife. He moved just as a large piece of the ceiling crashed to the floor, where the group had stood.

The room was silent as everypony stared at the large piece of cement. Fluttershy paled as she realized she had done it again.

"Oh no…" She cried as she buried her face in her husband's chest.

"Fluttershy...what happened?" Discord whispered, but she couldn't answer him she only shook her head and cried harder.

The group, Fluttershy had been confronting moved forward. The stallion, Fluttershy now recognized from that garden party they had 'crashed' pointed at her and Discord.

"See! Look at what I mean everypony! He's a monster and his offspring will only bring more doom upon us!"

Murmurs could be heard spreading through the crowd.

Fluttershy simply shook her head. Jet Set moved towards them, but stopped when Discord growled in warning. He glared and tried to get the crowd more on his side.

"Look at this! How they threaten us after trying to kill us!" More cries from the crowd could be heard. Somewhere among them Fluttershy thought she heard her friends shouting her name...

"He's a monster!"

"Her child will only be worse!"

"We should stop them!"

The angry shouts became louder as the crowd moved in closer.

The leader of the mob, Jet Set smirked and said,

"Maybe we should end the problem now!" He indicated Fluttershy and moved forwards.

Discord set her down and stood over her on all fours, baring his teeth at the pony and growled.

"I'd like to see you try pony..."

This time Fluttershy knew she heard her friends and they forced their way through the crowd. Even Pinkie had made it back into the ballroom, she had run over as soon as she'd seen the crowd.

All of them came to stand in front of her and Discord.

"Everypony needs to calm down!" Twilight shouted, but even with her princess status, she wasn't enough to calm the crowd. They continued to move in towards them. A unicorn behind them managed to use his magic to grab Fluttershy and drag her from under Discord. She screamed as she was levitated away.

Discord turned and his pupils became slits as he snarled at the pony, lunging, claws out.

"ENOUGH!" A bright golden flash spread through the crowd and Fluttershy fell from the magical aura and landed in Discord's arms.

All eyes turned to see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna flying above the crowd. Instantly the crowd went to the ground bowing, while Discord moved away with Fluttershy still in his arms, glaring at all the bowing ponies. Their friends followed, except Twilight who went to the princesses as they landed.

"What is the meaning of this?" Celestia asked as she took in the rubble and the crowd.

Twilight tried to explain,

"Well...your majesty...you see it was...was…" She stammered and Celestia raised her eyebrow. Suddenly Jet Set stood up and pointed at Fluttershy.

"It was her fault your majesty! She tried to kill us!"

"That's not true! Fluttershy would never do that you…" Rainbow shouted, but was pulled back by Applejack who shook her head.

Princess Celestia looked at the hole in the ceiling then at the pegasus.

"Fluttershy does not have magic...so what makes you say it was her?" Luna said as she addressed Jet Set.

He glared at Fluttershy and Discord.

"Because it was that evil spawn she carries inside her!" He shouted and Discord growled again as Fluttershy cried harder.

"I see…" Celestia whispered, she closed her eyes then stood to her full height addressing the crowd.

"All of you should go home now...if any feel they need medical attention feel free to visit the infirmary inside the castle, the guards will show the way."

She turned to leave and said over her shoulder.

"Twilight, I will be needing a word with you and your council…" She and Luna walked to the exit, passing Discord. She whispered something to him and his ears dropped as he glared at her.

Twilight walked over to her friends ignoring the glares thrown at them as all the other ponies left.

"Celestia would like to see all of us for a council meeting…" She whispered and Discord snorted as he set Fluttershy down he growled,

"Not all of us...she has ordered me to stay out of it and to not eavesdrop."

They all looked between him and Fluttershy, then they left giving the two a moment alone.

Fluttershy looked up at Discord and cried,

"Discord...I can't do this…"

He placed his paw on her head and hushed her,

"Of course you can darling...Tia probably just wants to…" She saw he didn't believe what he had been about to say. She whimpered and Discord picked her up for another tight hug.

"It'll be okay love...nothing bad is going to happen I promise you."

Fluttershy thought miserably as she looked over at the piece of cement still lying on the floor.

You can't keep that promise love...just as I can't ignore the fact that chaos magic IS dangerous…

Fluttershy hung her head as they took their seats. She only hoped Discord would keep his Pink Promise to her not to peek or listen in. She looked over at Twilight who looked just as solemn as she felt.

"Why was I not informed sooner of Fluttershy's child having magic?" Celestia said addressing Twilight.

Twilight flinched and whispered,

"I didn't feel it was important enough to write about...after all it wouldn't be such a surprise."

Fluttershy felt awful knowing that Twilight hadn't written because she had been upset by the fact. Now she wished she had let Twilight write the letter.

"What's the big deal about the kid having magic anyways? Why does everypony freak at this?" Rainbow asked as she slammed her hoof on the table.

Celestia looked over at the mare, who shrank a little under the stare.

Next Applejack tried,

"Forgive me yer highness, but Rainbow means that if Discord can control his magic surely there's no point worrying about his son?"

Celestia whispered,

"It's not if this is the first time this has happened?" She looked around the group and when none of them answered she got her answer.

"I see...so this is not the first time the magic has gotten out of control…"

Fluttershy shook her head and whispered,

"I got angry at dinner and caused the table to explode...Discord was hurt…" Tears filled her eyes when she thought of what could have happened this time if Discord hadn't gotten there in time.

Rarity cleared her throat,

"But both times it's happened Discord was able to protect against it...surely that means…"

"It means that if he's ever slow to the draw or not around things could be worse." Celestia interrupted her.

Luna looked at her sister worried,

"Sister...you are not thinking...you know that he'll…"

Celestia nodded and looked sadly at Fluttershy.

"I'm sorry Fluttershy, but I must ask you to do something very difficult in order to protect your family…"

Fluttershy's eyes widened at what Celestia next whispered. All the mares gasped, Twilight shouted.

"Princess you can't! That would be...the most horrible thing to do to the child!"

Celestia turned to her former student and sighed,

"I'm afraid it is necessary...if the crowd's reaction was any indication, things will only get worse once the child is born if we don't do this...but it is Fluttershy's choice."

All eyes turned to her and she thought of her child...all she wanted was for him to be safe, but...but if she agreed to this…

"Discord…I can't make this decision without telling him…" She whispered and Celestia sighed, her ears flattening.

"I had hoped to keep him out of this...I know this will only hurt him more…but if you wish to talk it over with him first, very well…"

Fluttershy nodded and left the table walking towards the doors. Before she could leave she felt a hoof on her shoulder and turned to see Luna looking sadly at her.

"You didn't tell him yet did you child?" She whispered and Fluttershy's eyes watered as she shook her head.

"Fluttershy…" Celestia said still sitting at the head of the council.

"I know this is a difficult decision, but I strongly advise you to agree to this...even if Discord doesn't want it."

Fluttershy nodded silently and left the room. She headed for the ballroom where he said he'd be repairing the ceiling while she was gone.

Oh Discord…please forgive me, but I have to protect both of you…

Discord was in a construction outfit as he hammered the ceiling. Every spot his hammer hit sealed the piece back in place with magic. Once finished he nodded and then went back to the ground and snapped his fingers, brooms began to clean the room around him.

"Discord…" He heard the tiny voice behind him whisper and he snapped the brooms away.

He turned to his wife and gave her a quick hug whispering,

"Darling...is the council over?" He set her away from him and frowned at the expression on her face. She looked sad and determined at the same time. He had only seen the face once before, when she had said she wasn't his friend anymore...when everything changed for him...he had that same feeling now.

"Not exactly...but I had to find you to...to tell you Celestia's decision…"

He frowned, sure that whatever sun butt said wasn't anything serious.

"What did she say Fluttershy?" He whispered. She swallowed and took a deep breath before meeting his eyes again. Her next words sliced at his heart.

"She's going to bind our son's magic…"

Fluttershy knew he wouldn't take it well, but she had no way of knowing just how angry he would become.

"WHAT!" He shouted, the outfit he had been wearing disappearing.

"I said…" She started, but he interrupted.

"No I heard what you said! I mean how can she think we'd ever allow that? Why would we let her take away our son's magic?"

It made her heart ache that he kept saying 'we' indicating that she…


"Well...we'll just stroll in there together and tell her what we think of her little plan!" He growled and Fluttershy shook her head.

"Discord I…"

"Come on Fluttershy…" He said as he walked towards the doors, but her whisper made him freeze as he passed her.

"Discord I support this decision…"

Discord stood frozen in place for a minute then slowly turned to look back at her.

"You...what?" He whispered. Completely facing her now he went down on all fours, she turned to face him as well and took a calming breath.

"Discord...it's the best decision. We need to think about our son's welfare." She said, surprised her voice sounded so calm.

Discord's eyes narrowed and he growled,

"How can you say that? This is NOT the best decision...how could taking something that makes our child who he is be a good decision?"

She moved forward a few steps and tried to explain her reasons.

"You saw the way the crowd reacted Discord. If we don't do something they'll only grow more afraid and…"

"Let them say what they want! They'll never be able to do anything to our child while I'm around!"

"Exactly...but what happens when you're not around? Or worse what if our son does something to the ponies saying things about him?"

Discord froze again at this...but not for the reasons she was thinking as he said,

"Fluttershy...are you saying...you think our son will turn evil?"

Her eyes widened and she gasped,

"Of course not! How could you…"

"Well that's what it sounds like to me! It sounds like you're starting to regret having my child…regretting me..."

She saw the hurt in his eyes as he said this and she moved closer to him. She placed her hoof against his face and whispered.

"Never...I could never regret being with you or having this baby...honey I'm just starting to worry about his magic. I'm afraid that he won't be able to control it and..." The moment was broken when she said that and he pulled away from her. He growled and turned his back on her.

"Oh I see...so you are afraid of my magic...afraid of what it can do."

She decided she couldn't lie anymore, not if she wanted to make him understand.

"Yes…" She whispered and he flinched not turning around to face her.

"I won't allow this Fluttershy...no pony will hurt my son...and taking away his magic would be the same as hurting him." He turned then and she saw the heartbreak in his eyes.

She sighed and tried one last time to get him to her side.

"Discord...I don't see how we really have a choice in this. It's what Celestia wants...and besides…" She added when he opened his mouth. She continued before he could interrupt her,

"It's what I want too...Discord I'm going to agree to this."

His eyes widened and his mouth fell open.

"Why Fluttershy!? When did you start to hate chaos magic? You're the one who told me there was nothing to fear! I believed you when you said we'd pull through it together! Now after one incident you're turning you back on me?"

She closed her eyes and tried to suppress the anger and fear trying to boil over. She could still hear him and everything he said only pushed her further.

"I can't believe you would do this to our son! How could you agree to something so cruel? Is it really because he has magic? Or is it just the fact that it's MY MAGIC! Fluttershy...why...why would you…"

"SO WE DON'T END UP WITH ANOTHER LORD OF CHAOS!" The minute the words left her mouth she wanted to pull them back.

Discord stood unmoving, a look of horror frozen on his face. Then he closed his eyes and slowly turned away from her.

"Discord...I...I didn't mean…"

"No...I think you did…" He glared back at her, tears misting his eyes. The sight of him broke her heart and at the same time his heart was shattering.

He whispered as the tears began to fall from his eyes.

"It seems no matter what I do...all ponies will ever see is the evil draconequus who tormented Equestria...but...I never thought you were one of them…"

He turned away again and walked further away from her and Fluttershy was so shocked that she couldn't move.

He growled over his shoulder,

"Do what you want...you don't need me anymore...and just so you have nothing else to FEAR…" He sneered the last word. He raised his claws and realizing what he was doing spurred Fluttershy into action, she jumped at him shouting,

"No Discord wait!" She was too late though and in a flash he was gone.

She stood there unable to accept what had happened...she wrapped her hooves around herself and sobbed.

What have I done! I drove him away! Oh Discord…I can't lose you...please...

She felt a hoof on her head and looked up to see Celestia and her friends standing around her.

"Fluttershy...I'm so sorry…" Celestia whispered and Fluttershy got angry. She slapped the princess' hoof away glaring at her, ignoring the gasps of her friends.

"No! You have no right to be sorry! This is your fault!" She turned and ran from the group.

No this is YOUR fault! If you had only told him how you were feeling before! If you hadn't hidden it from him none of this would have happened!

The next morning, having spent the night at the castle, Fluttershy sought out the princess and apologized for her outburst yesterday.

"I don't know why I said that...it's not your fault...it's all my fault…" Fluttershy whispered.

Princess Celestia turned from the scroll she was reading. She smiled down at Fluttershy sadly and in an uncharacteristic move, pulled the pegasus into a tight hug and began to cry.

"You're wrong...this is my fault dear Fluttershy…Discord...I never should have doubted him…or you."

Fluttershy whimpered,

"I never should have lied to him about my feelings…then he wouldn't have found out this way…"

The two pulled apart and Celestia wiped her eyes. She resumed her cool composer that she had perfected over the millennia.

"Dear Fluttershy...now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. The most important thing now is to find Discord."

Fluttershy nodded in agreement. Celestia picked up another scroll and as she read it she continued talking.

"So far there are no reports of anything out of the ordinary that would alert to Discord's location. Even in this distressed state, I doubt he would be able to resist causing chaos."

Fluttershy spoke up,

"I want to go home...I know it's a long shot...but...but I'm hoping...he…" She hung her head and sniffled. Celestia patted her head and whispered.

"Go...If you discover he's not there please come back right away. I'm going to keep Twilight here with me and Luna. I've also sent word for Princess Cadence, with the four of our magical abilities combined I'm hoping we can create a powerful enough location spell."

Fluttershy prayed in her heart that he would be home…but she knew it was doubtful.

*Two weeks later*

Discord still hadn't been found. The location spell failed every time the princesses tried it, which was once a day. The spell took a lot of magic to find a being as powerful as Discord, yet nothing they tried could pinpoint him. It was as if he had vanished and Fluttershy hadn't slept in those two weeks. No matter how much her friends tried to calm her she knew it was hopeless.

Fluttershy walked to the window of her room and whispered,

"Discord where are you? Please...please come back to me…"

She flinched at a pain in her stomach. She figured she was pushing herself too hard and should get some sleep.

She walked over to her nightstand and picked up the potion Twilight had made for her.

Please Fluttershy...it'll help you sleep...it is safe I promise but...you can't keep going like this, think of the baby.

Fluttershy sighed and took a sip of the potion. Then she crawled into bed and felt her muscles relax, the potion must have been strong...or she was just that tired.

"Okay honey what about this one?" Discord laughed as he pointed at a checkered rose.

Fluttershy giggled and leaned in to sniff its sweet fragrance.

"Hmm...smells like...blueberries...with a touch of cinnamon?" She guessed and Discord clapped laughing.

"Excellent! I say my dear you have an amazing nose...I really thought I would throw you off with the cinnamon!" He picked her up suddenly and kissed her,

"I should know by now that I can't fool the prettiest and smartest mare in Equestria!" He grinned.

She blushed and shook her head,

"I'm not the prettiest, that would be Rarity and Twilight is definitely smarter than me…" She whispered.

He shook his head chuckling and then he buried his nose in her mane whispering,

"Nonsense...you my dear are without question the most beautiful mare I have ever seen...remember I've seen many in my time...none can ever compare to you. You are beautiful inside and out…I love you Fluttershy."

He kissed her deeply and she sighed happily. Suddenly she was falling, she hit the ground hard and looked around.

The garden was dead, the ground was barren and the sky was grey. Everything was lifeless and it frightened her.

"Discord? Discord please...I'm...I'm afraid! Where are you! Don't leave me alone please!"

Fluttershy shot up in bed and wiped her eyes, wiping away the tears. So much for a restful sleep…

She sighed and got out of bed and winced at another pinch in her side. She looked up when her door burst open.

"Fluttershy! Oh good you're awake come on we gotta go to the throne room!" Rainbow yelled as she pushed Fluttershy towards the door.

"What's...what's going…" Fluttershy said as she looked back at Rainbow. Rainbow grunted as she continued to push Fluttershy,

"The have news on Discord-oof!" Rainbow suddenly fell to the floor as Fluttershy took off running.

"Hey wait for me!" Rainbow yelled as she followed her friend.

They've found him! They've found him!

Fluttershy kept chanting in her head. She burst into the throne room where everyone was already waiting. Celestia had a scroll levitating in her magic aura. The princess looked awful, she had dark circles under her eyes. Celestia had gotten as much sleep as Fluttershy had.

"Fluttershy...I think we may finally have a clue to where Discord is but…" Celestia hesitated and Luna stepped forward.

"She has to know sister…" Luna whispered, standing on Celestia's right. Celestia nodded and looked at Fluttershy, whose heart was pounding.

Fluttershy asked the question haunting her,

"Is...is he…" She whimpered and Twilight stepped forward and hugged her,

"Oh Fluttershy no! He's fine...alive and fine...but he's...well...he's…"

Again she hesitated and Fluttershy frowned.

Luna took the scroll from her sister and levitated it so Fluttershy could read...

To the rulers of Equestria,

We send greetings from Draconia, Kingdom of Dragonkind. There have been disturbing happenings in our mountains to the west, the same that border your Crystal Empire. Reports have come in that unnatural events have occurred.

Cotton candy clouds

Rocks levitating in the air

Jewels constantly changing size and shape on their own…the list goes on.

These things are magically based and as my kind has no magic it must be the work of something from your land. Any attempts made by our kingdom's warriors to discover the source is met with malice, I will spare details, but I can not sacrifice any more of my kind. We ask that you come at once to investigate and to rid our land of the nuisance. Naturally we will allow passage through the mountain pass as is the terms of our treaty with the equine lands.

We await your response, may it be swift on the winds.

King Riconous, Ruler of Draconia

Fluttershy's mouth was hanging open when she reread the location.

"Dra-conia! Land of...Dragons!" Discord had hidden himself in the one place he knew she'd be afraid of going to. The one place she'd never think to look.

"Yes...the King's reports all point to Discord's magic...we will need to bring him home at once, if he continues to torment Draconia and they believe it our work...it could lead to another Dragon War...Equestria can not handle another battle with the Dragons." Luna said as she took the scroll away from Fluttershy.

Celestia turned to Twilight.

"Twilight I will need you and you four..." She indicated Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity, leaving Fluttershy out of the inclusion.

"To go with Princess Twilight on this mission. Do whatever it takes to bring Discord home."

The girls nodded and Fluttershy flew in front of them.

"I'm going too…"

"Fluttershy darling you can't possibly make this trek...you're…" Rarity began, but Fluttershy shook her head.

"He's my husband! This is my fault...I WILL bring him back...I'm going with or without you girls…" Fluttershy held her head high and stared them all down.

"Sugar cube...didn't you hear? This is a land inhabited by dragons...and well we all know how you..." Applejack looked uncomfortable, especially with Spike standing next to her.

Fluttershy crossed her arms and glared at her friends,

"I'm...going...I don't care if I have to fight through the changeling army to get to him..."

Even Spike tried to talk her out of it.

"Fluttershy...maybe you should stay here with me? What if the baby..."

Fluttershy shook her head. She looked at Twilight with her pleading eyes.

"Please...I have to see him..."

Finally Twilight sighed and nodded,

"Alright...but you have to stay close to us and if you feel any pains you have to tell us...Promise?"

Fluttershy nodded, ignoring the pinch in her side as she did.

That one doesn't count…

She looked out the window again…

I'm coming Discord...I promise I'll make this right. Please let him listen to me...let him know I still love him with all my heart and I'll do anything to have him back.