• Published 3rd Nov 2014
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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Three

Fluttershy was in the garden, her animals were sitting around her waiting for their breakfast. She was a bit slower with the extra weight, now that she was five months pregnant she was starting to have a harder time.

She didn't mind, although her doctor had said that her foal will be very big considering she still had six months to go.

Guess this means you are going to take completely after daddy. She thought to herself and sighed as she thought of her husband.

Discord was becoming increasingly more protective of her, his instincts telling him that he had to watch over his mate. She thought it was cute, but at the same time...


Speaking of daddy… Fluttershy turned around and smiled as he walked over to her.

"Morning honey, I'm surprised you're up so early...you didn't get home yesterday until almost midnight."

He frowned,

"I thought I had gotten in without waking you, I'm sorry love...Celestia had me go back to Saddle Arabia, apparently there were other things my magic could fix. Mostly to do with their crops, now at least growing in the desert will be easier for them..."

He laid down on the grass next to her, when he leaned in to kiss her an acorn flew over his head. He growled at the animals who were chattering angrily at him, then chocolate rain began to chase them. Nothing she did ever got the two to get along.


"They started it!"

She frowned and he made the rain stop, but started pouting. Then she turned her stern look on her animals,

"Now friends, I've talked to you before about throwing things at my husband. It's not nice and you really should apologize, okay?"

Angel stuck his tongue out at Discord who reciprocated until his wife looked over.

She cleared her throat and Discord grumbled an apology under his breath. Then the animals made similar sounds, all insincere apologies, but Fluttershy seemed satisfied with it.

"Good now enjoy your breakfast friends...Discord I have to go see Twilight, you really should get some more sleep."

She kissed him on the cheek as she passed, but he followed.

"Nonsense I've had plenty of sleep, besides the bed doesn't feel as good when you're not in it."

He winked and she blushed.

"Really Discord...I can go by myself…"

"Darling you know I don't like to have you out of my sights."

He tried to nuzzle her ear, but she pulled away and he stared at her confused.

She sighed,

"I'm only going for some books Twilight said would help with my pregnancy."

"Well than, if it has to do with the baby and your health I want to know about it."

He crossed his arms and sat down on the grass. She frowned at him, she wasn't really going to Twilight for books, but she didn't want him to ruin the surprise.

"Honey, I know you worry, but I'm fine...why...why don't you…"

"Fluttershy I'm going with you, end of discussion...I won't let anything happen to you…"

"I'm going to see Twilight not on a quest to save Equestria!"

His eyes widened at her tone and she felt bad for it.

"I'm sorry...I just...well...lately I've hardly...I know you worry, but...honey I need my space too..."

"But...I would feel better if…"

His ears drooped and he looked really hurt that she didn't want him with her. She felt so guilty, but she really wanted this surprise for him…and it was true that he had stressed her a bit lately.

"I know...but I'll be with Twilight…"

He nodded and looked at the ground,

"Alright, at least let me send you there with my magic…"

She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Of course and I'll have Twilight send word so you can come get me. I shouldn't be more than an hour."

He smiled at her, but she could see the hurt and fear still lingering in his eyes.

Trust me love I have my reasons…

Discord snapped his fingers and watched his wife disappear in a flash of light. When she was gone he lay down completely on the grass and sighed.

"Maybe I am overdoing it...she'll be fine...right?"

He glanced over at the animals who were all glaring at him. Angel stuck his tongue out at Discord who snorted at the animals and tried to find something to keep him entertained while his wife was gone.

However after using his magic to make several changes to the garden he realized all of them had to do with Fluttershy. Strawberry bushes, her new favorite snack. New sections for her plants in the flower beds after she had complained she was running out of space. He even put in a soft swing for her to lay on.

He slapped his face and grumbled,

"Sweet Celestia look at me I'm obsessed…"

He chuckled,

"Then again with good reason...but maybe I should apologize...she's right I do worry too much...I'm sure I've gotten on her nerves?"

He shook his head and frowned, a bit frustrated.

"But she's my wife! Pregnant with my child, of course I'm allowed to be worried...why should I apologize?"

He slapped himself again,

"What am I doing? I'm arguing with myself, I truly am losing my mind!"

He sighed again and looked down at his wedding ring.

Alright, when I pick her up I'll apologize for being such a pest…

*three hours later*

All thoughts of an apology died an hour ago.

Discord was laying on the couch glaring at her as she came through the door.

"I'm sorry I'm late…"

He didn't say anything just continued to glare at her.

"Honey, I have something…"

"Why didn't you send word for me to get you like you said?"

He whispered, his chest was rising and falling rapidly, desperately fighting the anger raging inside him.

Fluttershy stopped and when she saw the anger in his eyes she whimpered.

He ignored the effect the sound had on him, he needed to be firm.

"You promised you wouldn't go through the forest without me."

"I...I forgot...I'm sorry...I...I was in such a hurry to get home…"

She continued to stammer hiding behind her mane. He covered his face with his claws, being angry at her when she acted cute was an even bigger challenge than he thought.

"Besides...I stayed on the path…" She whispered.

He got up off the couch and hovered above her.

"That doesn't make it any better! Do you have any idea how worried I've been?"

She shrunk back from him and seeing this he took a deep breath trying to calm down.

He continued in a gentler tone,

"Fluttershy...why didn't you send for me? You know I don't want you out there by yourself."

She looked away and ran her hoof along the floor,

"Well...I wasn't alone exactly...I met Zecora at the edge of the forest...I was so excited to get here to tell you…"

He scoffed,

"Zecora! That zebra wouldn't be able to protect you if something happened."

Fluttershy frowned at him,

"What could happen? I told you we were on the protected path...you know that no dangerous creatures can get through your magical barrier."

He growled slightly, but she didn't back down, in fact she seemed to be getting angry herself. He was secretly turned on by the fact that she wasn't afraid of him...

"That doesn't mean there aren't other dangers...what if you had tripped and hurt yourself or the baby?"

"I'm perfectly capable of walking by myself Discord, I don't need an escort everywhere I go."

He crossed his arms and glared down at her and she was standing her ground with the same expression on her face.

"Now Discord, before I tell you about the surprise I have for you…"

"Surprise? What surprise?"

"Well...I...I didn't...go...go see Twilight for what I said I did...I…"

"Wait! So you lied when you told me where you were going?"

He shouted and she flinched, but this time he couldn't fight the rage begging for release.

"You told me you were going for some books! What did you go for then if not for that?"

She looked away, hiding behind her mane and he couldn't see her expression.

"I...I...wanted to...surprise you…"

"Surprise me! What could have been that important? Fluttershy you know it's hard enough for me when I have to go to Canterlot, leaving you alone. For you to lie to me and to put yourself in danger...this has to be the stupidest thing you've ever done!"

He shouted and she gasped looking back at him, tears in her eyes.

Seeing them threw a bucket of cold water over his rage, he instantly wanted to take it all back...


He reached for her, but she turned from him and ran into their room slamming the door behind her.

"Fluttershy please…"

He went to the door and leaned his head against it. Obviously he could just teleport inside, but he didn't deserve to unless she let him in.

"Honey please...I...I didn't mean…"


He heard her shout, he could also hear her quiet sobs and the sound tore at his chest.

He slid to the floor, his hands and head still against the door.

"Please...let me in...I...I'm sorry…"

His ears perked up when he heard her hoof steps moving towards the door. He leaned back as she opened it a crack, but not enough to let him in.

Her tears were still streaming down her face as she glared at him, his ears dropped and he reached for her.

"Please love...I didn't…"

"Where having a boy you ass!"

She slammed the door again catching his claws, he pulled them back yelling in pain.

He put the swelling digits in his mouth, then her words rocked through him.

"A boy?" He asked through the door again hoping she was listening.

"Yes! I went to Twilight because she said she had found a new spell to help determine the gender of the baby! I wanted it to be a surprise for you so I went alone!"

His heart swelled with joy…

A son...he was having a son!

He laughed, then he teleported inside their room surprising Fluttershy by picking her up in a loving embrace.

"Oh darling that's…"

"Don't darling me! Put me down!" She pulled out of his grasp flying back and glared at him.

He suddenly remembered he was in trouble for his insensitive comment.

"Sweetheart...I'm sorry...I didn't mean…"

"Yes you did...and right now I don't want to talk to you…"

She turned away from him and the joy from a second ago faded as pain gripped his heart.

He wrapped his arms around her again, pulling her back against his chest and nuzzling her mane. She struggled to get out of his grasp, but he held firm.

"Fluttershy...please love...don't be so cold to me...you know I can't take…"

Suddenly something fell from the ceiling and hit him on his head forcing him to release her.

Discord fell to the ground as another heavy object hit him a second time.

"Owwwww…What the hay…"

He looked down and saw two metal wash basins.

"Now where did those come from?"

He looked up at the ceiling then over to his wife who was walking out the door.

He stretched out his arm,

"No wait darling!"

"Looks like baby is taking mommy's side…"

She walked out the door swishing her tail, even in pain Discord was entranced by her movements and felt his fur stand on end. He rubbed his head again then looked at the basins.

His son had taken his mother's side and had seen fit to punish his father. He couldn't help but chuckle,

That's my boy…