• Published 3rd Nov 2014
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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Seven

"Discord! You get down from there now and explain to me what you did!" Fluttershy shouted at the ceiling where Discord was hiding behind the chandelier. He peaked his head out and grinned,

"Honestly love I don't see what the big deal-Woah!" He had to move quickly as a book came flying past his head.

Fluttershy picked up another one and aimed only to stop as he held out his hands in a pleading motion. She set it down, for now...then she glared up at her husband.

"Discord! What exactly did you mean when you said 'so are you'?" She shouted at him again. He couldn't help but grin at the fire in her eyes...

She is so irresistible when she's this mad...so chaotic...but really why am I in trouble?

Discord thought as he looked down at her, he had meant to tell her about the spell he had cast shortly after they'd married. The timing was just never right, and she had this bad habit of distracting him...even if it wasn't on purpose.

"Discord...come down here and tell me now…" She said in a calmer tone and he was grateful to see her angry burst seemed to have passed, but he didn't want to chance it.

"Can't I just tell you from up here darling? No offense, but you're a lot stronger than you look, that first book gave me a bruise…" He had to move as another one came flying past him. He grinned down at her.

"You know I never would have guessed how far you can throw my dear. How are you getting those up here to me any-OW!"

He stopped as the book seemed to turn into a boomerang and hit him in the back of the head. He lost his grip and fell to the floor, rubbing his head he looked up to see his wife trying desperately not to laugh.

Then she rubbed her stomach and giggled. Discord however growled pointing as he said,

"You son...are a brat…and a traitor…"

Fluttershy laughed louder and he couldn't help but smile at the sound. He sighed,

Guess it's time to face the music…

He laid down flat on the ground and crawled closer to her until he was right in front of her. He looked up at her making his pupils as big as possible before he explained himself.

"Fluttershy darling...please don't be angry with me. I hadn't planned on making you immortal too, it was only after a nightmare I had where you...I realized that if I didn't do something I would eventually lose you again...I can't lose you, I would be losing my heart and soul along with you. So I cast a spell that would preserve your youth.

"I know I should have asked your permission first...but...but I was afraid you wouldn't agree...I don't know why I was afraid of that, but...please love understand…"

He sat up and suddenly wrapped his arms around her, holding her so tight she gasped for air before he loosened his grip. The same fear that had hit him that night came back in a sudden rush.

"I never want to go a day without you by my side...I love you so much and...I know I'm a pain and hard to live with most days, but I hope you'll always put up with my antics...I can't imagine waking up without seeing you next to me...so when I was faced with the reality that you would d…"

His voice broke and he couldn't continue so he just held her tighter, still careful not to hurt her.

"I'm sorry...I can't lose you Fluttershy, you're the most important thing in my life...you're what keeps me sane and why I wanted to change so desperately…"

He pulled back and cupped her face, wiping away the tears that were falling down her cheeks.

"When we said our wedding vows, there's a reason I wanted it changed to 'now and forever'. I want you by my side for all eternity my darling wife. I can't say I regret casting the spell, but I do regret not telling you about it. So can you forgive me and...and say you'll be by my side from now on and for all eternity?"

He waited as she continued to stare up at him with her beautiful, tear-filled, teal eyes. He didn't know how he'd react if she said no…luckily he didn't think that was the answer when she jumped at him.

She threw her arms around him and the force knocked him over so he was lying on his back with her standing on his chest.

"Fluttershy, does this mean…"

She cut him off as she kissed him, his eyes closed and his whole body became alert from the intensity of kiss.

He put his claws in her mane and deepened the kiss, wrapping his paw around her back and rolling gently so she was under him. He pulled back only to gasp for air, she was also breathing heavily and she giggled before answering him.

"Discord, of course I want to be with you always! You never had to fear my answer, I just wish you had told me sooner...it...it was the shock and surprise that upset me. Not...not that you had...actually...how did you even do it? I thought that kind of magic was impossible?"

He laughed at the cute, confused face she made, she was still no naïve when it came to his magic, always comparing it to pony magic.

"My dear, by now you should realize my magic can do anything I want it to...but it's hard to explain exactly, just trust me when I say that there's no harm in it...although…" He frowned when he thought of the only down side.

"Well...the spell just preserves your youth...it doesn't mean you can't get hurt or still...still...It's why I'm so protective of you my love. You may be young and beautiful for all eternity, but I can still lose you if something happens. Of course I won't let that happen...I'll always be here to protect you sweetheart."

He kissed her again and he could feel how fast her heart was racing, it matched the speed of his. He continued to kiss her for so long, that he forgot they were lying on the living room floor until they heard the doorbell.

They pulled apart and both looked over to the door. Discord growled and started to get up to see who it was when she wrapped her hooves around his neck. He looked down in surprise and she grinned at him.

"I'm sure it's not important love...They can come back…" She whispered and she tried to pull him back to her, and as much as he wanted to…

"Darling...what if it's Twilight, or one of our other friends...we can't ignore…" He lost his train of thought as she began to lightly kiss him along his neck. Her soft lips sent shivers running through his body.

"Honey please...I'm not that strong...as much as I want...we need to see who…" He tried again to convey his thoughts, but his body's reactions to his wife were overpowering his thinking capacity.

"They. Can. Wait." She emphasized each word and the huskiness of her voice made him growl in response.

He kissed her again and he heard an appreciative sound come from the back of her throat. He chuckled and looked down at her then at the door one last time, he grinned as he turned his eyes back to his wife.

"I think darling, maybe you've spent too much time with me after all...My chaos seems to be rubbing off on you, and you're picking up my bad habits…" He said as he nuzzled her neck, something he always did since it made her shiver and giggle.

She grinned and got that wicked gleam in her eyes he loved. He jumped when he felt her tail rub against him. He blushed and laughed, then growled at her again before placing his lips over hers, giving into the fire.

Oh yes...VERY bad habits…

"Okay darling now see if you can guess this one." Discord whispered to his wife who was lying next to him with her eyes closed.

They were out in the garden watching the sun set, as a game Discord decided to feed her fruit and see if she could guess the flavors.

He picked up a cherry, but used his magic to change the flavor. He placed it on her tongue and watched her chew it.

"Mmm…well...it has a very sweet flavor…I'm gonna say…cotton candy?" She said as she opened her eyes. He chuckled and looked at her suspiciously,

"I think my dear, you are somehow cheating!" He nuzzled her ear and she giggled while responding,

"Discord how can I cheat when you're changing the flavors anyways? Even if I look I…"

He cut her off with a quick kiss and another chuckle.

"Fair point as always my love, okay try this one it's your favorite flavor." He winked at her and she giggled again before closing her eyes. He picked up a strawberry, but instead of giving it to her he bit into it.

"Ready?" He asked her with a grin, she nodded and opened her mouth slightly.

He lowered his head and kissed her. She gasped, but quickly began to kiss him back. When he pulled back he lifted her chin, so she opened her eyes.

"So love...what's your favorite flavor?" He whispered and was happy when she blushed.

Then a crash to their left made them both jump.

Discord stood on all fours, instantly alert and instinctively protecting his mate. He stood over her, shielding her with his body. His fur stood up and his teeth bared in warning.

They heard coughing and a cyan pegasus walked out of the trees, she froze when she saw Discord.

"Woah! Hey calm down it's just me geez." Rainbow Dash glared at Discord, whose fur had smoothed back down. Rainbow walked over to them and she looked at Fluttershy.

"Hey...uh can I talk...I need some advice...I messed up." Rainbow's eyes were shining with tears and Discord felt a sudden rush of protectiveness for his friend…

Never thought that would happen in a millennium…

He thought grinning. Rainbow however looked over at Discord and quickly rubbed her eyes before turning away and clearing her throat.

"Oh...uh...Discord can you give us a minute...I'd like to talk to Fluttershy...alone…"

Discord frowned and was about to argue when he felt his wife's hoof on his shoulder. He sighed and nodded,

"Alright, if either of you need me I'll be...around…" He snapped his fingers and left.

What the two mares weren't aware of was he was above them on a cloud looking at a watch.


Fluttershy looked over to her best friend once Discord had left them alone. She noticed that Rainbow was trying to hold back her tears.

"What's wrong Dash?" She asked calmly, hoping it wouldn't take too much effort to get Rainbow to open up to her, since the mare could be stubborn about 'mushy stuff'.

Rainbow turned around and surprised Fluttershy by throwing her hooves around her neck and breaking down.

"Oh Flutters! I messed up SO bad!" Rainbow cried, really worrying Fluttershy.

"Calm down Rainbow...tell me everything…" Fluttershy said in the same tone she used with her injured animals.

Rainbow sniffed and pulled back rubbing her eyes again, that didn't stop the tears though.

"It's Soarin...he...he proposed…" Rainbow muttered and Fluttershy gasped in response, but before she could say anything Rainbow cut her off.

"Don't congratulate me! I froze! When he asked me, I just stood there like an idiot!"

Rainbow shouted putting her face in her hooves.

Fluttershy stroked her friend's mane as she tried to comfort her,

"Oh Dashie, I'm sorry...but all hope isn't lost I mean…"

"No! It is! When I didn't respond, just standing there like a brick wall...Soarin...he...he took it as a no. He flew off and I didn't even call after him! Oh Fluttershy what am I to do?"

Rainbow turned her face to her friend.

Fluttershy knew she had continue delicately with her friend, since Rainbow was prone to explode and run off if you said something she didn't want to hear.

"Um...Rainbow…first I have to ask you. Do you want to marry Soarin?"

Rainbow looked at Fluttershy strangely,

"Well...yeah...I didn't think I would ever want to marry, but Soarin...he makes me feel even more awesome you know? I mean it's hard to...he just…" Rainbow stopped and frowned unsure of how to finish so she decided to go a different route.

"Well you know how it is Fluttershy! It's why I came to you...you're the first of us to find your true love and to make a marriage work...so I thought you could...help me figure out how to fix this…" Her eyes grew really large and for a moment Fluttershy was reminded of Discord when he was in trouble, he got the same look.

Fluttershy sighed,

"Well...have you tried to talk to him? To explain why you froze?"

Rainbow looked away with a slight blush creeping into her cheeks, Fluttershy put her hoof to her face and continued.

"Rainbow! If you don't tell him, nothing is going to change. Trust me, first rule of any relationship is that you have to be honest with each other about how you're really feeling."

She was glad to see a small smile pull at Rainbow's face as she turned back to stare at Fluttershy.

"Yeah I guess you would be the expert, living with the King of Making Mistakes…" Rainbow whispered and the two stared at each other for a second before bursting into laughter.

Rainbow stood up and hugged Fluttershy,

"Thanks pal you've been a big help. I promise first chance I get I'll talk to him...if he'll even talk to me." She looked downcast again so Fluttershy got to her feet, with some help from Rainbow.

"Thank you Dash...why don't we go inside and I'll make you some tea? That always helps me calm down and helps me get my thoughts straightened out."

Rainbow nodded and followed Fluttershy inside.


"Ah come on Soarin, cheer up...there will be other mares for you." Spitfire said trying to comfort her downcast friend. He was sitting at her counter with his head resting on his arms.

He sighed,

"Not like her Fire...she was the one...so amazing and awesome...I should have known she wouldn't go for some plain stallion like me." Soarin sulked.

"Hey now! You're anything but plain man! You're a Wonderbolt for crying out loud! We won gold in the Equestrian Games! You…"

Soarin cut her off,

"I'm still nothing compared to her...she's saved Equestria, not to mention us, what? Four, five times now? She knows all the princesses intimately...she's a really important, beautiful mare...no doubt hundreds of other stallions want her attentions...guess I should be grateful she even gave me the time of day…"

He went back to sulking and Spitfire was about to tear into him again when there was a knock at her door.

"Now who in the hay could that be?" She asked as she flew over to the door and opened it. She flew back yelling at the creature on her doorstep. It was Soarin who spoke first,

"Discord what are you…"

Discord walked over the still shocked Spitfire and stood in front of Soarin. The stallion shrunk back from the angry look the chimera was giving him.

"Well you see...Soarin right? Well, we have a problem you and I." Discord grinned at him and Soarin gulped in fear.

"Problem...what...pro...problem?" He stammered unable to control the shaking of his voice.

Discord grinned, showing off his sharp teeth, to intimidated the stallion more.

Discord continued,

"Well you see...you made one of my close friends cry...you broke her heart and that's not okay in my book."

Soarin stopped shaking and stared at the draconequus in confusion. Then he shouted in anger,

"What! Broke her heart? She's the one who refused me! I gave her my heart and she stomped on it!" Soarin jumped on the counter so he could be almost eye level with the chimera.

"I wanted her to be my wife!"

Discord sneered at this and crossed his arms.

"Really? Well then I guess you don't love her as much as you thought if you're already…" He glanced at the Spitfire; who unfortunately still hadn't gotten over the shock, before he continued.

"Taking comfort with another mare...so clearly...you didn't want her that badly."

Soarin saw red and bared his teeth.

"What! Are you kidding me!? Spitfire was trying to comfort me as a friend! You foal! I love Rainbow Dash more than anything! She means more to me than being a Wonderbolt! She is the most beautiful, amazingly awesome mare I have ever met! If she would give me a second chance I would still have her as my WIFE!" He glared at the draconequus then pulled back surprised as Discord began to laugh.

Discord smiled at Soarin and threw his arms up shouting.

"That's all I needed to hear!"

Soarin completely confused asked,

"What are…" but he stopped as Discord snapped his fingers and everything went black for Soarin.

*Fluttershy/Discord's kitchen*

Rainbow finished off her tea and sighed.

"Thanks for listening Flutters, I think I'm feeling a bit better now." She looked down, she had convinced herself there was no way Soarin would give her a second chance.

"Hello dear friend! I have something to brighten your day!"

Both Rainbow and Fluttershy looked over to Discord who was grinning at them. He stepped aside and a large, bright blue present with a green ribbon was sitting behind him.

Rainbow raised her eyebrow and glanced over at Fluttershy who just shrugged and shook her head as if to say,

Just cause I married him doesn't mean I understand him...

So Rainbow looked back over at Discord who was still holding his arms out indicating the package.

"What's your game this time Discord?" Rainbow asked crossing her arms.

Discord put his hands up defensively.

"No game! I heard about your bad day and…"

"I told you to leave me alone with Fluttershy! You were eavesdropping?" She shouted as she flew to him, getting right in his face.

He grinned and used his claw on her nose to push her back.

"Technically, you said give you two a minute alone...and that's just what I did, I timed it...I promise no tricks." He placed his paw over his heart and held up his eagle claw.

Rainbow snorted,

"No tricks! What do you call taking what I said literal? You big dummy you…"

Discord placed his claw over her mouth and grinned.

"Not to be rude, but you might want to open your present...I'm not exactly sure how much air I put in there."

"What!" Rainbow's eyes grew wide and she flew to the present, quickly pulling on the ribbon. A gasping Soarin jumped out of the box, coughing for air. Then he turned his glare on Discord.

"You...you...tri...tried to...kill me…" He rasped still trying to get enough oxygen back into his lungs.

Discord put his hands behind his back and turned his head to the side.

"Nonsense...How was I to know Rainbow wouldn't open the present right away?"

Before either Soarin or Rainbow could yell at him again, he flashed himself between the two and turned their heads so they were facing each other.

"Now...don't you two have something to say to each other?" He grinned as he flew away, leaving them staring into each others eyes.

Neither knew what to say. Both just continued to stare into the others eyes. Rainbow blushed, which caused Soarin to do the same. Finally Soaring cleared his throat.

"Look...Dashie...I mean Rainbow...I...I understand that you don't want...that you don't want to marry me." He looked down sadly and the action seemed to snap Rainbow back to her senses.

"What! Who said I didn't?" She whispered.

Soarin's head shot back up.

"But...but you refused my proposal!"

"I didn't refuse! Well not technically I just...I...Soarin you understand right…" She stopped and Soarin only looked more confused.

Rainbow looked over to Fluttershy, noticing Discord slap his face in frustration, she begged her friend silently for help.

Fluttershy understood and tapped her hoof over her heart smiling at Rainbow. Blushing deeper Rainbow took a deep breath.

"Soarin...when you asked me to marry you...I was so confused and happy and scared all at the same time…

"You see I never saw myself as the hearts and flowers kind of girl so...so I figured I would never fall in love or get married. I wanted to say yes, but...well I froze because of an old fear…

"Yeah I know...how could a mare as awesome as me have any fears?"

Soarin chuckled at this and Rainbow smiled, continuing with more confidence now.

"I was just afraid that a stallion as awesome as you wouldn't really want a plain mare like me so I worried about...well, what if you changed your mind later that I wasn't good enough…

"Strange as it is...I'm not...not as confident about such things as I make every pony think...I was afraid I wouldn't be able to live up to the standards you…"

She was cut off suddenly as Soarin pulled her to him and kissed her. Rainbow blushed the same color as an apple, but closed her eyes and put her hooves around Soarin's neck.

Soarin pulled back, but kept a hold of one of Rainbow's hooves.

"Rainbow...of course you're good enough...better in fact...I figured the reason you didn't say yes was because an amazing mare like you wouldn't want some boring stallion like me."

He looked away embarrassed and Rainbow laughed throwing her hooves around him again. She shouted as she laughed,

"Guess we were both being pretty dumb huh!?"

Soarin laughed and agreed.

Rainbow stepped away from him and winked at him.

"Okay pal...I promise, the next time you ask I'll say yes, okay?"

Soarin nodded, and the two jumped when Discord appeared between the two again.

"Why wait?" He shouted hugging both of them. He snapped his fingers and Rainbow was in a pink dress and Soarin was in a white tux.

"Pink!" Rainbow shouted, but was ignored.

Soarin glared at the chimera, still not over being kidnapped.

"Well I don't have...I mean I left the…" He said as he held out his hoof to the chaotic being.

Discord waved his claw dismissively and snapped his fingers again.

Soarin's eyes went wide as a black, velvet box appeared in his hoof.

Discord grinned and leaned in close so only Soarin could hear him whisper.

"Don't mess this up again, or next time I leave you in Saddle Arabia…" Discord flew off again and left Soarin gaping.

Finally Soarin shook his head and smiled at Rainbow,

"Well what the hay...Rainbow, you are still the most beautiful, incredible, brave...I could go on for hours...I would be so very happy and the luckiest stallion alive if you'll agree to be my wife...Marry me?"

He asked as he opened to box to show a small, gold band, he'd had specially made. It was an exact copy of the rings from the temple her and Daring Do had destroyed. Soarin had gone to a jeweler and gotten an odd look at the request. He smiled remembering that day,

Are you sure you don't want a diamond sir?

No...she'll like this so much more.

Rainbow's eyes were filling with tears and she threw her arms around Soarin.

"Of course! I'm sorry I didn't tell you the first time how much I love you and how much I want to be your wife!"

Soarin slid the band on her arm and they shared a kiss and a loving embrace.

Discord smiled at his front door, watching the two pegasi fly away holding hooves.

"You know…" A small voice said behind him. He turned and went down on all fours to face his wife.

She continued what she had said,

"You know, I can't say I completely approve of your methods dear...eavesdropping on our conversation and kidnapping a pony on top of that…getting in the middle of other ponies business..."

She frowned at him and his ears dropped, he sat down and wrapped his tail around himself, he looked down at the ground. He figured he'd get yelled at, but not by his wife.

She walked closer to him continuing.

"You know you shouldn't have done that right?" She whispered and he nodded.

Then he felt her hoof under his chin as she made him look into her eyes. He was surprised and happy to see her smiling brightly at him.

"But I'm so glad you did darling husband. You did a wonderful thing today...I'm so proud of you." She gave him a light kiss.