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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Thirteen

Fluttershy and the girls made it to the pass that separated Draconia and Equestra. Twilight was leading the group with Fluttershy taking up the rear.

She slightly flinched at another pain in her stomach.

Oh please little one...not now…

She took deep breaths and the pinch subsided. She looked up to see Pinkie Pie staring at her. Fluttershy gave her a brave smile. Pinkie however frowned and slowed her pace so she was walking next to Fluttershy.

"How bad?" Pinkie whispered.

Fluttershy jumped and stuttered,

"What...what do you mean Pinkie?"

"The contractions...how bad have they been getting?" Pinkie frowned.

Fluttershy blushed and shook her head.

"I don't know what you mean...I'm not having…"

Pinkie looked at the others then back at Fluttershy, a level of seriousness you wouldn't expect to see in Pinkie's eyes. Pinkie shivered slightly and suddenly Fluttershy had to stop as the pain was slightly stronger this time.

Pinkie put her arm under Fluttershy's and whispered,

"You can't fool the Pinkie Sense...Are they pretty bad? Maybe we should go back. The others can..."

"No Pinkie! Please...I'm so close to getting him back...I can't stop now...they're not that bad. Just...Just a small hindrance is all…please don't say anything to Twilight!"

Pinkie looked really worried, so Fluttershy gave her the biggest puppy eyes possible. Pinkie sighed, ears flat.

"Alright...cross my heart and hope to fly...stick a cupcake in my eye...I won't say anything so long as you promise if they get worse you'll say something?"

Fluttershy nodded and smiled at Pinkie in thanks.

"I think we should head off in that direction. According to the reports, the events were to the west." Twilight said as she looked over a map. Rainbow flew up a bit and scoped out the area.

"Hey girls! The way looks pretty bad. I'm not sure it's gonna be an easy trek." Rainbow flew back down and stared at Fluttershy.

"Last chance Flutters...I think I speak for all of us when I say this isn't a good idea." Rainbow said and all her friends nodded in agreement. Fluttershy shook her head,

"I'm seeing this through girls...I told you I need to see Discord…"

She hung her head and began to softly cry.

"I need to see him...I have to be the one to bring him home…" She raised her head and implored her friends.

"Please understand...If I'm not the one to bring him home...I'll still lose him...he'll be back, but not completely...my heart can't accept that. I need my husband back."

Applejack stepped forward and wrapped her hoof around Fluttershy and wiped away her tears.

"Easy there sugar...we're gonna bring him back. Count on it." Applejack whispered, making Fluttershy feel a little better.

Pinkie's body suddenly spasmed for a second.

"Pinkie what's…" Rarity started but, Pinkie covered her mouth hushing her.

"Somethings not right girls...My Pinkie Sense is telling me there's something dangerous near here." Pinkie whispered looking around.

Rainbow flew up a bit and looked around, she shrugged and shouted back down, ignoring Pinkie's frantic waving.

"I don't see anything? Maybe it's just that we're in a land full of dragons?"

"Yes and maybe you should listen to the little pink one?" A deep voice rumbled behind Rainbow, who turned too late. She turned just as a red tail hit her and shot her into the mountain side.

"Rainbow!" They all yelled, running over to their friend. Rainbow was shaking her head, but she was really disoriented. Fluttershy looked back where Rainbow had been and saw three medium-sized dragons hovering in the air. The three were the same in build and shape, spines running along their backs to the ends of their tales.

One was silver, one was blue and the red one which had hit Rainbow.

"Oh look brothers! Seems we don't have to hunt too hard for lunch today, it walked so nicely into our territory." The silver one chuckled.

Twilight stepped forward, spreading out her wings.

"Halt! I am Princess Twilight of Equestria! We are here by the orders of your king...King Riconous!"

The three dragons pulled back, then looked at each other. The blue one whispered,

"You hear that? The king…"

Then suddenly they all burst into laughter. Surprising and confusing all the ponies, Fluttershy knew now was a good time to run.

"Girls...we should…"

"Oh the KING! Ha what fun...my food hasn't made me laugh in so long! Now little pony, since you are looking so confused let me explain...Out here where we now our, this is where we are known as rogues...which means we have no king. So you are in our territory, not his." The red one laughed.

Twilight stepped back and gulped. Fluttershy whispered again,

"We have to get out of here…"

Still no one heard her and the dragons circled them, Twilight's horn began to glow. She fired a warning shot among the trio. They moved out of the way and continued to laugh.

The silver one looked them over before spotting Fluttershy,

"Dibs on the yellow, winged one...she has the most meat on her."

Fluttershy shrank back in fear. The dragons suddenly unsheathed their claws and dove at the group. Twilight and Rarity tried to repel them with their magic, but Rarity wasn't a fighter and Twilight couldn't get a clear shot.

As the trio gained speed they opened their mouths. Fluttershy screamed and suddenly there was a bright flash.

Twilight and the others opened their eyes and sighed in relief.

"Maybe we were closer to Discord than we thought?" Rarity said as she brushed some dirt off her.

"I'm just glad we all got away no matter who did it." Rainbow mumbled still rubbing her head.

Suddenly Pinkie gasped running around frantically.

"What Pinkie! Don't tell me you sense more dragons?" Twilight exclaimed her horn glowing.

Pinkie shook her head crying.

"Worse...Fluttershy is gone!"

"We have to find her y'all!" Applejack shouted, but as she was going to take off running, Twilight stopped her.

"As much as we need to find her. Rainbow won't be able to keep up...her wing was badly injured in the fall. We shouldn't split up either." Twilight said as she wrapped Rainbow's wing with bandages, luckily Spike had packed...Uncanny his ability to predict they'd need them.

"But...but Flutters…" Pinkie started, but then bit her lip. They could all see and internal conflict in Pinkie as she began to shake.

"Oh Fluttershy...I'm so sorry...I can't…" Pinkie whispered, then she ran up to Twilight and threw her arms around Twilight's neck crying.

"I'm a horrible friend…"

"Pinkie what are you…" Rarity began, but Pinkie shouted.

"The baby is coming! Fluttershy has been having contractions since we left the station at the Crystal Empire and they're only getting worse!"

Twilight pushed Pinkie off angry,

"Why didn't you say anything if you knew?"

Pinkie's pupils got huge as she sobbed more…then she whispered,

"I Pinkie Promised I wouldn't tell…"

Twilight closed her mouth and the others stared at Pinkie in wonder. She would never break a promise to a friend...the idea seemed to cause her physical pain. So for her to do so now, meant the situation was very dire.

"It's alright Pinkie...we'll...we'll get her back...along with Discord…" Rainbow hissed in pain as she stood up.

"Let's go…" Twilight said.

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes and looked around. The dragons were gone, but so were her friends. She searched the area near her, but she was alone.

"Twilight! Rarity! Applejack, Rainbow, Pinkie answer me!" She began to panic, where was she...for that matter how did she get there?

A small pain in her stomach gave her the answer.

Her son had somehow teleported her away from the danger...she only hoped her friends had gotten away too.

You saved me little one...how could mommy have ever doubted your heart...I'm so sorry.

She looked around and whimpered. She was all alone, in strange mountains, where dangerous dragons were lurking. Worse, the pains were increasing with time.

"Discord...where are you…" She gasped as another bright flash consumed her. When she took her hoof away from her eyes she was staring into a dark cave.

"I'll give you one thing...you're definitely your father's son…"

She took a few steps into the cave, shaking at what could be inside. She screamed when she saw a shadow move near the back of the cave. She jumped behind a boulder gasping, then she took a deep breath and peeked around the side of the rock.

The shadow moved again, but this time she could make out two wings stretching...one bat, one feathered…

"Discord!" She shouted in joy as she came out from behind the rock. She began to cry as she said,

"Oh honey I'm so glad I found you...please...I'm so sorry about what I said before...I need you…"

"Go away…" He whispered from where he was laying. She froze, but shook her head.

Of course he would be angry and not want to see her. She continued forward, walking closer as she whispered,

"Please Discord...I know I was wrong...we won't bind our son's magic. We'll be together, all three of us. Discord I love you...please...say something…" She pleaded as she was standing next to him. He was a bit difficult to see in the darkness of the cave, but she could see he was curled into a ball, hiding his head.

"Discord...please...I love you so much...please say it's not too late...come home...please come home with me."

He growled at her and she took a step back startled,

"Go away...you're not real...you're not real...why...why do you still haunt me so?"

Fluttershy jumped at his words. He thought she wasn't real? How could he think that?

"Discord...I'm right here...I promise you please just look at me...touch me and you'll see."

He lifted his head slightly and she became hopeful. That hope disintegrated when she saw how dull his eyes were, they looked so lifeless. Nothing like her happy, laughing husband.

None of his former wit and joy was evident now. It broke her heart to see him look so...so...dead…

Oh Discord...what have I done?

He growled at her again, narrowing his eyes.

"No...you're not...you never are...never were…leave…"

"Discord…" She reached for him and he slashed at her with his claws, startling her. She screamed and fell backwards. She scooted away from him, flinching at the pain in her side.

"I SAID LEAVE! I WILL NOT FALL FOR ANYMORE TRICKS!" He shouted, then he turned from her again, walking to the mouth of the cave and she heard him start to cry.

"Just leave me alone…No more visions of her...no more...I can't handle...just end the torment…"

Fluttershy slowly got up. She wasn't sure exactly what was wrong with him, but she knew Discord was more lost than they had suspected. She took a step forward and her hoof came in contact with something cold and smooth.

She looked down and picked up the tiny object with a gasp. It was his wedding ring.

So long as our love burns bright my darling...this will never leave my finger.

It was the words he had whispered to her while they were lying in bed together. Snuggled close on their wedding night. To see it lying in the dirt shattered her heart and made her realize just how much Discord had been hurt by what she had done.

She looked at him, he was sitting at the mouth of the cave, his ears laid back, and he was still crying. She took a deep breath and knew what she had to do to make him see…

She's not real...she's not real...I can't let myself hope again…

Discord sat there, knowing that if he ignored the phantom long enough, it would eventually fade away. Just as it always did, never mind this time he was so sure he actually smelt her when she had stood so close.

He had lifted his head, when the sweet aroma had hit his nostrils. Then he had looked at her and that voice told him,

She would never be real...never was…


So he had snarled and slashed at the phantom, determined to make it disappear. Still the thing taunted him, falling over screaming. Making him feel like even more of a monster…

He cried harder,

"Why...why do you still follow me...why can't I just be left alone…" He whispered to himself.

He curled up again, staying at the mouth of the cave, enjoying the small amount of sunlight.

The cave behind him was silent once more, the thing would be gone now...fading back into the corners of his mind...just as it always did…

His ear perked when he heard a soft sound behind him...no...not a sound...a voice...a voice that was so familiar to him.

He slowly lifted his head...dare he hope…

I've seen the storm clouds in your eyes

But rest assured 'cause you are safe at home at last

I rescued you, you rescued me

And we're right where we should be

When we're together

(He turned his head to look back)

I know the questions in your mind

But go ahead and ask me one more time

You'll find the answer's still the same

It won't change from day to day

For worse or better…

She was walking towards him...his heart began to beat faster.

Will I promise to be your best friend

And am I here until the end

Can I be sure I have been waiting for you

And did I say my love is true

Honey, I will, I am, I can, I have, I do…

She was so close now...if he just reached out. He lifted his claws towards her, she smiled at him…


The voice hissed and he snatched his claws back...no not again…

He turned his head away from her, determined to ignore these new tricks.

"Discord…" She whispered.

He turned his head back despite the voice saying not to...she was right next to him...still...she wasn't real...wasn't real…

I know that time will disappear

But this love we're building on will always be here

No way that this is sinking sand

On this solid rock we'll stand


Will I promise to be your best friend

And am I here until the end

Can I be sure I have been waiting for you

And did I say my love is true

Honey I will, I am, I can, I have, I do

So close...she was so close...that last amount of hope reached into his heart...dare he trust it?

Honey I will, I am, I can, I have

Oh I will, I am, I can, I have

She picked up his paw and his heart rate tripled…she...she was...she is…

Honey I will, I am, I can, I have…

She slipped his wedding ring back on his finger

I do…

"Fluttershy…" He whispered. She smiled up at him, yes it was working...he was coming back to her.

"It's me Discord...I love you...I'm sorry my love for all the hurt I've caused you…"

He continued to stare at her, then he turned his paw and cupped her cheek. She nuzzled into the touch, how she had missed it so much. She saw the spark returning to his eyes as he stroked her skin.

"Discord...it's time to go home…" She whispered, hoping he wouldn't withdraw again.

He didn't, but neither did he answer her, he just continued to stare at her. As if he couldn't let himself believe she was real...as if he was afraid to.

She leaned in and placed her lips over his. He tensed, then he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. She sighed happily, this is where she belonged, forever. Wrapped in the arms of Discord, her one true love…

He set her away and she smiled as she wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Oh Fluttershy...I can't believe...I never thought...I thought you were afraid…"

She hushed him and nuzzled her nose against his cheek, she whispered.

"I'm so sorry I ever was my love...that I ever doubted my son...or you. I know what a good heart you have and yet I let my fears take over." She pulled away and smiled at him.

He chuckled and the sound warmed her heart, yes that was the Discord she loved.

He said,

"I guess I over reacted again...I should have realized it was just another fear I could have helped you overcome...instead I ran...I ran like the coward I am." He looked down and sighed,

"I'm sorry Fluttershy...I never should have left...no matter what was said between us...I should have stayed and worked through it with you."

She lifted his head up again and kissed him, feeling him relax.

"I'm sorry I chased you away...I never should have said those hurtful things...I didn't mean any of it...I was simply lashing out in fear. You know I don't see you as the Lord of Chaos...all I see is my warm, sweet, loving husband...who I want to be with for all eternity."

He smiled at her and his eyes filled with tears again. He cupped her chin and gave her a quick kiss, whispering.

"Now I do…"

He suddenly jumped up and glared down at her,

"What are you doing all the way out here by yourself? You're still pregnant for Celestia's sake! How could you…"

She cut him off by bursting into laughter and throwing her arms around him in a tight hug. She let him go and stepped back still laughing. She smiled up at him as he crossed his arms.

"There's my husband...but to answer your question I'm not...Oh my gosh! The girls! Discord they're still out there somewhere...we were attacked and then there was this flash and I was separated from…"

He placed his claw over her mouth…

"Okay...okay...calm down or you'll go into early labor…" He chuckled at his own joke and she blushed as another painful contraction reminded her…

Too late…

"Now let's get our friends here then we can all go home." He whispered. She nodded and he snapped his fingers. The girls appeared in the cave screaming.

"Oh thank goodness you are all alright!" Fluttershy yelled as they looked around the cave.

At the sound of her voice they turned and smiled, none more so than Pinkie who ran over and threw her arms around Fluttershy.

"Oh Fluttershy...I'm so...glad you're okay...please forgive me…" Pinkie cried, confusing Fluttershy.

"Forgive you for what?" She whispered, but Twilight and the others ran over.

Twilight gave Discord a quick hug and said,

"Discord! Oh I'm so glad we found you...well that Fluttershy found you...you'll have to tell us the full story later. Right now…"

Twilight stopped and frowned at Fluttershy as Pinkie released her from the hug. Pinkie looked down and away from Fluttershy sadly.

Oh that's what you're sorry for…

"Fluttershy you promised…" Twilight whispered and Fluttershy hung her head.

"I had to find him...and it's not that bad…" She whispered.

Discord looked between the two and slapped his face.

"I take it neither of you are going to tell me are you?"

Fluttershy opened her mouth to tell him but it came out as a scream as she was dragged into the air and carried away.

"Fluttershy!" The girls screamed.

She was snatched up by the silver dragon from before. He hovered in the air and held her in his hand. He laughed when she struggled,

"What's wrong little pony...don't you want to be friends? Maybe come over for dinner?"

She whimpered and whispered,

"Oh no...I'd love...to be...it's just...my husband is down there waiting for me so if you would just…"

The dragon laughed again,

"Well we can have the family over for dinner...which one is your husband?"

"Me…" Discord growled.

The dragon turned and yelled at the monster behind him. Discord had grown so large he was easily bigger than any dragon in existence. He reached out and grabbed the dragon's throat with his claws.

"And now I would like my wife back…" He held out his paw and the dragon dropped Fluttershy into Discord's palm. Discord wrapped his fingers around her gently, he didn't release the dragon from his tight grip though. Instead he pulled the dragon closer and growled at him.

"I suggest you leave this area right now before I change my mind and permanently turn you into a fly…"

He dropped the dragon and the beast flew off in a hurry, Fluttershy giggled when the creature ran past his two companions who were heading towards them. She could hear the silver one shout,

"Turn back! Those ponies aren't worth it! Turn back!"

The other two looked over and Discord let out a loud roar that even she had to cover her ears for. The other two quickly turned tail and followed their companion.

Then Discord snorted and looked down at Fluttershy. He slowly shrank back to his normal size and held her in his arms.

"Oh thank Celestia...come on honey let's go home…" He whispered.

She nodded as he flew back to their friends, who were all still waiting in the cave.

"Oh Fluttershy you're safe...I knew you would be once this blockhead took off...that's why I stayed here." Rainbow said as she brushed her hoof against her chest.

"Hey!" Discord shouted as he put Fluttershy on the ground.

Applejack snorted,

"Yeah that's why you didn't fly after her."

All of them laughed, until Fluttershy gasped and doubled over in pain. Discord was next to her again, with his claws under her chin.

"Darling what's wrong...tell me…"

"We need to get home now!" Fluttershy shouted.

Discord looked around confused,


"She's having the baby you nitwit!" Twilight shouted as she came over to Fluttershy's other side telling her to keep breathing.

Discord was frozen then he shook his head and shouted.

"What! Why...how...when…"

"Honey...let's...deal...with...the...questions...LATER!" Fluttershy screamed as the next wave was worse than all the rest before it. It was her scream of pain that finally snapped Discord into action. He snapped his fingers and the seven of them were teleported to Ponyville's Hospital. He left the other five mares in the waiting room as he carried Fluttershy through to her doctor.

"It's okay honey you're doing great…" Discord whispered as he held her hoof. She was crying and in so much pain.

"I can't do this Discord...I can't…"

"Nonsense...you've been through worse…"

"NAME ONE!" She shouted at him, gripping his claws in a death grip. He flinched, but continued to comfort her as the doctor encouraged her to keep pushing.

"Well...what about when you resisted me in the maze...or when you stood up to…"

She screamed again and he realized he had to change tactics.

"It's okay love...I know it's hard, but you'll make it through this. I promise, because I'm here with you, to help you through it."

She looked over at him then and he gave her a bright smile.

"I love you Fluttershy...you can do this...be strong honey...just like I know you are." He kissed her forehead and she nodded.

"Okay one more push...this little guy is being as difficult as possible…" The doctor said.

Fluttershy still giggled even through the pain,


Discord smiled at her.

"Come on honey...one more…"

Suddenly the room was filled with the shrill cries of a baby.

"Congratulations you two...a healthy boy." The doctor said as he held up their son.

Their son…

Discord sat next to her as she held their sleeping son. He definitely was daddy's boy. He was a little baby draconequus, his body features although smaller, matched his father exactly. His head had two tiny bumps where they were sure horns would grow.

The only thing of dad's he didn't have were his fang, beard and mane. The baby had a soft pink mane and tuft on his tail, same color as Fluttershy's.

"Do you want to hold him?" She asked Discord as he continued to stare at the tiny creature.

"Me? I don't know...what if I drop him…"

She giggled and handed the bundle to her husband.

"You won't drop him...here just hold him gently." She placed their son in Discord's arms and instantly he was sold. His heart swelled to the point of bursting as he held the tiny creature he had helped create.

"Look at him...he's...perfect...just like his mother." Discord smiled over at her and she smiled back. Their son yawned and suddenly opened his eyes for the first time to stare up at his father.

Discord laughed as he looked into the clear teal eyes of his son, he whispered,

"Yes...just like his mother…"

Discord leaned in and wrapped his family in a warm hug.

"I can't believe I almost gave this up…" He whispered and Fluttershy hushed him.

"Let's not talk like that now love...today is only for happiness."

Discord nodded giving her a soft kiss. He looked down again at his son and asked,

"So what about his name?"

Fluttershy beamed up at him,

"I thought I'd leave that up to you dear...so...what is your son's name?"

Discord thought about it. As much as he wanted to name his son after himself...he knew his son would be nothing like the old Discord. So he thought of the future and looked at his wife smiling,

"Kibou…" He whispered and Fluttershy looked at him confused.

"Kibou...why that…" He cut her off with another kiss and smiled explaining.

"It's a name I picked up in my many, many years darling...and it's perfect for him. He'll know what his future will always hold with a name like this…"

Fluttershy grinned,

"So what does it mean exactly my love?"

Discord smiled at his son as the tiny thing reached up and played with his beard. Yes it described his son perfectly...


Author's Note:

Okay Disclaimer time:pinkiegasp:! As with Mending Hearts: Love and Souls also have songs at the end of them this one is 'I Do' by Paul Brandt. Now why it's a male song...well :rainbowderp:...honestly it was the only song with lyrics that fit. Even though I had Fluttershy sing it and there is no female version (I think :moustache:) the lyrics are still adorable and work well where I wanted it so I hope you didn't mind it.