• Published 3rd Nov 2014
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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Author's Note:

:yay::yay: Well here we are once again readers. The end of Book Two to my Mending Series. I hope you all enjoyed this, please let me know what you thought. I hope you all enjoyed this story and thank you all for taking the time to read it! :yay::yay:

Fluttershy rolled over and reached for Discord. She only felt the cold sheets. She sat up and looked around, then she smiled to herself and got out of bed. She knew where to find him at this hour, same as every night for the last week.

She flew over to the nursery and peeked in. Sure enough there was her darling husband, standing next to the crib.

Fluttershy quietly flew over and put her arms around Discord's neck, leaning her head against him.

"He's not going anywhere you know." She whispered and Discord softly chuckled in response. He turned and took her in his arms giving her a soft kiss.

"I know my love...I can't seem to help myself. All I want is to keep my family safe...you two are draining my sanity." He chuckled again and kissed her, stroking her mane as he did.

Then he pulled back and smiled down at their sleeping son.

"But it's the best kind of madness." He whispered.

She giggled and flew out of his arms.

"Come back to bed love...it's cold when you're not there." She winked at him and his smile widened. He turned back to their son and leaned his long neck over the side. He placed a soft kiss on their son's forehead and whispered,

"I love you son..."

Discord snuggled against Fluttershy and she sighed in response. He slowly opened one eye and glanced out the window. Celestia hadn't raised the sun yet, but he could see a thin layer of frost on the window.

It's going to be colder today...

He sighed and closed his eye again determined to stay in his warm bed for as long as possible. He grinned as his hold on his wife tightened.

Especially with such a beautiful prize next to me.

He slowly started drifting back to sleep.

"DAD! DAD! DAD! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! IT'S HEARTH'S WARMING DAY!" Kibou popped into their room and began to bounce around his parent's bed.

Discord growled and snuggled further under the blankets.

"Son...the sun isn't even up yet…" He grumbled, but his son wasn't deterred.

Instead Kibou floated above his head and grinned down at him. Discord felt Fluttershy laugh next to him.

"Come on Dad! There are so many presents! Let's go!" Kibou shouted as he popped out of their room. Presumably back into the living room. Discord grumbled again,

"I love that kid to death, but if that little brat wakes me up early one more time...I'm sending him to the desert."

Fluttershy laughed and rolled over giving him a soft kiss on the nose.

"You didn't mind when he woke you up in the morning when we first brought him home." She said and he rolled his eyes, making her giggle again. He smiled, heavens how he still loved that sound above all others.

"Yes, but now he's five...besides he was cuter back then…" Discord chuckled.


They looked up and the two of them laughed at the pout on Kibou's face. Discord shot out of bed grabbing his son.

"Oh come now...you know I still think you're adorable son! Why just look at this cute, little tummy...in fact it's looking awful yummy?" Discord grinned at his son who started squirming and laughing. Discord opened his mouth and slowly inched towards his son's exposed stomach.

"No! No!" Kibou popped out of the room again, making Discord laugh. Then he heard a soft voice on the other side of the door.

"Daddy you promised you'd teach me how to ice skate this year…"

Discord's heart melted, the word daddy was his son's secret weapon. Anytime his son called him that, Discord fell at the five year old's feet.

He chuckled and went to the door opening it.

"Alright...I'm awake, but you know…" He grinned back at him wife.

"I don't think mommy's fully awake. What do you think son?"

"Oh no you two don't...don't even think about it!" Fluttershy shouted from under the blankets.

Discord winked at his son and Kibou raced to his mother shouting,

"Tickle attack! Tickle attack!" He launched himself into the bed and began to attack his mother. Fluttershy laughed and shouted,

"Discord help!"

"Of course...Tickle attack!" He jumped into bed too and began to tickle Fluttershy along with his son.

"Ah! You're...both...impossible!" Fluttershy laughed.

Discord scooped both his wife and his son into his arms. He gave each of them a kiss and chuckled. He set Kibou down and whispered,

"Go ahead and pick out one present. You can open it while you wait for your mother and me."

Needing no further encouragement, Kibou ran out of their room.

"What's the likelihood he'll stop at one?" Fluttershy whispered.

Discord chuckled again and turned to his beautiful wife. He kissed her and whispered,

"Since he's my son...none."

She laughed and when she looked at him, she had an interesting sparkle in her eyes.

"You love being a father don't you?" She said as she nuzzled his nose.

"Very much so, my love. You and Kibou mean more to me than all of Equestria. Nothing could make me happier than I am with the two of you in my life."

She pulled out of his arms and grinned at him. He raised his eyebrow in question. She grabbed his paw and placed it over her stomach. Discord looked into her eyes surprised.

"What about another one?" She whispered.

Discord laughed and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Oh darling is it true? Are you sure?" He smiled down at her as she nodded.

"Yes I went to the doctors the other day, when I started noticing the symptoms. I wanted to be positive before I told you."

Discord felt his heart burst. Another baby...

"Oh Fluttershy...This is wonderful news, I couldn't ask for a better present. I love you so much." He whispered, stroking his claws through her mane.

She kissed him and then nuzzled into his chest.

"Happy Hearth's Warming Day Discord."

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Omigosh! So much fluffiness in the last chapter.

atomicpuffin did you forget to mark this story complete and i liked Book Two of this series hope they is more in the future

5243828 whoops yes I did :facehoof:

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Really good work!

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7938602 I personally find that episode to have lots of flaws. But that's just my opinion.

I loved your story. I was crying through most of it. Very good!

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