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Mending Love:Love is Chaos - atomicpuffin

Discord and Fluttershy are living the married life and the former Lord of Chaos is about to realize that chaos can come from all corners of life.

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Chapter Ten

Author's Note:

I'm going to apologize here just like I did when I first wrote this. :twilightblush: I don't describe the other five mare's dresses simply because I drew a complete blank when trying to so I greatly apologize for that lack of detail :fluttercry: please don't hate me.

Discord stared at the dancing flames, curling further around the sleeping mare snuggled against him. She was so peaceful looking, he didn't have the heart to move her and chance waking her.

He smiled down at her and sighed, grateful that she had finally come back to him. Happy she hadn't pulled away from him when he had kissed her.

Guess this means I'll have to go thank Lulu later… well maybe…

He leaned down and gently rubbed his nose in her mane, taking a deep breath of her natural scent. He closed his eyes in eternal bliss, his fears put at bay. She had come to him willingly, maybe she hadn't opened up yet about what was worrying her…

He chuckled as he rested his cheek against hers and thought.

Not that you gave her a chance you sly devil…

When she woke up, then they'd talk. He sighed and lifted his head, turning to look at the flames again.

He began to wonder about what could be on his pretty mate's mind. It could be any number of things. The poor thing worried about everything so much he wondered how she hadn't had a heart attack yet.

However his biggest clue was that whatever had bothered her happened after their fight and they released that magical…

He froze on the thought,

Could it...could it be...it was the power of chaos magic that had upset her so?

He looked down at his wife frowning. She had reassured him so many times about his fears on the subject that it wasn't likely but…

Is she starting to worry about our son having chaos magic? Is...is she starting to fear it...fear me?

All his fears returned in an instant, he couldn't keep the hurt out of his voice.

"Fluttershy...are you afraid of what my magic can do? Are you...afraid of...me?"

Discord shook his head and chuckled,

"Oh please Discord listen to yourself. She's the same mare that doesn't bat an eyelash at your tricks...the same mare that resisted your magic from the beginning, such bravery doesn't fade...Yes, she loves me…so..."

He sighed and nuzzled her behind her ear as he whispered,

"She would never fear my magic or me…"

He smiled deciding to put the thought out of his mind as he lifted his head away. He didn't notice that the said mare had stopped breathing, having woken up and heard everything he just said.

Oh dear…

Fluttershy felt her heart drop. How could she tell him now, knowing just how hurt he would be? Everything she had been afraid of, all her nightmares, they were all true!

If she told him, she'd break his heart…

Oh dear, I knew I should have talked to him...but I let him distract me again!

She sighed, but not quietly enough.

"Fluttershy? Darling are you awake?" He stretched his neck so he could look into her eyes.

She smiled up at him, seeing no point in pretending sleep.

"Hello my love...I'm sorry I fell asleep, I'm sure it was uncomfortable for you…" She whispered, but he cut her off with a soft kiss on the nose. He wrapped his tail further around her and chuckled saying,

"No my dear...I could never be uncomfortable with you beside me. Even on a bed of nails...which is more comfortable than you'd think."

She giggled and stretched, standing up and moving slightly away from him. When she turned around she noticed confusion cross Discord's eyes before he covered it up.

She had to put some distance between them for what needed to be said. She had to tell him...she just hoped that he'd understand.

She took a deep breath and told herself not to worry.

"Discord...we need to talk…and promise you won't interrupt me...I need to say all of this or I never will okay?" She whispered, and was grateful when he only nodded.

He moved so he was sitting up on his haunches looking down at her.

"Well...first I want to tell you how sorry I am that I hurt you...I don't just mean the scratches...although...I'm sorry about that too…"

He opened his mouth, but quickly shut it remembering his promise.

So she continued,

"I mean about pushing you away this past week...I...I hated that I was hurting you, but I was...well...I was worrying about something else and it…I was afraid to tell you...

"You must know that I love you more than anything right?" She looked up at him, her vision blurring with unshed tears, but she saw him nod. She blinked away the tears and closed her eyes.

Okay Fluttershy...you can do this...you can do this...just look him in the eyes and tell him…

She opened her eyes and looked up to see Discord watching her looking really worried.

"Discord...I...I was...I am...af...I'm afraid...afraid of…"

A look of pure terror and devastation began to creep into Discord's eyes and the sight froze the words in her throat.

Come on...I can do this...I have to...I can…can...


"I'm afraid of losing my temper again! What if I hurt some pony or you...worse this time? I'm afraid of me!" She shouted as she turned away from him hiding her face. She couldn't let him see the shame in her eyes.

She hadn't lied, but she hadn't told him the complete truth either. She couldn't...all she could do was put her fear to the side and hope it went away.

After all, she lived with so many fears what was one more?

"Oh Fluttershy...is this what's been bothering you darling?" He whispered as he pulled her into his arms. She nodded and couldn't fight the tears any longer.

He rubbed her back and continued to hold her to him, rocking her slightly to help comfort her.

Finally he pulled back and rubbed her cheek with his claw,

"My dear...dear wife. I'm so glad you told me...cause now I can help you as you have me so many times in the past."

He smiled at her and she felt an answering smile pull at her lips.

He pulled her tight against him again whispering in her ear,

"Fluttershy...last week was a fluke...caused by your very stubborn husband. You my dear are the sweetest, most patient, and most loving creature I know.

"Who else would put up with some pony like me? Darling...you could never hurt a soul...you cry when a little fly gets hurt."

He chuckled and pulled back again, wiping away her tears.

"Now does that sound like a mare who would easily lose her temper and hurt another?"

He asked and she shook her head. He gave her a soft kiss and sighed.

"See, nothing to fear my dear. So my love is that all that was bothering you? You know you can always tell me anything that troubles you. I need to know these things so I can help…"

She looked up at him and it was so tempting...

Tell me I have nothing to fear in chaos magic…

"I...I don't think we should...go to...the Gala…" She whispered hiding behind her mane.

He pulled back further, shocked.

"What? But I thought you really wanted to go I mean...that's why we were fighting in the first place? Plus Rarity already finished the dresses for all of you...darling if you're saying this just to please me…" He placed one of his fingers over her lips, when she would have interrupted.

"If you think this is what I want to hear my love, don't say it for that...besides, going to the Gala will show you that you have nothing to fear...that you can be around others without anything happening. So my love...we're going to the Gala."

He had leaned in closer with each word and when he finished he kissed her again.

She sighed and decided it was better to go along with him in this. He had a point, if she went to the Gala, it would take her mind off of everything.

She pulled away and smiled up at him, she placed her hoof against his cheek and giggled.

"Alright love...you're right this time...it would be good for both of us to go...I'll get over my fears and so will you."

He leaned back and crossed his arms in mock indignation as he gasped,

"THIS TIME! Aren't I always right?" He placed his claw on his chest and it made her laugh.

Through her laughter she answered him,

"No...in fact...most of the time you're wrong love."

He gasped louder and leaned towards her, pouting so adorably. She laughed harder and flew up to kiss him on his nose, this is what she needed now. The laughter between them returning and with it her fears began to fade to the back of her mind.

"Don't worry Discord...I still love you." She squeaked when he reached out suddenly and grinned at her.

"You do? Hmm...well maybe I don't believe you and need some proof!" He growled at her making her giggle.

She indulged him by giving him another kiss, then just to really prove it…leaning up she gave his ear a quick love bite.

She laughed when he released her and fell limp to the ground.

"Believe me now love?" She laughed hovering above him, his eyes were now large, red hearts.

He grabbed his chest and let his head fall to the side his tongue hanging out, eyes closing.

Then he growled at her, still lying on the ground,

"I said it once and I'll say it again...You will be the death of me…"

*Three months later/Night of the Gala*

"I'm not so sure about this Rarity…" Fluttershy whispered as the other mare finished placing a pin in Fluttershy's mane.

Rarity looked at Fluttershy in the mirror and smiled,

"Nonsense darling. Sure your mane is being difficult at the moment, but trust me I will make this work!" Rarity used the comb to stretch out another strand and Fluttershy sighed.

She didn't mean her hair, knowing anything Rarity did would be beautiful. She meant going to the Gala after all…

"Ha success! See Fluttershy, look at how beautiful you are! I'll bet a baby blue sapphire that Discord faints at the sight of you!"

Despite her worries Fluttershy giggled at the image her friend presented. She stared at herself in the mirror, she hoped he did like it. She had thought her stomach would pose a problem, but when Discord had said he'd helped with the material she had no idea how much.

Somehow he had used his magic so in the dress she didn't look pregnant. When she saw this she had panicked for a moment, but Rarity had laughed and calmed her down. She had lifted the material slight up off Fluttershy's stomach and it had instantly expanded.

"Don't worry darling, naturally it's safe...I know Discord went through great lengths to make sure both you and baby would be happy and comfortable."

Now Fluttershy gave herself one last glance over before sighing.

"Well I guess we shouldn't leave them waiting right?" She asked Rarity who nodded and went to the door. Before she went out however she stopped and turned back to Fluttershy, her eyes misting.

"Rarity is everything…"

Rarity put her arms around Fluttershy and gave her a tight hug whispering,

"You can't know how happy I am for you darling…a baby and a husband who loves you...you have it all." Then she just as quickly let go of Fluttershy and walked out the door, leaving a very confused pegasus behind her.

"Discord, could you stop...You're starting to make me dizzy." Twilight mumbled placing her hoof over her eyes as Discord continued to pace around the group.

He glanced at her and frowned,

"I can't help it...do you think everything is okay...maybe my magic wore off and the dress doesn't fit?"

"Can your magic even fade?" Rainbow Dash asked as she sat next to Soarin on the couch. Discord glanced over at the happy couple, he smiled, glad the two were happy. They were going to have the wedding after Fluttershy had the foal, so she would be comfortable being a bridesmaid.

"Actually no...so I guess I shouldn't be worrying, but I can't help it. I still don't like to have her out of my sights, especially with the baby being so close to coming...is it hot in here?"

He tugged at his collar and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Pinkie looked over and giggled,

"I think some pony is starting to get the daddy jitters!"

The others laughed along with her and even Discord chuckled. He responded rubbing the back of his neck,

"Yeah I guess I am...it's starting to catch up to me that I'm gonna be a father in only a month!" He smiled as the joy of that statement made him radiate...literally he began to glow.

"Alright...care to turn that off though." Applejack covered her eyes against the bright light.

He snapped his fingers and the glow faded. He smiled at all his friends glad the group was going together. It was a slightly larger group than before, what with the mares' dates.

Soarin and Rainbow obviously were going together. Twilight and Flash Sentry, who had come down to 'escort' the princess. Really all of them saw the looks he was giving her. Spike and Applejack were also going together, the two were officially a couple and they certainly made an odd pairing…

Yeah you're one to talk...you're a draconequus married to a pegasus...

Rarity came out the door getting his attention,

"May I present the most beautiful mare in all Equestria!"

The group laughed at her theatrics, but the laughter died in his throat when his wife walked out of the room.

Just as he had thought the dress was beautiful and she looked stunning in it. Her mane was curled and loosely pulled behind her head to allow several strands to fall over her shoulder.

Discord smiled and flew over to his wife taking her hoof,

"Definitely the most beautiful mare in the world...I will be the envy of every stallion at the Gala...especially since no pony will be holding you tonight but me." He growled softly making her blush and giggle.

She smiled up at her husband,

"Same thing goes for you my darling husband, you'll be the handsomest stallion there. Also…"

She lowered her voice so only he could hear,

"I wouldn't want to be in anyponys arms, but yours...at the Gala or home."

He smiled in response and snapped his fingers to conjure a rose, one of his special creations. The flower matched the color of her eyes and he placed it in her hair.

"Ugh, not that this lovey-dove stuff isn't entertaining, but can we get going?" Rainbow complained. The others laughed and Soarin leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Now Dashie, I don't hear you complain when we're lovey…"

"You want to sport a black eye during our wedding?" Rainbow glared at him, making everypony laugh harder.

"All right girls, and guys...I guess Rainbow has a point and we should get going."

The six mares and Spike joined in a circle, as was their tradition and placed their hooves/claw together.

"To the best night ever!" They all shouted in unison and raised their hooves in the air laughing.

Discord rolled his eyes and made a gagging motion, only for Fluttershy to elbow him in the side when she came back to him. He winked down at her and she giggled.

Discord smiled and snapped his fingers to teleport the group outside the ballroom. The different couples began to enter the ballroom, Pinkie and Rarity were walking next to each other when the pink mare suddenly froze.

Then with an excited scream and a blur of pink she dashed across the floor and tackled a yellow stallion standing on the other side.



The two began talking so fast and at the same time it was a wonder the other could hear.

"Oh my Celestia what are you doing here!?" Pinkie.

"What are you doing here? I was invited to help with the decorating! " Cheese.

"Yeah it looks amazing, perfect for tonight! I always come to the Gala, haven't missed one in years! Oh we should totally dance!" Pinkie shouted as she grabbed Cheese Sandwich's arm as she dragged him to the dance floor. Cheese just laughed and hopped along side the energetic mare.

Rarity looked at the all her friends and their dates and sighed.

"Miss Rarity what a pleasant surprise.."

Rarity blushed at the sound of the voice behind her, she turned and tried to cover up her nerves.

"Oh Fancy Pants, why what a delight it is to see you again."

The two began to talk about Canterlot and Rarity's new line, all the while Rarity began to play with her mane and giggle.

Fluttershy noticed this and smiled,

Good...Rarity deserves happiness same as all my friends. I only hope it works out for her.

Rarity nodded at something Fancy Pants said and the two walked towards the dance floor,

On her way there, Rarity looked back and met Fluttershy's gaze. Fluttershy winked and Rarity blushed, but smiled and nodded.

Fluttershy looked up at her husband, he was looking down at her, a smile on his face. He was standing on two legs, so she was hovering next to him, her hoof wrapped in his arm.

She was so happy, she whispered in his ear.

"Oh darling, you were right this is exactly what I needed. It really is going to be the best night ever!"

His smile widened and he turned so he was facing her, he bowed to her.

"It will be if my beautiful wife agrees to dance with me." He straightened up and took her hoof.

Fluttershy laughed and followed him onto the dance floor. As Discord twirled her around the dance floor, she caught glimpses of all her friends. Everyone looked so happy and there was definitely love floating in the air. She sighed and looked up into her husband's eyes, thinking how much she loved him.

He seemed to read her mind for he leaned down and kissed her before whispering.

"I love you so much Fluttershy."