Mending Love:Love is Chaos

by atomicpuffin

Chapter Six

Discord grunted and curled further around his wife trying to ignore the irritating sound.

He opened one of his eyes as the front doorbell rang again.

He grumbled as he sat up, careful not to wake Fluttershy since she needed her sleep.

He smiled down at her, then frowned.

I still wish I knew what had really upset her yesterday?

He knew that something else was bothering her, but since he had promised to back off he didn't want to push it. The bell rang again and he growled, she began to stir so he pulled the blanket further up over her.

He flew out of their room and went to the front door, ready to tear into whoever had pulled him out of his comfy bed.

"What?" He shouted as he opened the door, then he instantly settled when he saw the purple alicorn.

"Oh Twilight, my favorite princess! Sorry for shouting, I'm glad it's just you."

He smiled and Twilight looked away from him a slight blush on her face. He looked at her curiously and thought,

What is there something in the air making all the mares go crazy? Since when is Twilight shy around me?

Twilight glanced back at him and cleared her throat.

"Oh Fluttershy here? I...I need to apologize to her…"

Discord frowned, slightly suspicious now.

"She's sleeping still, she was worn out yesterday when she got I'm letting her get some extra rest."

At this Twilight looked down guiltily, she quickly wiped away a tear before looking back at him. She took a deep breath,

"Discord...when she wakes up...can you tell her I'm so sorry for what I said yesterday? Can you tell her that she was right? I was out of line to suggest something like that…" She paused.

Discord was both intrigued and confused, what in the hay could Fluttershy and Twilight have argued about? As far as he knew the two never fought.

Unaware of it Twilight provided the answer to his internal confusion with what she said next.

"Actually...I should also apologize to you Discord. Honestly I'm surprised you're being so calm and nice to me after what I said...I'm very sorry for overreacting like I did. Of course there's nothing wrong with your son having your magic…"

Discord froze…

"I'm sorry I even hinted that it was something to worry about and that we should ask the princesses about it. Anyways, Discord I just wanted you and Fluttershy to know I feel deep regret that I said anything bad about your Discord?"

He couldn't respond, so many things were running through his mind about what she had said. Too many emotions were fighting to reach the surface that he didn't know how to feel.

He looked down at Twilight and she took a step back so he knew anger was winning.

"Discord?" She asked again, this time she seemed nervous.

He frowned and glanced behind him to his bedroom as he asked the question regarding the sleeping mare inside it.

"You told Fluttershy yesterday that you wanted to warn the other princesses about my son having chaos magic...that's why she came home so upset…why she broke down so suddenly?"

He turned his stare back on Twilight and she backed up even more and her eyes widening with understanding.

" didn't know? Oh sweet Celestia! Discord please I…"

He held up his claw and tried to calm himself down. Unfortunately he failed as he practically growled when he answered her.

"No you did the right thing telling me...thank you. You'll have to excuse me now. Just so you know I'm not angry with you." He shut the door on a still stunned Twilight, so he didn't see her place her hoof over her face or hear her whisper.

"Oh I have two things to make up to you."

Fluttershy began to stir feeling cold, so she turned over to snuggle against her husband. Only...when she reached out all she felt was sheets. She sat up suddenly and looked at the space next to her.

Discord never got out of bed without her, he always stayed curled around her as long as she was sleeping. He hated to leave her side, even when he was summoned to Canterlot he woke her up first with a kiss. She looked around the room, but he wasn't there either.

Getting worried she stepped out of bed and left the room in search of her husband. She didn't see him anywhere in the house so she walked out to the garden.

"Discord? Discord? Dis-oh there you are!" She smiled up at him, he was laying on a cotton candy cloud, his back to her. However he didn't turn when she called to him so her smile fell and she flew up to him. When she saw his face she got even more worried...

He was sulking? She didn't know why, but his face made his emotions clear.

"Oh dear, Discord are you okay honey? Did you get called away again?" She landed next to him, wondering why he was being so quiet.

He didn't respond, he only glanced at her then turned his head away. The motion hurt and scared her, Discord never acted this way around her. He was always so warm and tender, so for him to suddenly be so cold…

"Why…" He whispered, so softly she almost missed it. Confused she just tilted her head. He lifted his head and turned to her, the look in his eyes made her step back. His eyes reflected with fear, hurt, and anger. She didn't understand what had brought this on? She mentally shook her head and took a step forward and reached for him.

"Discord what…" She said as she reached for his face.

She was stunned when he pulled back away from her touch. She was so shocked she just left her hoof held out and her mouth fell open.

He frowned and turned away from her again whispering,

"Twilight came by...she wanted to apologize for what she said yesterday…"

It took a few seconds for his words to get through to her. Oh no…

"She told you what she said?" Fluttershy put her head down, understanding why he was so upset now.

"Why did you lie to me Fluttershy? Just tired huh? Why did I have to find out this way?" He was still speaking with his back to her. She felt tears start to slide down her cheeks. She had to make him understand,

"Discord...I...I didn't want you to worry more...I know you were already worried about what every pony would think about our son's abilities…"

She was relieved when he turned his head to the side to glance at her.

"I know I shouldn't have lied to you honey...I just didn't know how to tell…" She stopped and laid down on the cloud putting her face in her hooves as she silently cried.

What had she done? He had every right to be angry...

She felt his claw on her mane and it made her jump. She looked up into his face and he gave her a small smile before pulling her against him.

His sudden tenderness actually made her cry harder, she felt she didn't deserve it. She hiccupped as she tried to tell him she was sorry.

"I'm...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have...we just talked about being honest with...and now here I am…"

He hushed her and continued to stroke her mane.

"I know my love...I don't have to say anything else...I just...I was just afraid." He pulled away and stroked her cheek as he continued.

"This is what I meant my darling, when I said I was afraid of how others would react to our son having my magic…" He frowned and looked away from her.

"I guess, I wouldn't be surprised if Celestia got involved…"

She put her hoof on his shoulder stopping him as she smiled. When he looked at her she told him,

"No love. Princess Celestia won't have a say in anything to do with our child and I told Twilight as much yesterday."

He pulled back surprised then a grin spread across his face as he nuzzled her ear.

"Why my little minx...did you really tell the Princess Twilight to take her scroll and shove it…"

"Discord!" She shouted interrupting him as she laughed, he joined in her laughter and continued to nuzzle her behind her ear.

He whispered into it,

"Oh I wish I had been there to see!" He chuckled as she blushed.

She shook her head and stammered,

"I..I didn't...I mean not exactly...I just told her…" She sighed before she continued.

"I just told her that they needed to remember he's not just your son."

She looked up at him and she loved the look that came into his eyes. They softened as his lids slid half-way closed. He stroked his claws through her mane and chuckled. He whispered,

"Indeed...that is something I should remember too. Our son may have my magic, but he will definitely have your beautiful heart. My dear, you are an amazing mare have I ever told you that?"

She nodded and giggled. He smiled and pulled her to him again he kissed her forehead.

He held her close and she nuzzled him under his chin, she whispered,

"So you're not mad at me anymore?"

He chuckled and pulled back to look into her eyes.

"No my dear, honestly I can't stay mad at that cute face for long. However..."

He playfully tugged on her mane causing her to giggle again.

"Please love, next time when I ask what's wrong just tell me. I didn't exactly like leaving my warm bed this morning."

She nodded and got a wicked idea. Thinking of the little trick he had shown her...

"Of course love…" She turned away from him and walked to the edge of the cloud. She turned her head and noticed he was watching her, his eyes slightly glazed.

"We wouldn't want you leaving your wife cold now would we?"

She winked at him and swished her tail, he got a huge grin on his face and his fur stood up.

"Why Fluttershy darling, if you missed me so much…" He crawled closer, just like she knew he would. She grinned and waited for it…

"If I left you too soon this morning, I can always make it up to you now." He raised his eyebrows and gave her his triumphant grin, when he was right behind her tail she laughed.

She lifted her back hooves and brought them down hard on the cotton candy clouds. Chocolate milk sprayed up from the puncture and hit Discord right in the face.

He fell back sputtering, and she took off flying and laughing. She turned back to see him sitting up. He growled at her and took off after her,

"Oh no you don't! Get your pretty tail back here!"

She laughed and continued to fly away from him. She was slower with the weight of their son so she knew he was taking it easy on her by not catching her right away. They continued to laugh, enjoying the pure joy emanating from their mates. She turned to look behind her and frowned when she didn't see him behind her. She turned to look in front of her again and her nose touched his.


She screeched and would have fallen had he not been flying under her. He wrapped his arms around her and straightened up holding her.

He laughed and kissed her, dipping her back. When he pulled back up he growled playfully at her,

"I win darling! Now my dear I seem to be covered in sticky chocolate milk so I think our garden romp needs to come to an end."

She giggled and licked his cheek, his face flushed a deep crimson and she felt a shiver run through his body. She laughed and decided to do it again slower and this time adding,

"Mm I don't know...I like the taste." She winked at him and his mouth fell open. He shook his head and growled at her.

"My darling, you are going to be the death of me! My heart nearly..."

Interrupting him she laughed and pulled out of his arms. She flew around him, his eyes following her, and decided she needed one more taste. She licked his other cheek and grinned,

"No I won't because you're immortal my love…so I can do whatever I want to you!" She laughed and flicked his nose with the end of her tail as she flew towards their castle. She glanced back to see him grab his chest and free fall a few feet before flipping and following her.

He caught up to her easily and was flying under her, he wrapped his arms around her making her squeak. He gave her a quick kiss and grinned. His eyes sparkled and he whispered something into her ear then dropped her and flew off faster laughing.

She shouted after him trying to catch up to him,

"What?! Discord wait, what do you mean so am I!? Discord!"