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A magical portal leaves Fluttershy stuck in a strange place with no way home. What are these loud, frightening creatures she finds and why do they turn into cute little animals when you bump into them?

A crossover with "Fruits Basket".
Written with help from SirFrancisBacon.
Edited by Peregrine Caged.

Chapters (2)
Comments ( 37 )

*Looks up "Fruits Basket" and reds the Wiki*
Interesting!... :pinkiesmile: Thanks for introducing your readers to all these crossovers.

You've got my thumb and I'll be keeping up with it, but there's too little so far to really say anything. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this, though. I enjoy Fruits Basket heavily, so this should be good.

I love Fruits Basket already, so adding Fluttershy can only make this better. It'll be interesting to see how she and Tohru get along. :twilightsmile:

Srorry, I have a habit of going into caps when I'm really happy.:yay:

I can practically feel the D'aaws this fic is going to be giving off. Color me interested, I'll be watching this for sure. :pinkiehappy:

The D'aaw level will be over 9000! So will Tohru be showing up or is Fluttershy going to be taking her place?

Tohru is already there silly. :pinkiehappy: She was busy freaking out Flutters.

*strokes his :moustache: thoughtfully* go on...

Hmmm... not bad, not much to go on so far, but it seems well written and has an interesting premise
Definitely tracking, might as well read your other stories while waiting for the next chapter, eh?
Hope this turns out awesome :pinkiehappy:

If you love the show you should definitely take up reading the Manga. It contains so much more and lets say it doesn't leave plot holes the anime has. For one the Master is actually a female raised to be a male and isn't dying like the anime has it. Not to mention in the manga the main heroine actually lifts the curse a long ways down the line but she does.

Plus she isn't a wimp like in the anime when it comes to Kyo's arc. Seriously. She had to have her friends, Yuki and the Master kick her in the rear to get her moving. In the manga there was zero hesitation (I'm just gonna insinuate here so that anyone who hasn't read/seen it yet won't get spoilers). :twilightangry2:

Great Story so far, I'm loving how the interactions of both characters were done.

I'm so looking forward in Fluttershy meeting Momiji Sohma or Ritsu.

I plan to have Momiji show up, but I'm not sure how many of the others will as well. Then again, who wouldn't want to gawp at the talking flying horse?

I want to see Saki and Arisa meet Fluttershy. It'll be amusing

Oh my... This fanfic... WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!
Ahem. Excuse me.:twilightblush:

D'aaw, THE CUDDLES! :yay: I'd say your doing a spot job with the characters personality's, the adorableness of having Tohru and Flutters in the same story is going to cause massive diabetes induced heart attacks. :rainbowlaugh:

wale I like the story itself, Chapter 3 better not take a month.
If that's okay with you...

Finals. Man, they suck the life out of you. :raritycry:

Oh sorry, If that came out as mean.:fluttershysad:
Why do we not have any KIND fluttershy emotes!? I mean,she's the element of kindness for god's sake!

No worries. You're right, we need kind Fluttershy and Luna.

Yes,Luna. the closest we get to princess emotes are these things:
Twis bwcuse,ya know,twilicorn

Comment posted by Everwinter deleted Jul 8th, 2013

Would you mind if I added this to my fruits basket fimfiction group?

you sir...you are a god. I never thought I would see a crossover with one of my favourite anime's of all time...ever. its well done so far and I fucking love it. please keep up the good work and I cant wait for more chapters.

*clears throat* ahem: MOAR!!! GIVE ME MOAR!!!!!!!! :flutterrage: Ahem. Please?! *puppy dog pouty eyes*
Random moustache! :moustache:

As soon as I finish Negi. I promise. :fluttershysad:

3497541 :yay: YAY! :yay: YAY! :yay: YAY! WOOOHOOO!!
Random moustache! :moustache:

I'm listening to the Furuba Radio Drama so I've got a great set of voices for the Fruits Basket cast while I read this. I hope you'll continue this fic soon!

Ok, so, before I read, are you going to update this soon? Because I want to know what I'm getting myself in to.

~Fuzzygecko :derpytongue2:

(But, I'll still read it anyways.)

I read this story a month or so ago and it still hasn't been updated. Has it been canceled or when do you plan on updating it? It would be really sad if it was canceled.

OOOOHHHH!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! Everyone is in character and I want to see Hanajima-san and Uo-chan...oh, and the sheep! He's so much like Angel! What was his name again? Hitsuharu? No? OH well. I love this!:heart::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

Please don't drop this.

WHAT!!!! I am not that far though! Now I'm excited to find the next one.

"Way to go, Shigure, you scared her," Yuki said flatly.

*claps sarcastically* Way to go at scaring my favorite pony.

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