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I'm 24 year old pegasister and an Mechanical Engineering student at SIUE.


A magical portal leaves Fluttershy stuck in a strange place with no way home. What are these loud, frightening creatures she finds and why do they turn into cute little animals when you bump into them?

A crossover with "Fruits Basket".
Written with help from SirFrancisBacon.
Edited by Peregrine Caged.

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Long ago magic and logic existed together, before they were separated to prevent the ruin of the world. Now there exists two parallel universes, magical Equestria and industrial Stark. A guardian is tasked with watching over the two worlds and making sure the power flowing between them is in balance. Now the guardian is missing. April Rain, a young art student living in Stark, discovers she is capable of moving between these worlds. She is tasked with restoring the balance, lest both worlds fall to oblivion.

A crossover with one of the greatest adventure games of all time, "The Longest Journey".
Please feel free to comment.
Rated teen for fantasy violence and mild language.
I do not own MLP or The Longest Journey, which you can find on sale here.

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Each night, as she lay in bed, the sea called to her, and the tide pulled at her bones. Soon, Siren Song will have to answer its summons, lest her nightmares consume her. She will find herself mounting a perilous journey, and her reality will be shattered forever in its wake.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Rated teen for fantasy violence.

Seeking a co-writer who can write fight scenes.

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Twilight finds herself saddled with looking after a weird unicorn colt and his talking pet ermine. The new pony insists that he is actually a human mage from another place, brought here by something he calls "the darkness". Yet it seems like he can barely cast any spells at all. Now, with strange creatures running about, and her friends acting odd, Twilight will have to make a decision whether or not to believe his crazy stories or not. And what exactly is this "pactio" thing the ermine keeps going on about? Wait... what do you mean it involves kissing?!

Comments are always welcome. Please note that this is a crossover of the SECOND Negima series, which was the more lighthearted one. A basic understanding of the anime/manga is recommended before reading this story in order to avoid confusion. This fic is not to be taken seriously.

Cowritten by the the stupendous HellRyden.

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A strange recluse named Widget is starting a life for herself in the Everfree forest. Her mother told her to avoid the ponies in the nearby town of Ponyville, but fate intervenes during an incident involving a platypus and a large cannon. This is the story of a misfit trying to find her place in the world, as well as the courage to stand against the worst critic anypony can face... themselves.

WARNING: Comments may contain spoilers.
A big thanks to HoovesLikeJagger for his awesome cover art.

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