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I'm 24 year old pegasister and an Mechanical Engineering student at SIUE.


Twilight finds herself saddled with looking after a weird unicorn colt and his talking pet ermine. The new pony insists that he is actually a human mage from another place, brought here by something he calls "the darkness". Yet it seems like he can barely cast any spells at all. Now, with strange creatures running about, and her friends acting odd, Twilight will have to make a decision whether or not to believe his crazy stories or not. And what exactly is this "pactio" thing the ermine keeps going on about? Wait... what do you mean it involves kissing?!

Comments are always welcome. Please note that this is a crossover of the SECOND Negima series, which was the more lighthearted one. A basic understanding of the anime/manga is recommended before reading this story in order to avoid confusion. This fic is not to be taken seriously.

Cowritten by the the stupendous HellRyden.

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Behold, my second fan-fiction and my first real attempt at a crossover (my first try never left the drawing board... I may get back to it eventually). I tried to find a crossover that hasn't been done to death before. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I am always looking to improve my writing. Chapters will tend to vary in length, and will be told from the point of view the quoted individual. I don't own the anime/manga or any of the characters... blah blah blah legal CMA.

A big thanks to CanterlotGuardian for letting me bounce ideas off him for this story.

Now this... is a nice concept.

Which concept, Negima or pactio ponies? :pinkiecrazy:

Hopefully with enough feedback I'll do it justice.

I have not read this yet, but... NEGIMA!!!!!!!! IT's a must by my standards then! I shall get back to you on this story tomorrow!!!!! DON"T LET THIS STORY DIE AND YOU BETTER UPDATE IT!!!!!!

...okay....just...tell me where you are and stand there for a bit, imma find you and tackle you into a hug for making this

*Sees bare-chested man in tutu running towards her with intent to tackle.* "Eeep!" :fluttershyouch:

On a serious note, thanks for the support. Any title ideas?

Well, I havnt actually read it yet, gonna read it later at school. Though, I was thinking Magic Friend Twilight/Negima?! but Mahou [insert word for friend] [insert Twilight/Negima?!]

This is based off the second anime with the chuppa club and what not.

Ahhhhh, hmm, i'l think some more after I read it in the morning.
Until then, toodaloo~

Not bad, it's an interesting concept and I didn't notice anything major in grammar(then again it's not really my thing). My only complaint is that the chapters are a little short but then again I'm use to reading long chapters so it could be me.

Edit: I've notice that you that sometimes you put ", and" in some of your sentences and I'm not too sure that it needs one. Example:

"This way I can see my work come alive, and make sure it's absolutely perfect for the customer."

Like I said grammar isn't really thing but I thought I should point this out just in case. Looking at it again I've notice this come up a lot so it could be just a bad habit. It's really nothing major but grammar nazi's might throw a fit.

I am loving the idea of this. But I swear if this goes and throws feels from nowhere like the first anime did, I will just explode.

Negi Springfield in Equestria... :trixieshiftleft:

Look out, colts, competition has arrived!:pinkiecrazy:

Don't worry, I'm basing this on the second one. Expect some randomness, cosplay cards, and dud cards. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, they ended up kind of short. I'll try to update bi-weekly to make up for it. I'll also go look for rogue commas.

... I forgot the opening song, OMG. :raritydespair:
Better late than never.

This I want to see..... *tracked*

Negima crossover with MLP? And it's actually pretty good?!
Well, I'm liking this already.

Great manga shame some of the amines where Wth is going on here... Shame my favourite character never got enough spotlight.. Hehee fuck foreshadowing .. Take a guess who it is.. Hints they could easily get into this dimension, they are a boss character level. Ps ten year old pimp walks into a 8:1 female to male town... 1 week later 0:2 ratio. Also negi can't use strip sneeze :C

While rather short, I feel like I got Chamo's take on the situation pretty well figured out in this chapter. Expect another update before the end of the week. Let me know if there's anything in this chapter that needs fixing.

Not bad, although I kind of expected Chamo to scream no at the top of his lungs when he found out that there are no panties and bras in Equestria.

He groaned. He heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

Instead of using two sentences you could write it like this:
Groaning, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

Give him time, he's in shock right now. :pinkiecrazy:

Fixing mistake.

You might want to check out the Proofreading, Pre-Reading And Editing group. I'm sure they can help you out more than I can.

Bleh... I'm not sure about this chapter. Let me know what you think I should change. Twilight is really stressing out here... and so am I. :twilightblush:
I could really use an editor who knows the show... or at least some calming herbal tea. :facehoof:

You set up a convenient plot device, this is a good story :rainbowdetermined2:

Good chapter, no major mistakes pop up for me so your fine. Normally I would say bigger chapters but as I trying to write my own fic I realize that it's not as easy as it sounds. :twilightsheepish:

"Funkyferret, Please Write Longer Chapters" by Urdreth.

I am updating twice a week... love the format of the comment.

Sorry for the long wait. I've been sick over the past week with the flu. I've had enough trouble hauling my sorry, sniveling flank to and from class, much less putting enough coherent thoughts together to write an update to my story. :ajsleepy: Here's two chapters to make up for it, hopefully they're up to snuff.

Finally getting into the actual meat of the story. Let me know what you all think. :twilightblush:
I took pity on Chamo and gave him a bit of a break.

WOOOP!!! I can not wait for mare and shall be around the corner with baited breath.:pinkiehappy:

Didn't notice any major grammar mistakes which is good. Glad to see this some new chapters today and here's a Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy: to make you feel better. Onwards to the next chapter.

This chapter is good to. Also silly Negi trying to use his magic without full recovery. Can't wait to see what Twi's pactio is.

Hope I didn't end up too sappy at the end there... I tried to keep the 'tender moment' to a minimum. I feel like Rainbow Dash would have a very 'Asuna-like' relationship with Chamo, given their personalities. Hopefully it works out correctly.

"Her name's 'Rainbow', and she thinks the term 'bluebird' is insulting?"

:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh: Such Logic:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

um, Ferret... why didn't you tell me this story had gotten posted? I would have come read it earlier...

Here you go, hopefully it's up to par. It's been a while, so I might be a little rusty. Critique away!
Finally got around to naming the thing, hope you like it.

Edit: Ohmygerd it's over 1k words. I feel so accomplished. :derpytongue2:


They really do need an Anime only pre-reader. If only for someone who has basic knowledge of the major anime and manga series.

"Sometimes I think Chamo is a little too eager to make me contract with someone.....''

...Negi's eyes widened as he felt something cool and scaly meet his lips. He looked into the eyes of an equally panicked baby dragon.

Sorry... Just had to.

*blinks* ... wow I didn't even notice that when I wrote it.

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