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Quite an intresting concept. I look forward to more. :pinkiesmile:

I haven't even read it yet, but this is gonna be awesome!:pinkiehappy::duck: DUCKFACE

Well.....It's interesting......I think..........It's a new spin on the topic. Great job with the big fanchy werds!:moustache:

I notice this is marked mature, but neither sex nor gore is specified, forcing me to ask, is this clop?

This is creepy

Awwwww baby shining armor sooo cute :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

No, there's no clop in this. You'll see why if you read it.

P.s. maybe you can read my story my day in ponyville

Interesting... it's one way of addressing the immortality problem.

Not liking how this is going.

2132011 So there's not gonna be any foalcon, then? Then why is it marked mature?

I seem to have a knack for these types of stories so please keep on writing and continuing this. I am very interested in learning what is going to happen next.

I admit I laughed.

There's a moment where you didn't capitalize Cadence's name but everything's all right.

2132047, the mods see this as "fetish" material and depending on which mod you get, they'll either let it through with either an Everyone, Teen or Mature. Usually, they'll make you tag it as mature.

While not amazing in the style department, your mechanics were solid and it wasn't duller than a pencil that had been worn down to the eraser nub. Good show, looking forward to more.

In regards to people fussing about the mature tag, sex was heavily implied and the use of the diaper would probably squick the pre-reader. A word of advice would be to keep the more... detailed parts for a second chapter, after your story is approved. As long as you don't do anything too extreme after that, chances are the story won't be bumped up.

That said, as long as there isn't an clop, the application of a Mature tag is unfair. A Teen, yes, but not Mature.

I so call a breastfeeding scene.

Awwwe poor little Shinning Armor not up to playing with teddy

OH GOD. :raritycry: I'm having flashbacks to Pattycakes. :facehoof:

This. This shit right here gives me nightmares. I don't mind foalcon. I don't mind rape. I don't mind gore and torture and death. But this shit makes my skin crawl.

Oh, wait, I just realised who the author is. You're the one who wrote the story about Big Mac getting castrated and the one about 63'd Twilight getting her junk bitten off by Chrysalis' vagina dentata. I thought those were both pretty funny. Congratulations on finally outputting something that disgusts even me.

oh the cold heartless cruelty of it all:pinkiecrazy: I like it

*incoming call from Shining Armor*
Sup Shine. Calling in that favor I owe you for letting me go the other day?
*in high-pitched voice* uh-huh.
... Who is this?
Jeff, it's me, Shining Armor. My sister cast some spell on me or something last night, and now I'm an infant. You're the only pony I know that can restrain an alicorn with the threat of lethal force, so I need you to come down here and get them to CHANGE ME BACK!!!
*sighs* I'm on my way...
10 minutes later
*stretches* thanks Jeff. I had no idea you could reflect a spell back at somepony with your knife. I'm guessing that's how you took out my best unicorn guards last time.
Yeah. So, is that everything?
*turns to baby Cadence and Twilight* Wanna help me pick out some humiliating outfits for them before you go?
Oh HELL yes :rainbowlaugh:
*glances at Cadence*
*glances at Twilight*

That needs Dark tag.

Seriously. Being put through infancy again and again and again?... Arguably, a fate worse then death, when one`s mind stays adult.

Agreed. Mid to late Teen years without all that pesky "School" Hell to deal with, fine. Reliving a body that can't handle potty training, not so much.

I am intrigued by this concept. But I feel for shining armor. I hope he gets his revenge in the end.

Dang you Twilight. Poor Shinning. I hope he gets back at them in some way eventualy:rainbowlaugh:

Well that took age play to a different level. :rainbowderp:

but this story is way to good, way to full of potental, to pass up. Faved.:heart:

Hmm... Maybe Shining needs to be friends with Discord for some real revenge.

You, are an evil, evil, reasonably twisted soul.

Good on ya!

Personally, I find this hilarious. Will follow this to the end cheerfully.

And, for those of you who regard being regressed to being a baby with an adult's mind by two immortals devoted to keeping you happy and healthy as a nightmare/fate worse than death? ...What plane of existence do you hale from? It must be very strange...

y:twilightsmile:u are twisted

2140709 The plane of existence where personal independence and free will matter? I dunno.

Interesting I'm going to follow you on this. :twilightsmile:

He wasn't sure how things could get worse. One thing was sure, he was going to find out.

Just wait Shining Armour until your first bath...

Well, this just got much creepier.

:twilightoops: Alicorn Twi and Cadence are really, really psychotic...

If I was Shining Armor, I'd wait until Celestia and Luna came back, then tell them everything, let them change me back, and as soon as possible GET AWAY FROM CADENCE. And divorce her in a court where you don't have to be present, because she is a PSYCHO.

I'm liking what you've been doing so far, please keep it up and continue writing.

You are doing a really good job.

Cadence and Twilight need to go to a mental therapist

Comment posted by FlutterFan93 deleted Feb 21st, 2013

Heheh, loving this story tons! Hope they eventually sit down and explain the whole situation to him. Right now though it's more fun to watch Shining squirm X3

So, Cadence is basically giving him good feelings when she wants him to be alright with something and taking it away when he fights what she wants? Welp, can't see what's wrong with that, not like she's training him through artificially inducing good feelings when he's obedient.

This story divides me. On one hand, its a story of a fetish I'm all behind and its well written. On the other, Cadence and Twilight are being evil. I want to watch Shining being inevitably left as a foal and how it gets there yet I also want him to get out of the situation Oh, its hard to decide. So I'll keep reading until I decide and enjoy the ride.

Keep up the good work.

I think they should of regressed his mind as well.

Well Twilight and Cadnece's intentions are good but they really shouldn't have tried to force this onto Shining Armor. You know they should've asked him if he wanted to be young again as opposed to regressing him out of the blue.

Overall I think they need to consider Shining Armor's feelings the next time they decide to regress him.

Still this is pretty good. Not really sure Cadence should've spanked Shining Armor just because he tried to ask for help.


Doubt that would work. I am guessing immortality makes them all crazy so Celestia and Luna will probably think this is a great idea.

This story is funny, I just had had to mark it.
Nothing is wrong with the story it's self and it is a fun idea.
But I wish to say;
While I do understand there fear in losing someone they love. I think they whet too far.
did any one notice they both waited for Celestia and Luna to be gone before doing this to him.
Then why did they not try and regress his mind so that he could be more complacent with his new roll?

Well good luck in the future and hope everything turns out all right.
I hope I see more chapters.

I think this is grounds for a divorce.

this is a strangly funny yet at the same time Dark story. I can see this becoming a Dark fic really easy. I reallly feel for S.A.. If I was in this position I would have escaped and be currently working through the lybrary on how to reverse the spell. That or just find Luna in my dreams and ask for help.:rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy:

also what was he trying to spell in the Blocks?

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