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United States, Canada, Mexico, panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, republic Dominica, Cuba,
Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too! Puerto rica, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Honduras, and still, acutually no ones gonna read this so buttpenis

3951539 it's a buttpenis. Same logic as Pinkie Pie

Good Christ did I love the teat suckling part. I don't know what it is, but pony teats get me going. I also love how you use realistic equine "heat" indicators (winking/squirting).


cant argue with that...

oh wait.

yes i can! i just refuse to.

3954548 with time,my child,you will give in

3951556 oh poor little dashiel,not knowing a thing

3955173 oh well...um,uh,ummm....uhhhh...potatoes?

3957073 alright then! I'll pick you up at about 8:30ish

See you then

Okay, so what happened to Mr. Cake, and why are humans being treated as a lesser non sapient species?

3957678 yes we'll do texting and scones, or maybe I can take you to the olive garden


Sounds like a date

Author Interviewer

I wouldn't have read this had anyone else written it. Dammit, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. :/ Where's the Dashiel I know and love?

That there was no shoe to drop was the other shoe! Even a lord of chaos has to be straight up sometimes.

Pro tip: If you end up here, and you're male, don't display aggressive behaviour. Their solution to 'alpha male displays' is rather simple, and permanent.


Have a fave and an upvote.:moustache:

He didn't add it into the description, but it's a Your Human and You spin off thing.

Cause I can

actually it wasn't intended to be, but it seems to fit so hey! why not! :pinkiecrazy:

Plus, the voluptuous mrs cake needs some lovin'

Well... Uh... If it wasn't, from what I've read of the description (I actually rarely read clop) it seemed to fit from what the canon story's said about her. It doesn't help that it's in the spinoff story section of the yhay group :P

Ah. That is why.
I really don't understand why that story got so popular.

I'm rather fond of it, honestly, though I'll admit that I'm not fond of all of the spinoffs.

i find it rather nice... sort of "sad" story


Originals are usually the best. And while some spin-offs can be good and acquire their own identity while in the same 'universe', most are just that: spin-offs.

4001445 ...well played,but you didn't learn them by heart while snowed in one day

I sadly would have never had such a marvelous chance. Not only did I not have the means, but there's no such thing as "snow" where I grew up.

*worlds tiniest violin*

4003173 you poor,poor person. learn them. Right now.WHY ARE YOU STILL READING!??!??!!

4003335 Mostly because I'm absolutely terrible at remember anything. I've no idea why my grades are so good.

"I looked up as the entered."
as she

Dang, I was holding out for Carrot to walk in, see all that, and yell at them for not waiting for him so he could watch.


Sorry, but tag "dark" truly belongs here. I appreciate your effort, but i was unable to finish reading it

The neutering of sentient people, not to mention overt slavery, is what cost this a thumbs up.

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