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Author Interviewer

This really ate me up inside.

A new approach to dark. But it's not gore (yet, I think).
I just hope you have a solid plot (i.e. explaining why Twi needs to eat live ponies to become an alicorn), and not just making this for the shock value.

What a tasty story!

No wait, I hate vore, why did I read this...

Well that's just creepy. To each their own fetish, but I'm out of here.
*Opens door and walks out, being careful to avoid a carnivorous Lyra's gaze*

:rainbowwild: Tasty!

Enjoying the story so far, loving Celestia's sickness! :trollestia:

You seem rather conflicted my friend.

298410 I kinda forgot to mentioned that this was in chronological order...

A natural progression of emotions it is then.

Tracked... I don't even know why. It's just "Ewww.." and "HOLY SHIT AWERSOME" at the same time.

The apple in the mouth was a nice touch. Does this mean Fluttershy will be served with butterflies?:derpyderp2:

298513 Only if Twilight is served with real stars. :facehoof:

i was expecting porn.
what the complete hell did i just read. a vorefic?:pinkiesick:

Oh jesus what is this?



Why the heck did I just track this?

One question were you high during the writing of this story?:trollestia:

BOB SAGET! This is something. PISSSSS!

WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN :unsuresweetie::facehoof:

Why is it that i can't wait for more?

Picard would be proud of how bad this fails


I found this very engorging.

Uh... I mean engaging, heheh...

For once I can actually say.
I have no idea and did not understand anything of what I just read...

:fluttershbad::pinkiesick::applejackconfused::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::duck: Are all valid reactions to this wtf monstrosity.

I'm conflicted in my opinion of this because I like vore but I hate expansion-style vore. I prefer when the one who does the eating stays the same size. That's why the main kind of vore that I like is giantess vore, because it has where the one being eaten is substantially smaller than the one doing the eating, so after the vore the one who does the eating still looks the same and not like a giant blob. It also works if they do it in the style of Majin Buu from Dragonball Z, where they actually transform the victims into things that are edible like chocolate bars or jawbreakers.

(WARNING: Vore Related Puns incoming!)

I can understand why some people find it hard to 'stomach' something like this. Vore does tends to be a taboo subject, as it's akin to cannibalism. Viewing, or in this case, reading about some being eating another whole leaves 'a bad taste in the mouth'

Now, as for me, I have no problem 'swallowing' this story, though it's hard for my mind to 'digest' the sexual nature of this....

Just some 'food' for thought.

(Okay, I'm done...with the puns that is)

the sad part is i hate vorefics but liked and tracked this damn thing anyways:pinkiecrazy:

that should tell you something

Must...un-track...disgusting...but so...interesting...un-track....no track...!

Author Interviewer

Careful... No biting the hoof that feeds you.


I am ever merely the Ed McMahon to your Johnny Carson ^.^ You are correct sir.

Author Interviewer

At least you aren't full of yourself.

I've you've got anything cooking, feel free to chomp in.


Yes yes, I know you're hungry for any new news concerning the next course of my banquet of fine fics. Well, sate yourself on this: Next up, The Dames of the Tea Table go out to have a drink. Hilarity more than ensues. If only because you get to see Luna trying to convince other ponies that she's a modern mare. Oh my Luna...

Also, there's a Bad Apple story coming. He's coming closer and closer to the present in his flashback chapters, and nearer to a most remarkable destiny.

Author Interviewer

Whatever you chews to do, I'm sure it will be a treat.

Hmmmmmmmm... this fic disgusted me and amazed me. Good job. Wonder what applejack tastes like...
tracking and liking.

When are the next parts coming?!


cant wait to see more of this

If Celestia likes the idea of eating for sexual pleasure so much, then why doesn't she magically eat ponies and then safely, say, teleport them out of her? That way, she can follow the whole "if you break your toy, you can't play with it anymore" / "if you keep your toy okay, you can play with it for a long time" line, and it would be a kinky fetish viewed as eccentric rather than... murder.

You magnificent bastard, Dashiel. Writing such heinous stuff, right up to that point... and STOPPING.

I think this one's actually complete, because of how much of a mindfuck it becomes... :applejackconfused:

Just came here fom ekas portal.
Everyone who likes this story should take a look at it :twilightblush:

This story is so trolololicious, I love it.

wow first chapter one long vore seen.

update soon please

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