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I'm your normal Battlefield brony,I'm no clopper or furry.

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Greetings from America!:twilightsmile:

EverFree war sounds pretty good, and have a watch from me,!


It's a pretty big re-vamp. Basic concept stays the same, but I'm changing the beginning and some other aspects. You won't recognize it as being the exact same story it used to be, but it will be a much much more entertaining read. I took my break from writing, and now I'm back, in full force! :rainbowdetermined2:


Ohhh!!! Must look!

Hey Angel. I started a notebook for the re-vamped version of The Equestran Hawk. It will be drastically different but ten times as awesome. I start on the writing tonight and when I get some done, if you wanna look at it just drop me a line on Xbox or whichever :twilightsmile:

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