• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: New life, in Ponyville
Early in the morning, Kay's the first to wake up. He stretches his body and flexing his muscles. Josh wakes up after him.

Kay: Sleepin' well?
Josh: I was before I wake up.
Kay: Ah. Okay, I'm gonna go take a shower.

Kay then wanders around the house to look for the bathroom, and Twilight notice him.

Twilight: Morning Kay, looking for something?
Kay: Morning Twilight. Is there a bathroom around? I wanna take a shower.
Twilight: Its over there.

Kay thanked Twilight and heads to the shower. Twilight then enters their room to check out Josh.

Twilight: Josh,you okay?

Josh heard Twilight and just continue inspecting his Raging Bull.

Josh: What do you want?

Twilight: Just wanna make sure you're okay.

Don't want to bother him,Twilight leave him alone. After a shower,Kay felt like a million bucks.

Kay: Ooh, thats some good ass shower!
With a towel on his waist and his camo cargo pants on his shoulder, he enters his room.

Josh: Allright,your turn. Don't wanna smell like a roadkill here. Shower's over there.

Josh put down his sidearm and head to the shower. Kay put on his underwear, then he put on his cargo pants and t-shirt. Bringing his M16A4 isn't necesarry, so he brings his Deagle and combat knife instead.

Kay: I'll be going out for awhile, wanna do a little tour.
Twilight: Okay, but don't cause any trouble.
Kay: Don't worry, I'm fine.

Kay get out of the house and trots around Ponyville. While the ponies still stare at Kay, some just minding their own business, knowing that Kay won't cause any harm.

Kay: Now,wonder what to do today? Perhaps,I could help Applejack with the farm.

So he went to the apple farm to meet Applejack.

Sweet Apple Acre
Applejack was bucking the apple trees untill she saw Kay.

Applejack: Well howdy, Kay? Sleepin' well?
Kay: What can I say, I slept like a baby.
Applejack: So,what brings you here?
Kay: I was wondering if I could help around, make myself usefull.
Applejack: Well you can help me with apple bucking.
Kay: Love to.

Kay position himself near a apple tree and prepare to kick the tree. He lifts his legs and let out a powerful kick. Apple started to fall from the tree and landed on the baskets underneath the tree.

Applejack: Nice one, sugar cube. But, you sorta miss one.
Kay: (kicks the tree) Done.
Applejack: Okay, now you should take them apples to the farm.
Kay: Okay. (lifts the apples)
Applejack: Need any help?
Kay: No thanks, I can do it.
Applejack: Alright. Careful now.

Kay lift the heavy loads of apples and carry it to the farm. On his way, he saw Big Macintosh, who's also carrying apples.

Big Mac: Well howdy, Kay.
Kay: How do you know my name?
Big Mac: My sister told me all about you.
Kay: You mean Applejack?
Big Mac: Eeyup.

Big Macintosh was a bigger pony,hence his name,but not as tall as Kay.

Kay: So, you're helping Applejack with the apples?
Big Mac: Eeyup.

So they continue with their work while having a conversation.

Twilight's house
Joshas just finish taking a shower and now putting on his green BDU and his equipment. When he's about to go out, Twilight stops infront of him.

Josh: What now?
Twilight: We need to talk, about yesterday.
Josh: I know acted rude yesterday!
Twilight: And you didn't say your sorry.
Josh: Do I have to?
Twilight: Yes.

She than levitate a scroll and a quil for Josh.

Twilight: Now write down an apology letter.
Josh: Fine.

Josh grabs the scroll and writes a letter.

Josh: Here, done.
Twilight: Good. Now I'm going to sent this to Princess Celestia. You can go now.

Josh then continue his way to the door and into Ponyville.

Twilight: Spike! Help me send this letter please!

Sweet Apple Acres
Applejack: Well, looks like we have enough apples for today.
Big Mac: Well, we did a good job bringing the apples here, Big Mac.
Big Mac: Eeyup.

Applejack takes a big, juicy apple and toss it to Kay.

Applejack: Take it, ya earn an apple.

Kay just accept the apple cause he haven't ate a thing.

Kay: Thanks, Applejack. I'll see you around, got something to do. 'Time to see Fluttershy.'

Fluttershy's cottage
While Fluttershy is busy tending her animals, Kay is hiding behind a tree.

Kay: 'Okay, pull yourself together. You can do this. Just go there and tell her how you fell about her. Okay.'

Kay ready himself, gets out of his hiding and went to Fluttershy. Every steps he took, his heart beats faster, and faster, untill when he reach her, his heart skips a beat.

Fluttershy: Oh, Kay. What brings you here?
Kay: 'Say something, idiota!!' I..I want to say thank you for taking care of me yesterday.
Fluttershy: Oh, y-you're welcome.
Kay: 'Now, say how you fell about her.' Fluttershy. T-there's...something I want to tell you...
Fluttershy: Yes?
Kay: 'This is it! You can do this!! This is the chance for you to say how much you love her!!' I....I-I.... I like your mane!!!
Fluttershy: Oh..um.. t-thanks you....
Kay: 'You fucking idiota!! This is getting awkward! Vamos!' Uh, I-I better get going now. S-see you around.

Kay quickly runs away from her.

Kay: Eres un idiota! Tienes tu oportunidad y la arruinaste!!! FUCK!!!

After his spanish breakdown, he sits on the ground, regretting his actions.

Kay: 'Maybe...tomorrow I'll do it again.'

Secret Underground Base
A large metal cage containing a raging Chimera is outside of the base entrance. A few unicorns guard the area. Discord, now the leader of an underground rebel group, observe the beast.
Discord: Is the Chimera ready?
Blood Burst: The Chimera is ready,sir. We trained it to only attack the bearer of the Elements of Harmony and anypony that tries to stop it.
Discord: Good.
Blood Burst: What's your order, sir?