• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Recovering
Military Hospital
Kay: Uh... What? Where am I?

Kay wakes up and finds himself in a hospital bed. On the left is a medic.

Medic: Good to see you're okay, Staff Sergeant.
Kay: Wha? What happened?
Medic: You were shot to the stomach, sir. We have to surgecaly remove the bullet. We manage to save your life, sir.
Kay: T-thanks for that.
Medic: Do you need anything, sir?
Kay: No, I'm fine. Thanks.

The medic leaves Kay in his ward all by his own. The silences of the ward, with only the fan making quite noises fills the air, Kay started to feel bored. He tried to remember what happen back in Everfree, untill Shadow Hooves came in.

Shadow Hooves: Sarge. You're okay.
Kay: Corporal.
Shadow Hooves: We were worried when you find out that you were seriously injured. We though that we were going to lose you.
Kay: Well guess what, they can't kill me. Not now, not then. How long was I out?
Shadow Hooves: Two days, sir.
Kay: Two fucking days?! Shit, I'm getting out of here!
Shadow Hooves: But sir. You need to rest more.
Kay: I had enough rest!

Kay gets off the bed and steps out of the ward. As he walks, he tries to endure the pain. The medic tries to stop him, but Kay ignores him.

Medic: Sir! You can't go out yet! You need to take some rest! Sir!
Kay: I don't like laying my ass too long, private!

Kay exited the hospital while ignoring the medic's orders.

Medic: He just... Steps out.
Shadow Hooves: Just, continue your work, private.
Medic: Y-yes, sir.

While on their way to the command and control, Yuri ask Josh about the ABF's new weapons.

Yuri: What did you saw back there?
Josh: I never seen anything like it. Princess Celestia has to know about this.

Command and Control
After entering the Command and Control room, Josh lets out orders as a captain.

Josh: Get the princess, now!
Soldier: Right away, sir.
After a few seconds, the screen turns on, with Princess Celestia on it.

Celestia: Yes, captain. How was the mission?
Josh: It went well, untill we were captured by the ABFs. Thankfully, Lieutenant Commander Kravchenko lead a rescue to saved us. We've got multiple casualties and Staff Segeant Lopez is seriously injured, but he's okay for now.
Celestia: Their scarifice will never be forgotten. I'm glad to hear that Kay is okay. Have you got any information about their weapon?
Josh: We got more than info, your highness. Me and Corporal Shadow Hooves saw the weapons in the downed plane. It's not what I expected. They are making unmanned armies. Drones. We were unable to capture the weapons because the ABFs ambushed us.
Celestia: It seems that our enemies are getting stronger. You have to find a way to stop them, captain.
Josh: I'll try my best, your highness.
Celestia: I'll be off then. Goodbye.

The screen flicks off, ending their conversation.

Yuri: Is that true? You saw the weapons?
Josh: Yes. Saw it with my own eyes. I'm gonna check on Kay.

Gym (yes, they have a gym)
While Kay's benching iron, Josh came in to see him.

Josh: I though you were in the hospital. Didn't you hear what the doctor said?
Kay: You know me, Josh. I don't like laying my ass on the bed too long. I got to lift. If I lift, I get harder. If I get harder, I won't get soft. Cause if I get soft. (puts the barbell on the rack and sits down) Don't expect to see me live another day.
Josh: So, you're okay.
Kay: Yeah, I'm okay. The others. Do they get a funeral?
Josh: Yes. May God bless their souls.
Kay: I wish I was there.... On their funeral, paying my last respect to my men that promise to gett hem home safe!

Enrage, Kay lifts the heavy barbell and toss it to a wall, leaving a huge crack. Josh is shcok to see Kay acting like this, but he knows something happened back in Everfree.

Josh: Kay, what happened back there? What did they do to you?
Kay: Eric. That son of a whore was there. He tortured me, so I would break. I didn't break, cause he's sucks at it. So he gather my men and kill them right infront of me. Those soldiers.... I made a promise to them, so that they will return home safe and reunited with their families and love ones. That's just too much to ask. That young soldier on the boat, you remember him?
Josh: Yeah.
Kay: Turns out, I'm not the only one's about to get married after all of this is over. Private Red Tail has a mare waiting for him... And now is my fault he's dead! It's my fault that my men died! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!!
Josh: Kay! Calm down, calm down.
Kay: That son of a bitch! When will I kill him!
Josh: Just calm down, okay. Look, I'll try as hard as I can to track him down. And when you got the chances, you can put as many bullet as you want.

Kay sits down and relax, before handing over Josh a letter.

Kay: I wrote this for Red Tail's girlfriend. I can't bare to see her find out about his death. Just, send it to her for me. I don't have the guts. She lives in Manehattan.
Josh: I will. Just, try to stay calm.

After exiting the gym, Josh calls one of the soldiers.

Josh: Send this letter to somepony at Manehattan.
Soldier: Yes, sir.

After the soldier left, Shadow Hooves lands near Josh.

Josh: Corporal.
Shadow Hooves: Sir, is Staff Sergeant Lopez around?
Josh: He's at the gym. He.... Just had a temper, but he's okay now.
Shadow Hooves: Thank you, sir.

After that, Josh left while Shadow Hooves enter the gym to look for Kay.

Shadow Hooves: Sarge?
Kay: Looking for me?
Shadow Hooves: Just to make sure you're okay, sarge.
Kay: I'm fine. Why, the doctor's looking for me? Are you working with them?
Shadow Hooves: No, sir.
Kay: That's good. Funny, uh?
Shadow Hooves: What?
Kay: I was a normal everyday guy that ends up with this shit. Why didn't I join the army back in my world? Is this because people go to college while I go to prison? Funny shit.
Shadow Hooves: Well, you can't run away from your fate, sarge.
Kay: What about you. What's your fate? I mean, why do you join the army?
Shadow Hooves: It's..... A long story, sarge.
Kay: Just tell me. Nopony else is around.

Shadow Hooves its on a bench beside Kay.

Shadow Hooves: Okay. I join the army because I try to run away from my family.
Kay: What the hell they did to you?
Shadow Hooves: Nothing. It's just, that after my mother died, my relationship between me and my dad is never... That good.
Kay: Ouch, dad problems.
Shadow Hooves: It's never good between us anyways. The night I run away, my little sister tried to stop me. She said that she don't want me to leave. I tell her I don't want to live their anymore and want to live a better life away from my dad. She's the only member of my family that care for me. Her name's Fluttershy, and I heard she lives in Ponyville now.
Kay: Wait, what's her name again?
Shadow Hooves: Fluttershy.
Kay: Shit. Before I left Ponyville, I proposed to her.
Shadow Hooves: What?! You know her!
Kay: No shit. Something happened, and we fell in love.
Shadow Hooves: I neverthough I've been fighting with someone who knows my sister.
Kay: And I neverthough that I've been fighting beside my future brother in-law.
Shadow Hooves: So, how is she?
Kay: She's fine. How come she never told me about you?
Shadow Hooves: Maybe she just forgot about me.

Shadow Hooves stands up and heads to the exit. Before he left, he turn his head around.

Shadow Hooves: Sarge.
Kay: Yes, corporal?
Shadow Hooves: Thanks for being with her for me. She deserves you.

Shadow Hooves exit through the door, leaving Kay alone.

Kay: Son of a gun.