• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The west is the best

At night, the residents of Appleloosa are all having a big party after the town is saved. Ponies doing the pony version of the Square Dance, stage performance by Pinkie Pie, and, yes, lots of apple pie. Sheriff Silverstar, Chief Thunderhooves and the two humans were having a conversation.

Silverstar: Hope ya' two enjoy this party, specially made for ya' two heroes.

Thunderhooves: Princess Celestia have sent us two warriors from another world.

Kay: Please, we just following orders. This town is safe now and there is nothing to be scare about.

Silverstar: Well, ya' two enjoy ya'selfs, and we glad we have ya' two here.

Kay: Glad to hear that.

Silverstar: Now, will ya' excuse me, imma get ma'self some apple pie.

Thunderhooves: I shall return with my tribe.

Kay: Okay. See ya.

Josh: Well, this party is good, and this apple pie is taste awesome.

Kay: Now you know why Appleloosa is famous for its apple pie. Glad you enjoy it.

Josh: I can't believe I said this, but, this gets better and better.

Kay: So, how's your harm? Still hurts?

Josh: Just a little bit, but I can still shoot.

Kay: Yeah, might wanna give it a rest.

Twilight:(appears behind them)Good to see you two here.

Kay: Hey, Twi.

Twilight: Enjoying yourselfs?

Josh: I'm enjoying myself, alright.

Twilight: Josh, you seem to enjoy yourself.

Josh: Indeed I am.

Kay: Hey, Twi, I got something to tell you.

Twilight: Yes, what is it?

Kay: Well, back at Canterlot, after the interrogation...well...Fluttershy sorta give me "The Stare".

Twilight: Really?

Kay: Yeah. Wanna know something else?

Twilight: Yes.

Kay: I was expecting her eyes looking at my very soul, but, nothing happens. It didn't work on me.

Twilight: Didn't work? Strange, it works on dragons, why didn't it work on you?

Kay: I... have no idea..

Appleloosa, morning


Braeburn: Its good to have ya' around here.

Applejack: Sorry we can't stay a bit longer, we have to go back to Ponyville.

Braeburn: Its okay, cuz.

Silverstar: Now ya'll have a safe journey home now, and say hello to your family for me, dear.

Applejack: Will do.

Applejack says her goodbyes to her causin and the sheriff, and aboards the train with her friends. The trainpullers pulls the train and begans the journey to Ponyville.

Kay: Twilight, did you send the letter to the Princess?

Twilight: Letter is sent, Kay.

Kay: Good, looks like its mission accomplished. Now, we can rest while waiting for new orders.

Pinkie: We should throw a party for our success!

Kay: Maybe a party sounds good.

An hour later

Josh: So, let me get this straight. Your Princesses controls the day and night, while the pegasus handles the weather?

Twilight: Yes, of course.

Josh: Sounds unnatural to me.

Twilight: So, who's control the sun, the moon and the weather in your world?

Josh: No one. Everything does by its own, naturally.

Twilight: Interesting...

Rarity: And are there also ponies in your world?

Josh: Yup, but they never talk. Infact, they can't even speak.

Kay: And ponies in our world has small eyes and long heads.

Rarity: Looks horrible!

Kay: Yeah, but you ponies are more cuter than the ponies in our world.

Rarity:(blushing) Oh stop it you.

Kay: But not as cute as..(look at Fluttershy)...Fluttershy..

Rarity: To be honest, darling, you two look cute together. A perfect match, even if you're not a pony. Its about time Fluttershy got herself a male.


Somewhere in the desert

Combat unicorn: Here it comes! Get ready everypony!

Large army of combat unicorn are waiting for the approaching train, preparing the ambush.

Combat unicorn: Alright! Fire!

The entire army fires bolts at the moving train, and the mane 6 and the humans drops on the floor taking cover.

Applejack: What the hay was that!


Author's Note:

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