• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 47

Josh: After he's father died, Sand Nomad now becomes the leader of Saddle Arabian Fighters. He's willing to assist us on taking down ABF.
Yuri: He does it all for revenge?
Josh: Sounds like it. Anyways, we detected ABF's base inside the Everfree forest. Kay said that it will be usefull if we take it and make it ours, and setting defences across the Everfree will be easier. I hope he knows what's he doing.

Chapter 47: Territory Take Over
Everfree Forest
1:45 am
Kay: There it is, gentlemen. The motherload.
Sand Nomad: We are about to take over their base, Staff Sergeant. Do you have faith in your plans?
Kay: Don't worry, I've done this before, untill I spended five years in prison. Shadow Hooves, are the mortar teams ready?
Shadow Hooves: They're ready, Staff Sergeant.
Kay: Alright, tell them to destory the machine gun nest and armor. I don't want any of those firing at us when we charge straight on.
Shadow Hooves: Mortar teams, direct fire at enemy machine gun nest and armor.
Mortar team(through the comms): Soild copy. Directing fire at enemy machine gun nest and armor.
Kay: Fire!
Shadow Hooves: Fire!
Mortar team: Firing!

With that, the mortar team fires mortar shells and destroys the enemy machine gun nest and armor. Once all of it is destroyed, Kay command all of his unit to attack the base. Soldiers and fighters appear out of the bushes and attack the base. Their T-80 storms through the forest and lay waste onto the ABFs.

Kay: Keep those hostile pinned down! We're taking over this place! Ooah!!

Kay fires his M60, killing any android trying to defend the base. After the tanks break into the compound, the armies enter the base and start killing any last standing androids. The battle lasted for one and a half hour, untill the android had enough and retreat.

Kay: Yeah! That's it! Run you cowards!! Run!!
Sand Nomad: Looks like we succeed on taking their base.
Kay: Not yet, Sand Nomad. Not yet.

Kay's entry
While we're already take over their base, we're not completely done yet. They will come back to get it back, so I ordered my men to be ready, and call in more troops for support.
Taking their territory is one thing. Holding it, is another.

Everfree Forest
7:01 am
Kay: They will be here any seconds! Sand Nomad, are you're men ready!
Sand Nomad: They are ready!
Shadow Hooves: Sir! We have movement three clicks away!
Kay: Looks like they're here. They'll do anything to take it back. If they want a fight! We give them a fight!! Move out!!

With the shout of his command, the soldiers, tanks and horse riding fighters charge towards the enemy.

Kay: Shadow Hooves! Man the minigun!! Rip them to shreds!!

Shadow Hooves follow his command and man a minigun on a tank. Kay stands on top of the tank, firing his M60 at incoming enemy.

Apache Pilot: This is Dragon Breath, we are assisting the defences, over.
Kay: This is Staff Sergeant Lopez, ordering you to take out as many ABF as you can!!
Apache Pilot: Roger that, engaging all hostile.
Kay: Looks like we help from above! Kill'em all!!

As the Apaches taking our infantries, Kay's unit and Sand Nomad's fighters getting closer to victory.

Kay: The ABF are weak!! We must finish them!!! Don't let one live!!!

Kay's shout gives motivation to his armies and they fight greater than before, untill the very last infantry. Kay gets off the tank and tackle an android, stabs it's torso and slice up to it's head. The Apaches finish off the retreating androids till not a single one able to escape.

Kay: Victory is ours!!! Ooah!!!

The armies let out their war cries and cheers for their victory.

Sand Nomad: You killed many today!
Kay: Lost count, but Shadow Hooves is probably kill more than me!!
Sand Nomad: You are a very capable soldier, Shadow Hooves!
Kay: And for that, I promote you Corporal!
Shadow Hooves: Thank you, sir!
Kay: Now then, let's turn this place into ours.