• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10:A letter from an 'old' enemy


Princess Celestia was on her room reading books about spells. She's looking for a spell to help the two humans to get back to their world.

Celestia:Its not here either. This is going to to be hard.

Then,a blue colored alicorn came in to the room. Her name is none other than Princess Luna.

Luna:Still looking for the spell,sister?

Celestia:Yes. Its harder than I expected.

Luna:I've been checking on the them lately. They seem to be going well in here. And about the one named Josh,he too began to love this place. They seem fine.

Celestia:Yes Luna but its whether they want to return to their world or stay here in Equestria,its their choice.

Luna:What will happen if they all le-

Before Princess Luna could finish her sentence,a guard came in with a letter.

Guard:Your highness,we receive a letter from an unknown sender.

Celestia grab the letter with her magic and read it.

My dear Princess Celestia

Its been a long time since your student defeated me and stoned me,again. Now I have escape from my rocky prison and I wanted revenge on you and all the bearers of the Element of Harmony. Now with my new plans,not even you nor your student and her friends can stop me. I will now send death and devastation on Equestria. I will first start at Fillydelphia. I've sent somepony to do my work.I hope your students and her friends and her new friends can find him.

Your old enemy,Discord.

Luna:What is it sister? Who's it from?


Princess Luna was shocked hearing the name.

Luna:But,I thought he was defeated! How could this happen?

Celestia:I don't know Luna but we have to take action. We must sent Twilight and her friends to Fillydelphia.

Princess Celestia then writes a letter to Twilight.

Twilight's house

Josh and Spike were having a staring contest. Josh as allready got use to this world. He even started making friends. Kay was cleaning his rifle while watching those two stare each other.

Josh:Go on,blink. I know you wanted to.

Spike was sweating and his eyes are bloodshot.

Spike:I'm not going to give up.

The two stare to each other and when Spike was about to blink,he suddenly belch out a scroll. The scroll hit Josh in the face,causing him to drop on his back.

Kay:Save by the Princess.

Josh:The hell was that? I almost had it!

Spike:Sorry Josh,its the letter from the Princess.

Spike went dowm stairs to tell Twilight about the letter.

Spike:Twilight! Its the letter from the Princess!

The two humans also went down stairs,wanted to know the news.

Twilight:Could you read it for us Spike.

Spike:Ahem..My dear faithfull student Twilight. We receive a bad news. Discord as return and wanted revenge. He's sending somepony to Flillydelphia to do his evil work for him. I need you and your friends to go to Fillydelphia to stop his doing. A chariot will be on your way to sent you there. Go now,I have good faith on you.

Spike just stood there after reading the letter. His knees was shaking about Discord return. Twilight could not believe what she just heard.

Twilight:But...I thought we defeated him.

Josh:Who the hell is Discord?

Kay:Some ugly ass motherf**ker.

Spike:What are gonna do now?

Twilight:We need to gather up our friends. You two wanna come along to help us?

Kay:I bear the Elements of a Trigger Happy Grunt. I'm in.

Josh:Yeah,perhaps I can do my part. I'm in.

Twilight:Thanks you guys. Spike,lets go get everypony.


Spike hops to Twilight's back and went out to gather her friends. Kay and Josh went upstairs to put on their gear and preparing their guns.

The mane 6 are all in the town square waiting for the chariot. Kay and Josh came just in time all gear up. Kay wears a PMC style suit with a beanie. Josh still wears his BDU but also wears a sniper cap.

Twilight:Good,you're here.

Kay:So,when will our transport gets here?

Applejack:Its here now.

The group watches the chariot descending down in front of them. The first guard spoke.

Guard:We have orders from Princess Celestia to transpot all of you to Fillydelphia. You may aboard the chariot.

Kay:Allright,ladies first.

The mane 6 are the first to aboard the chariot,followed by the humans. They get on their sits and the chariot flys to its destination. Now the group are on their way to Fillydelphia.