• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Homefront
Fluttershy's cottage, morning
Kay wakes up next to Fluttershy, who's still sleeping. Then, Kay heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Slowly, he reach out to grab his Deagle. Then, he saw two combat unicorns from the stairs and started firing at them, causing the two unicorns to take cover. The gunshot wakes Fluttershy up from her slumber and Kay quickly grabs her and rolls to the right side of the bed.

Fluttershy: W-what's going on?!
Kay: Keep your head down!!

Kay shot at the combat unicorn's head, killing him, then takes cover as the other one fires at Kay. Kay then shoots under the bed and the bullet hits the unicorn's legs, then Kay get up and finish him with a headshot.

After hearing gunshots, a group of combat unicorns that are waiting outside, starts shooting endlessly.

Inside, Kay and Fluttershy quickly lay on the floor avoiding the bolts firing at them. Kay grabs his earpiece to communcate with Josh.

Twilight's house
Twilight is busy organizing her scrolls with the help of Spike. Josh lends a helping hand as well. While arranging the scrolls, Josh starts a conversation with Spike.

Josh: So, Spike. Any progress with Rarity?
Spike: Not much, she still thinks me as a friend. She likes me though, but just as a friend.
Josh: Well, you better get to it. Rarity seems to have a liking on our friend Yuri.
Spike: What?! But how-
Josh: All he did is compliment her hair and bam, she likes him.
Spike: I compliment her hair everyday...what does Yuri have that I don't have?
Josh: Why don't you try asking him yourself. He might have some secrets with hi-Hold on, I think my earpiece is picking up something.

Kay(throught the earpiece): Josh!! Need help here! I'm at Fluttershy's house and Discord's forces is pinning us down!! (gunshots) Need backup!! Die you sons of bitches!!! (gunshots)

Twilight: What happen?
Josh: Kay's under attack! We better-

Before he could finish, they heard a panic outside. Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash verge in the library.

Dash: Guys! Something is coming here fast! We have to do something!!
Twilight: What?! What's coming?!
Pinkie Pie: There are lots of them! And I don't think they come here for parties!
Josh: Alright. Applejack, is your farm safe?
Applejack: My farm is safe, Josh.
Josh: Good, we need to evacuate everypony to your farm!
Applejack: Good it, sugarcube!
Twilight: But what about you?
Josh: I'm going to stay here and hold them off!
Twilight: What!? No! I'm coming with you!
Josh: There's no time! You got to help getting them to safety!
Applejack: Come on, Twi. We got to help everypony.
Twilight: Okay, but be careful, alright.
Josh: I promise.

Twilight and her friends(including Spike) heads off to help the others while Josh stays and fight the incoming enemies.

Josh: Yuri! Are you there! Please respond! Yuri!!

Yuri, after preparing his AK47, responds.

Yuri: Da!
Josh: Yuri, Kay and Fluttershy is in trouble, I need you to go help them!
Yuri: I'm on my way!

Yuri steps out of his house and sprints to Fluttershy's cottage.
Josh grabs his Dragunov and position himself on the balcony. Throught his scope, he saw an army of combat unicorns on closing in to Ponyville. Josh open fires, killing the first unicorns and the other troops starts running towards the village. Josh takes out as many troops as he can to keep them at bay.

Fluttershy's cottage
Meanwhile, Kay is trying hard to survive from the combat unicorns firing at the cottage. Fluttershy is hiding at a corner with her animals.

Kay: Where the hell are you, Josh!! I'm getting fuck here!!
Josh(throught the earpiece): Hold on, Kay! Yuri is on his way!
Kay: I see him!

Yuri fires his AK47 at the combat unicorns, while Kay fires his Deagle at the remaining unicorns. After the area is clear the three group up.

Kay: What the hell is going on here!?
Yuri: Discord's armies are advancing, Kay! We have to get to the armory and get you armed! Fluttershy, get your animals to Applejack's farm!
Kay: How many are we talking about?!
Yuri: I don't know, but we better get moving, Josh is the only one fighting then, we have to help him!
Kay: Fluttershy, you have to get your animals to Applejack's farm, okay?
Fluttershy: Becareful, Kay!
Kay: I promise. Now go!

Fluttershy leads her animals to Applejack's farm while Kay and Yuri heads to Ponyville to defend it.

Twilight's house
Even with Josh sniping skills, the combat unicorns have manage to reach Ponyville and soon discovers Josh's position.

Josh(throught the earpiece): Where the hell are you guys!!
Kay: Hold your dick, we're coming!
Yuri: Kay, go armed yourself! That Deagle of yours is not going to help!
Kay: Okay!

Kay opens a wooden box and retrieves a M60 as his weapon.

Twilight's house
Mags after mags used, Josh's Dragunov runs dry and he gets off the balcony, heads to his room and grabs his M4A1. He gets out of the house and meetup with Yuri.

Josh: Yuri, where have you been! Where's Kay?
Yuri: He's arming up, he'll be joining us soon!

Kay's situation
Kay, with his M60, heads out and goes into battle. Then, some ponies running away from the combat unicorns. Kay pulls the trigger, firing bullets at the combat unicorns, protecting the ponies.

Kay: Go! Run the apple orcards! Go!!

The combat unicorns are ripped apart by the lightmachinegun firepower. Kay gives no mercy killing those unicorns, causing them to retreat. As he proceeds, he's suddenly regroup with Yuri and Josh.

Kay: Guess who's got the big gun!
Yuri: Hope you can kill more with that!
Josh: Guys, we have to flank them like what we did last time but this time, Kay, you take this place!
Kay: Roger that!
Josh: Move out!

With that, Josh and Yuri take their position to flank them while Kay fires endlessly at the combat unicorns.
Josh: Dammit! This is getting harder!
Kay: They're putting a better fight this time, I give you that!!
Yuri: Da! I don't think we're going to win this time!
Josh: Just hold your ground!!

The three have been firing at the combat unicorns for ten minutes, and with ammo running low very quickly, and the combat unicorns doesn't show any signs of retreating, Josh feels like they aren't going to survive the fight.

Josh: I'm running low on ammo!
Kay: My M60 is getting low now!!
Yuri: I'm down on my last mag!!
Kay: Guys, if we're not going to survive this, got anything to get out of your chest! If you wanted to that is!
Josh: Do we really have time for that!
Yuri: I'm actually half french!
Kay: What!?
Josh: Well that explains it!!
Kay: I get laid with Fluttershy everynight!
Josh: No shit!!
Kay: What about you!!
Josh: I already like this world and I'm in love with Twilight!!
Kay: Good to know! Wait, what!!?
Josh: Yes, I'm in love with her!!
Kay: Well, shit! Semper fi!!

The three just keep on fighting till the last mag. The combat unicorns are advancing more and their hopes are about to lost.

Kay: Well, this is it boys!!

Just when they about to accept their fates, a large flock of birds attacks the combat unicorns.

Yuri: What the hell is going on!?
Josh: Look!

Then, the mane 6 with their Elements of Harmony, emits a bright white light. Soon, all of the combat unicorns are covered with white aura and then banish. After that, everthing is quite again.

Kay: That. That was awesome!! Badass!!
Fluttershy: Kay!

Fluttershy quickly hugs Kay after worrying about him.

Twillight: Josh! You're alright!
Josh: Yeah. If weren't for you huys, we'll be dead by now. So, what happen to them?
Twilight: They're banish somewhere else. I don't know where but at least we're safe now.

Rarity: Yuri! Thank goodness you're alright! Are you hurt?
Yuri: I'm fine Rarity. I'm fine.

Josh: So, half french, uh?
Yuri: Da, my father is french.
Josh: Ah.

Applejack: Looks like it's all over.
Celestia: Not quite. I find this hiding in the haystack.

Princess Celestia, who suddenly appear, uses her magic to lift Eric, who's been leading the army to attack Ponyvile. She then drops him on the ground.

Eric: Ouch! That hurts!! What's your problem!
Celestia: What's my problem? My problem is you just lead your army to attack Ponyville! You deserve to be punish for your wrong doing!
Eric: Look, horsey, you're not the boss of me!
Kay: Oh really! (punches Eric)
Kay: You son of a bitch! I thought you died back in that shit hole!
Eric: Well, I'm just indestructible! Unlike you, brony!
Kay: (points his gun at Eric) Lets see if you can breath after I shot you in the face!!
Josh: Kay! Drop the gun, okay! We have enought bloodshed for today. Princess, if you don't mind, we'll take care of him and we'll try to get information out of him.
Celestia: Yes you may. But make sure he suffers for what he did.
Kay then stomps his foot at Eric's face, knocking him out.