• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Return (part 2)
As the couple walks along, all the ponies have their eyes wide open.

Kay: Looks like everypony can't believe theirs eyes.

Fluttershy only react with silence and blushes.

Dash: Fluttershy...

Then, they turn around to see Rainbow Dash, intears.

Dash: Fluttershy? It's it really you?
Fluttershy: Yes, Rainbow Dash. It's me.
Dash: Fluttershy!
Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash!

They both hug each other, and Kay try as hard as he can to hold back tears.

Pinkie: Hey! I heard some commotion outside and I can't help but-Fluttershy!! You're back!!

Then, in the speed of light, Pinkie gives Fluttershy a hug.

Pinkie: Oh, it's so good to see you!! How you doing? Are you doing great? Oh wait, that's a silly question, you look great!!!

Rarity: Fluttershy? You're back!
Applejack: B-but....how?
Kay: Well, it ain't easy.
Rarity: Oh, Fluttershy. We-we missed you so much, darling.
Fluttershy: W-well, it's so good to be back with my friends.
Twilight: Kay, you did it. You got her back.
Kay: And I can't be more happier.

Then, Kay smiles and it got Pinkie pie's attention.

Pinkie: Kay! You're smiling! You're smiling again!
Kay: Yeah. I miss smiling. Oh yeah, where's Josh and Yuri?
Twilight: I think they're still at Canterlot. Oh yeah, Josh sent a letter last night and he wants you at Canterlot.
Kay: Well, that means I better get going. Fluttershy. (gives her a quick kiss) Bye.

Combat unicorn captain: Me and my armies are regret for our action againts you, your higness, and cause the lost of many innocent lives.
Celestia: And are you and your army are willing to help us defeated this evil, in order to redeem you and your armies?
Combat unicorn captain: Yes, your higness.

Meanwhile, on the top of the castle overviewing the gathering....
Josh: This is not happening. You see it yourself, right?
Yuri: Da.
Josh: Somethings tells me this is going to get worse. I mean, bad shit worse.
Kay: Mind telling me what's going on around here?
Josh: Kay! Thank God, you're alive.
Kay: Amen to that. So what's going on? What are they doing here?
Yuri: They are betrayed by their own leader, Kay.
Kay: What? How that happen?
Josh: It suppose to be a assasination mission. We go there and take out Eric, but something else happens. He came out with this group of.....soldiers and kill his old armies. Kay, Eric is building an army, literally!!
Kay: Shit....what now?
Josh: I don't know. All I know is that Eric's force is getting stronger and we are the only ones here to shoot a gun while the rest depends on spears and swords!
Kay: Can't the unicorn armies just shoot magic on them?
Josh: Kay, Eric's armies are immune to magic. I saw it with my own eyes, those unicorns give them everything they got and those things don't even stagger!
Yuri: We have enough weapons back at our armory. We can train them to use guns.
Josh: Yes, but the only problem is that we have limited supply, we can only build a small army. Eric is building a much bigger army!
Kay: So what are we gonna do? Get our asses kicked?
Josh: We'll just have to wait.
Kay: Okay, we'll wait while Eric is building more armies to to fuck us in the ass! And- wait, Josh, are thsoe things armed?
Josh: Yeah, they have assault rifles.
Kay: Why not we locate their weapons supple and take their weapons, and then we train our forces.
Josh: Good idea, but there's one thing.
Kay: What?
Josh: Where the hell can we find their weapons supply? It's not like it's gonna barge in through that door!

Then, a royal guard barge in.

Royal guard: Sir! We have something that you may need to see!

Royal guard baracks
Shining Armor: This images you here are just taken by our scout. They look like our tanks but this one is different.
Josh: There's tanks in Equestria?
Kay: How can you explain Rainbow Dash's pet tortoise? Uh?

Josh picks up the picture of a tank.

Josh: Wait, I know this.
Shining Armor: What is it?
Josh: It's a M1 Abram.
Yuri: American tanks.
Josh: Yeah. British Challenger 2 MBT? German Leopard 2 MBT? Russian T-80? Oh God, we're screwed!
Kay: No shit! First of all, how the hell he got all of this?!
Josh: No way they can make this fast.
Shining Armor: Princess Celestia sense huge portal magic around Equestria. So my guess is that he opened a portal to another dimension and-
Josh: Stole the tank. He must be have a portal to our world and steal weapons there.
Kay: He got guts, I tell you that. I mean, I done this shit before, but never on the military, only rival gangs and mobs.
Josh: Stealing weapons?
Kay: Yeah.
Yuri: So, our enemy are getting stronger by stealing weapons from America, England, Germany and mother Russia, and what do we have?
Josh: Shining Armor, what about those tanks we have?
Shining Armor: We locked them away fifthy years ago cause we no longer needed them.
Josh: Untill now. Show them to us.

Old barack away from Canterlot.
Kay: This is big, how many tanks you guys put in there?
Shining Armor: I don't really know.

The royal guards opens the rusted barack doors and reveals a huge tank with the Equestrian insignia. Josh looks calm but trying hard not to get too over excited.

Kay: Like what you see?
Josh: Yeah. YEAH!!!!