• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 48

Josh: Kay succesfully take over the ABF's territory. Now they are setting up defences inside Everfree Forest. For three days they've taken every single ABF's base inside Everfree Forest.
Yuri: Kay is a very capable soldier.
Josh: Yeah, he likes playing in the jungle. Well, I suppose we should do our part. Our UAV spies spotted Blood Burst, their scientist who helped him made the androids, at an abandoned town, swarming with ABF.
Yuri: By the looks of it, getting inside won't be easy.
Josh: That's why we have these.
Yuri: Aren't those the android's shell?
Josh: These are taken from the dead ones. We fixed it, make it look like brand new.
Yuri: What are we gonna do with it?
Josh: Simple. We put them on, walk right into the town, corner Blood Burst, and interrogate him. Just incase, our troops will be taking position on the outskirts of the village. So if anything goes wrong, they'll back us up.
Yuri: Smart plan, when do we start?
Josh: Now.

Chapter 48: Just an Empty Shell
Yuri: I'm feeling very uncomfortable in these suit.
Josh: Relax. Once we're done, you can take it off.

The two put on the skull mask that covers their entire head, and their voices changes into that of the androids.

Josh: Okay, the voice changer works fine. We don't wanna sound suspicous, better start talking like one.
Yuri: Da.
Josh: That means lose the Russian.
Yuri: Affirmative.
Soldier: Sir, coast is clear.
Josh: Roger that. If things went wrong, me or Yuri will give you the command.
Soldier: Yes sir.
Josh: Yuri, let's move in.

The two in android disguise made there way into the compound. Then, one android stops them.

Android: What is the status of this area?
Josh: Area it clear. No hostile.
Android: Affirmative. Resume patrol. (walks away)
Yuri: That went well.

Josh: As long as we act like them, we'll be fine. Let's find the scientist, this mask is killing.

The two proceeds to go deeper into the town, and saw the entire area with androids patroling, vehicles and weapon caches. On top of that, the abandoned town is huge

Josh: This town use to be the happiest town in Equestria, untill a mysterious plague killed many lives. Since then, this town is abandoned. Now it's full of ABF.
Yuri: How do you know that?
Josh: I read.
Overlord(through the comms): Captain Mills, our UAV spies we spotted the HVI exiting the town hall just east of your position.
Josh: Roger that, heading there now.
Overloard: I suggest you take him to the bakery north of the town hall. They used the bakery as their command centre and the building is secure. You can interrogate him there.
Josh: Roger that, thank you for the intel. Blood Burst just come out of the town hall. Let's get to him.
Yuri: Da.

Town hall
Blood Burst: How are things here?
Android: Compound is secure, we have no hostile activity.
Blood Burst: Good. Continue your patrol.
Android: Affirmative.

Josh: There he is. Sir, Eric needs you in the command.
Blood Burst: Okay.. wait, why do you call him his name when you suppose to call him "Leader"?

Behind their skullmask, the two are getting nervous about Blood Burst's suspicious.

Blood Burst: ..... Maybe you're not fully program yet. Not to worry, I'll get you fully program right after a talk with our leader. Come now.
Yuri: (whispers) That was a close one.
Josh: (whisper) Okay. Right now, we follow him.
Blood Burst: I should be thanking our leader for giving me an opportunity to created something, so pony-made, but alive. I consider all of you as my children.
Josh: 'Yeah, wait till we got you cornered.'

Bakery/ ABF Command.
After Josh, Yuri and Blood Burst enter the command, Josh aims his gun at Blood Burst and takes off his mask.

Josh: Yuri! Watch the door!
Blood Burst: What? How did you?
Josh: Your children's suits kinda fits us well! Now tell us what we need to know and we will spare you! Tell us about Eric's plan to build a weapon!
Blood Burst: If you want to know, you have to get it from me!!

Blood Burst throw a flashbang and exploded, blinding the two. Blood Burst runs to the door and alert the androids.

Josh: Shit! He got away!
Yuri: Plan B?
Josh: Plan B! We're chasing him down!! All units, engage all hostile but don't kill the HVI! We need him alive!!

The two exit the bakery and in the middle of the fight between Equestria's soldiers and ABF, Blood Burst is running deep into the town, with some androids protecting him

Josh: That's him!

The two give chase while engaging androids protecting Blood Burst into the town. Then, a Black Hawk chopper fly over head them.

Cobra 7-1: This is Cobra 7-1 in the air, over!
Josh: Be advice, keep track on the HVI but do not engage him! Just take out the androids!!
Cobra 7-1: Roger that, engaging hostile.

The two, with the help of their chopper, push into the town fighting androids on the way. The, Blood Burst pass a barricade guarded by more androids. The android supress fire on Josh and Yuri, pinning them down.

Yuri: Der'mo! They're pinning us!!
Josh: Cobra 7-1! We're pinned down by multiple hostile! Repeat! We're pinned down by multiple hostile!! Requesting heavy fire on enemy barricade!!
Cobra 7-1: Roger that, arming rockets.

The chooper pilot loads the rocket pod and fires a rocket, destroying the barricade, killing the androids, while the remaining androids got take out by the Black Hawk's minigun.

Cobra 7-1: Area is clear. You're clear to move.
Josh: Thanks for the help. Let's go, we can't afford to lose him!

The two runs towards the path where Blood Burst went. On their way, more Equestria's soldier appear to help them.

Cobra 7-1: We got eyes on the HVI. Sweet Celestia, he's fast!
Josh: Just keep your eyes on him!
Cobra 7-1: The HVI is heading to a building with an evac chopper!
Josh: Take out the evac chopper!
Cobra 7-1: Roger that!

Then, without warning, one of the androids on top of the buidling fires a stinger missile at the Black Hawk.

Cobra 7-1: They got a missile on us! Repeat! They got a missile on us! Evasive maneuvers! (missile hits the chopper) We're hit! We're hit! We're going down!

The damage chopper crash landed, leaving a smoke trail from where it crashed.

Josh: Dammit! We lost Cobra 7-1!
Yuri: That means we got to reach him before he got away!
Josh: Move out!!

The Equestria's soldiers runs faster to reach the building, while taking out defending androids. After they reached the building, Josh and Yuri came in first, followed by the others. Blood burst is about to enter the chopper untill Josh shot the pilot and the others takes out the androids. Blood Burst draws a handgun and aims at the soldiers.

Josh: Drop the gun!
Blood Burst: You're so desperate to get it from me.
Josh: Drop the gun, now!!!
Blood Burst: (moves to the hedge of the building)
Josh: Don't move! Stay where you are!
Blood Burst: Can't you see it? He is making a new world! A new Equestria without the princesses! A world with a new ruler!
Josh: Drop the gun, and move away from the hedge.
Blood Burst: Princess Celestia shouldn't have depended on you and your friends. You will fail to save Equestria!!

Blood Burst shoots himself in the head before falling off the building. Josh, runs to the hedge and saw Blood Burst lifeless body, with blood coming out of he's head and entire body broken from falling.

Josh: Dammit!
Yuri: So much for taking him alive.
Josh: He's the only one who knows about the weapon.
Yuri: So, what now?
Josh: ................
Yuri: Josh.
Josh: Secure this place. Get a medivac and get to our crash bird, find any survivors.
Soldier: Yes sir.

Command and Control
Josh: We're unable to extract intel on the weapons ABF are developing. Blood Burst, the HVI. The only pony who knows about this weapons, killed himself. The mission was a failure, your highness.
Celestia: Without he's knowledge, we won't be able to find out their new weapons. You have to do something quick, Captain Mills. The fate of Equestria rest in your hands.
Josh: I understand, your highness.
Celestia: Good luck, captain.

The screen fade to black, and Josh puts his hands on his head.

Josh: 'What the hell am I suppose to do? Equestria's fate is in my hands and I failed a very valuable mission.'