• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Iron Will vs Balls of Steel
Morning, Fluttershy's Cottage
Kay woke up and notice Fluttershy is not on the bed with him.

Kay: 'Where is she?'

Then, Kay find note

"I'm at the market <3"

Kay: Ah.

Kay gets up, takes a shower, put on his clothes and equiping his gun, and then went out.

Twilight's House
Josh as just finish taking a shower and now putting on his BDU. And then, Twilight knock his door.

Josh: Who's there?
Twilight: It's me, Twilight.

Josh opens the door, letting Twilight in.

Josh: Need anything?
Twilight: Nothing. Is just that..umm....we didn't finish it yesterday.
Josh: Finish what? The book?
Twilight: No. It's..you know..when we almost kiss.
Josh: Ooohhh.....that...so?
Twilight: So, do you want to finish it?
Josh: If you wanted to, okay.

Twilight wrap her hooves around Josh's neck, ready to kiss Josh but she still hesitate a little.

Josh: What's wrong?
Twilight: Nothing, except, I never really do any of this. I did read alot about something like this, but never really experience it.
Josh: Alright, let to do it first.

And then, Josh kiss Twilight passionately, wrapping arms around her. After a few minutes, the two break the kiss.

Twilight: That was..that was wonderful. I love you, Josh...
Josh: I-I love you too...

Yuri's Truck
Kay was just passing by when he notice Yuri's legs are sticking out from the back of the truck.

Kay: Yuri!!
Yuri: Ah, good morning, comrade!
Kay: You sleep in your truck?
Yuri: Da. I'll be sleeping here, guarding the weapons while waiting for my house to complete.
Kay: They're building a house for you?
Yuri: Da. It's not complete yet, but in the meantime, this truck will be my home for awhile. Anyway, what is your plan for today?
Kay: I'm going to the market, looking for Fluttershy.
Yuri: Looking for your women, no? Okay then, I go explore this place around. Good luck finding her.

Kay arrive at the market and continue his search for Fluttershy.
Fluttershy is wandering around the market untill she stumbles upon at someone she doesn't want to meet, Iron Will.

Iron Will: Ah, Fluttershy! I've been looking everywhere for you!
Fluttershy: W-what do you want?
Iron Will: Ooh, just something you forgot.
Fluttershy: What is it?
Iron Will: You didn't pay for my service, Fluttershy. Now I'm here to collect my debt.
Fluttershy: But I'm not satisfied with it. So I'm not paying!
Iron Will: I change the rules, you must pay whether you satisfied or not!

Fluttershy turns around to avoid Iron Will but stopped by goat bodyguards.

Iron Will: You're not going anywhere!
Kay: Hey!! You leave her alone!!
Iron Will: Who's this!
Kay: I'm her boyfriend and you better leave her or I'll decapitated you and turn your head into a truck bumper!
Iron Will: I don't understand what you're talking about! But she must pay for her debt!!
Kay: Your lesson turns her into a monster, dick wipe!! Do you think she likes it! Nope, she doesn't like it and she's not satisfied! So fuck off!!
Iron Will: You look like you're strong! Why not we wrestle! If I win, she'll pay her debt!
Kay: And if I win, you leave her alone and stay away from her or next time I won't hesitate to a bullet on your ass!!
Iron Will: Accepted! Tonight, I want to see you at the ring! Don't you try to run on this!

Just that, Iron Will and his bodyguards left the place.

Fluttershy: Kay, are you serious? Are you really going to wrestle him?
Kay: I have to do something....

Night, 30 minutes before the match, Twilight's house
Josh: You WHAT!!!???
Kay: He's arrased Fluttershy! What else should I do!
Josh: But challenge him on a wrestling match?! Are you fucking crazy! He looks like he can snap you like a tooth pick!
Kay: I fought a chimera before, Josh. I pretty sure I can fight him.

Then, Applejack verge in.

Applejack: Only 25 minutes before the fight. Are you sure about this, sugarcube? Ah mean, no one as ever wrestle him before.
Kay: Guess I'll be the first to kick his ass then.
Applejack: Ah know he arrased Fluttershy back at the market, but can ya'll do something else than hurting each other?
Kay: Look, just hope I win this fight, alright?

Kay exits the house to go to the ring.

Applejack: Ah don't like how this is going.
Josh: I got to do something.

Yuri's truck
Josh: Yuri, you got any sniper rifles?
Yuri: Da, I have the Barret 50. CAL here, you might like it.
Josh: No, I need the one with smaller caliber.

Yuri opens another box and and retrieves a Dragunov sniper rifle.

Yuri: What do you need it for?
Josh: You do know that Kay's going to wrestle a minotaur, right?
Yuri: Really? Then what do you need it for?
Josh: Look, I don't like how this is going. Plus, Kay won't stand a chance againts that monster.
Yuri: You mean, you're going to kill that minotaur?
Josh: No, just non-lethal shot, just before he got a chance to finish Kay.

Wrestling Match
All of the Ponyville residences are gathering around the ring to witness the fight between Kay and Iron Will.

Fluttershy: Kay, please, you don't have to do this!
Kay: I have to do it, okay? Don't worry, I can do this.
Fluttershy: (give Kay a kiss) Be careful, okay?
Kay: I promise.

Kay steps into the ring and the crowd cheers for him. After that, Iron Will steps in the ring but not a single cheer is heard. Everypony now hates him for arrasing Fluttershy.
Meanwhile, on the balcony of Twilight's house, Josh is setting up a sniper position overlooking at the wrestling match.

Iron Will: Are you ready to lose?
Kay: Don't be so sure of yourself.

Then, the bell rings, signalling the start of the fight. Kay first attempt to punch Iron Will's stomach but got kick on the stomach and Iron Will punched him, causing Kay to collapse. Josh, is ready to shot Iron Will's legs but Kay got up, still standing.

Iron Will: Guess you can take that much pain!
Kay: I'm just warming up.

Iron Will charges but Kay dodge and Iron Will got caught on the ring. Kay then performs the 360 skill, knocking Iron Will back to the center of the ring. Kay climb up the corner to elbow drop Iron Will but he dodge the attack and Kay smash to the floor instead. Iron Will grab Kay by the neck and smack him on the floor.

Josh: Okay, you ask for it!
Twilight: Josh! What are you doing?!
Josh: Twilight?!

Kay is in agony after being smack to the floor. Fluttershy can't hold her tears much longer. Kay lay on his stomach and notice that Iron Will is facing at the different direction, gesturing at the crowd. Kay gets up quickly and pounce on Iron Wiil's back. He grabs Iron Will's horn and drags him around the ring while punching Iron Will's head.

Twilight: You're going to shoot him?!
Josh: I just going to shot his legs so he won't hurt Kay more! Kay's getting beat up there!

Kay jumps off of Iron Will and then flying kick him, collapsing Iron Will to the floor. Iron Will got up, just recover from Kay's punch to the head. Kay chargers right at him but gets a quick punch in the face. Kay is stunt and Iron Will starts punching him, interrupting Kay's attack. Iron Will then give a powerful punch to the stomach and Kay collapse, coughing blood. Iron Will then moves in to finish him.
Josh sees this and he lines up his aim at Iron Will's legs, waiting for the right moment.
Kay, even while his vision is blurred can see a bright yellow light. Its Fluttershy in tears. Kay slowly gets up and before Iron Will can deliver his powerful punch, Kay block the punch with a swing of his arms. Iron Will throws another punch but blocks the punch and punches Iron Will to the stomach. Because of the punch, Iron Will bended over and Kay grabs his head and bach his head with his knee. Iron Will falls to the floor with his nose bleeding. Kay draws his knife which he hides in his boots and shove it at Iron Will's face, with the tip made contact with his nose.

Kay: You lose..now get the fuck out of here...

Iron Will gets up quickly and runs away, with his bodyguards following him from behind. The crowd cheers louder than before and Fluttershy steps into the ring, to check on Kay.
Josh, after seeing Kay defeated Iron Will, withdraws his sniper rifle.

Josh: You fucking did it. You crazy fuck.

Fluttershy: Kay, are y-you okay?
Kay: I-I told I can do it.....he won't bother you anymore...

Kay blacked out and Fluttershy's panicked.

Fluttershy: Kay! KAAAYYYY!!!

Josh: Oh shit!

Josh, Twilight and Spike rush to the ring.

Josh: Kay! Wake up Kay!! Somepony called the doctor!!!
Fluttershy: Kay...please wake up Kay..Kay....

Fluttershy's Cottage
Kay: Urrgghh...my head....

Kay slowly opens his eyes, and he's on Fluttershy's bed. Kay lift himself up and saw Fluttershy sleeping on his lap. Kay strokes her mane, and that wake her up.

Fluttershy: Kay! (hugs kay) You're okay!
Kay: Why am I here?
Fluttershy: The doctor said that you just fainted, so I insist on taking you here.
Kay: That's very sweet of you.

Then, Josh enters the room.

Josh: Kay! Thank God you're okay! You fucking idiot! You almost got yourself killed!
Kay: But, I did it, I kick his ass and he won't be getting near here anymore. Now, uh ,can I some privacy with her.
Josh: Okay.

Josh leaves the two alone and went down stairs.

Twilight: How was he?
Josh: He's completely fine, still in one piece.
Rainbow Dash: I can't believe he scared Iron Will! Nopony ever dares to do that! It's so awesome!!
Applejack: Lets give him a rest, alright. He's been throught alot last night.

Discord's Underground Base
General: An Ursa Major attack the base, sir!
General: Sir, there were three of them!
Discord: Three?
General: Yes, sir.

Discord waves his paw at a mirror and the image of Yuri with his truck full of guns appear.

Discord: Looks like your arrival gives them all the advantages! No matter! I have found the one that will help me conquer Equestria!!

With that, Discord creates a portal and sticks his hands inside

In a room, a teenager is about to make a youtube video.

Eric: Hello youtube!! Today, I'm going to rant about bronies and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and-

Before he can continue, a portal opens up and a paw grab him and drags him to the portal.

Discord pulls Eric out of the portal and drop him on the floor. Eric slowly opens his eyes and saw the combat unicorn general. He was shocked and he back away from him till he bumps into Discord.

Discord: Hello, Eric.
Eric: What-wha! Where am I!!
Discord: Your in Equestria!! And would you please calm down!!!
Eric: W-why you pulled me here?!
Discord: Oooh, I've been looking for a perfect partner for me...and I found one, YOU!
Eric: Me?
Discord: Yes. I know how much you hated this world and it inhabitants.
Eric: You mean the ponies, right?
Discord: Yes! Especially the Elements of Harmony!!! Okay then, I want to conquer this world, rid Celestia off her throne, and kill those six ponies I HATE!!!! Will you help me in this mission. You and I can destroy this world and create a new one, RULE BY ME!!! What do say?
Eric: (smiles)Okay...

Somewhere between the two worlds
Lauren: The evil..its here..